Thursday, September 21, 2017

Rahul Speaks Against Indian In USA

Have you ever seen an American coming to India to complain against American President or about weaknesses of American Government?
Have you ever seen a Russian or a Chinese or a Japanese speaking against their respective government from the ground of  India?
Have you ever seen political opponents of Bangladesh ruling party or Nepal government visiting India to speak against their government or to explain Indians what their government is not doing for their citizen?
Have you ever seen even a Pakistani citizen or  any key member of opposition party of Pakistan who came  to India anytime in the past to speak against misrule of the then government of Pakistan or Pakistani policy?

I think answer to all such questions will be 'NO' and ‘NO’ only.

But Vice President of main Opposition party of our country i.e. Indian National Congress (INC) Sri Sri Rahul Gandhi has gone USA and he is attending various meetings in different cities of USA to explain Americans and NRIs that Indian government is doing nothing for unemployment and nothing  for intolerance ,  that Mr. Narendra Modi has made no development during last three years and that  there is continuous increase in unemployment and intolerance in India  . 

Rahul is appealing USA citizen to understand that India is becoming weaker and unsafe in hands of Modi government. After all what goal Mr. Rahul wants to achieve by campaigning in USA against Indian government?

I do not know whether Mr. Rahul is great or Indian democracy is greater than democracies of all other countries. But it is clear to all that Indians silently watch a leader maligning India's image. This at least proves that India is great tolerant country. 

It is India where leaders of opposition parties openly use abusing and vulgar words against an elected Prime Minister or a ruling party. 

Difference of opinion among various individual leader and various parties is natural . Each party speak against ruling party , it is also natural and very common. But it is never seen in the past that leader of opposition goes to other countries to malign India’s image and to prove that Indian government is weak. We cannot forget what leaders of Congress Party spoke in recent past in Pakistan to remove Modi from power. 

At least , Rahul should understand that Indian has business, social , cultural, diplomatic  as well as defence relation with many countries . Foreigners come to invest in India only when they feel their money will not only be safe but also grow in India. If  Rahul like important person speak against India, it dilutes the confidence and trust of foreigners who has plan to invest in India.

It is very much unfortunate that some of Leaders of Congress party are openly supporting Rahul’s campaign going on in USA  and endorsing Rahul's anti- India campaign launched in foreign land. This may be perhaps part of freedom of speech from their perspective. But in my opinion he is clearly acting against interest of India.

An elected representatives takes oath as soon as he or she enters into Parliament or State Assembly that he will always act  to safeguard India come what may. It gives me very much pain that a Member of  Parliament and that too Head of main Opposition party INC is speaking loudly and clearly against India standing on foreign land. I have never witnessed such an example during  last five decades of my life.

My knowledge says that even an employee cannot speak against government policy as long as he or she is in service. Any public servant cannot imagine to speak against government in public life. Personal opinion may differ with ruling party but a person or a party has no right to speak against an elected government on foreign land. A person has every right to speak against any policy or any boss but through proper channel only .Parliament is the appropriate forum where Rahul can raise his voice of opposition to any act of the government. 

I do not know much about our Constitution, but if our Constitution allows such heinous act of any person, specially an elected representative , our Constitution must be amended without any loss of time. 

It is very much painful that a section of TV media and print media are also glorifying such mean level act of a national leader. I sincerely condemn not only Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s speech delivered in USA but all who are directly or indirectly supporting Rahul's evil motivated campaign in USA.

Following is what Mr. Rahul Gandhi told in California in USA in a speech yesterday or before:-

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has said that intolerance and unemployment are the key issues that pose a serious challenge to India’s national security and development. During the meeting, Mr. Gandhi expressed concern over the inability of the government to create jobs in India, which he felt was leading the country towards a dangerous situation.Mr. Gandhi, who is in the U.S. on a two-week-long tour, held a series of meetings, including a roundtable with eminent Indian/South Asia experts hosted by the Centre for American Progress (CAP), a Democratic-leaning think tank.

In another meeting in USA at Berkeley , Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has declared he is "absolutely ready" to be the party's prime ministerial candidate for the 2019 general elections.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Rahul In Election Campaign Visit USA

Following is what Mr. Rahul Gandhi told in California in USA in a speech yesterday or before:-

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has said that intolerance and unemployment are the key issues that pose a serious challenge to India’s national security and development. During the meeting, Mr. Gandhi expressed concern over the inability of the government to create jobs in India, which he felt was leading the country towards a dangerous situation.Mr. Gandhi, who is in the U.S. on a two-week-long tour, held a series of meetings, including a roundtable with eminent Indian/South Asia experts hosted by the Centre for American Progress (CAP), a Democratic-leaning think tank.

In another meeting in USA at Berkeley , Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has declared he is "absolutely ready" to be the party's prime ministerial candidate for the 2019 general elections.

During last few years,  Rahul was  campaigning in Indian towns against Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India  abusing Modi and putting blame on RSS and BJP for so called intolerance and unemployment problem in India. He is unfortunately not taken seriously in India and considered as Pappu, Joker or Comedian. Now he has gone to USA to malign good image of our country which Modi has created in USA and other countries by making several foreign trips during last three years of his rule. Rahul is now trying to tell the world that India is suffering from unemployment and  intolerance and perhaps want  support from them in removal of Modi and BJP government. He has forgot that his family members ruled this country for six decades .

In 2005, when Mr. Narendra Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat state in India, Modi was denied a diplomatic A-2 visa to the United States. In addition, the B-1/B-2 visa that had previously been granted to him was revoked, under a section of the “Immigration and Nationality Act” which makes any foreign government official who was responsible or "directly carried out, at any time, particularly severe violations of religious freedom" ineligible for the visa. Modi remains the only person ever to be banned to travel to the United States of America under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) provision of US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). 

Here it is important to mention that in 2012, A Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by Indian Supreme Court found no "prosecutable evidence" against Modi and cleared him of all charges. The US visa issue morphed into a diplomatic hurdle in bilateral IndiaUSA relations when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India in 2014. Modi, however, was allowed to visit the US in September 2014 after becoming the Prime Minister of India .

It is well known to all that leaders of  Congress Party along with leaders of some other parties tried their level best for non- issuance of US visa to Modi and thus restricted Modi's visit to USA. Despite all efforts to reduce popularity of Mr. Modi, leaders of BJP chose him leader and candidate for the post of Prime Minister and ultimately Mr. Modi became PM in May 2014. People of India may not be befooled by politicians anymore.

Former union minister and Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar told in 2015  during a panel discussion on a Pakistani news channel, that Prime Minister Mr. Modi needs to be removed if talks between the two nations have to resume. Rahul's colleague in Congress party like  Mani Shankar Aiyar and Gulam Navi  Azad approached Pakistan many times seeking help in removal of Modi. 

Congress party could not create friendly relationship with Pakistan during six decade rule of his family and could not stop terror attacks in India sponsored from Pakistan. But after Modi came to power, they find Pakistan as key helper in getting back power in India . It is enough to say something which I am leaving to you to understand what was going on in the camp of Congress Party for last six decades when they were in power.

Seeking support from foreign leaders  appears to be new strategy of Indian National Congress Party to get rid of Modi and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and to get back the lost power in India. 

Present pathetic position of INC has perhaps forced defeated leaders of Congress Party to defame Modi by hook or by crook, even taking support from traditional enemies of our country . This is why they  try to use all acts against Muslim or dalit  , it may occur at any corner of the country due to fault of any person, or even if it may be an accidental death ,  to malign Modi and BJP . Not only this, if terror attacks occurs in any part of the country or even when Pakistan breaks ceasefire on border, Rahul and his party will say that such thing happens only due to Modi. They may blame Modi for terror attacks which took place in last few years in  UK, France , USA or elsewhere. They all are suffering from Modi Phobia. Rahul is now even afraid of even losing election in his traditional seat at Amethi .This is why he and his colleagues appear to have lost mental balance.

It appears Rahul is in election campaign  mood to ensure his victory in Amethi . He wants to become Hero abroad because he is considered Zero (Joker ) in India. In coming days Rahul may approach UNO to force Modi to wear paizama and Dhoti and stop him spending crores of rupees in purchasing number of costly suits. Rahul starts his election speech with Modi and finishes it with the word Modi. He leaves no stone unturned to drag RSS in all cases even when his own colleagues discard Congress Party to join BJP.

After failing to create a strong and stable unity of Modi-opponents in India, Rahul appears to have been given a new  idea now by his Yesmen brigade to form a global unity of opposition parties to remove ruling party, Trump from USA and Modi from India and for re-crowning of Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan. Persons like Gulam Navigation Azad and Salman Khursid or Mani Shankar are already in this job since May 2014 when Mr. Mr. Modi became PM of this country which they never dreamt of . Congress Party during ten years of UPA rule applied all crooked ways to trap and tarnish the image of Modi on flimsy ground and were sure that Modi will never win the election.  But their dream stood shattered when BJP got  absolute majority and Modi was chosen as PM. Therefore it is not astonishing that some of  Modi-opponents  have become mental.

Rahul faced a jerk when Nitish discarded him and when Nitish came out of Anti-Modi conglomeration . Persons like Manish Tiwari and Digvijay Singh are out to use abusing and vulgar words to dilute their anger against Modi and to get back lost power. Other leaders named above are in their mission to malign Modi by hook or by crook. This is why Rahul Gandhi  has now approached US leader of opposition Mrs Clinton, main opponents of Trump. In coming election, Rahul may  make electoral alliance with Clinton , a substitute of Nitish.It will not be surprising if Mrs Clinton is invited by Rahul to campaign for INC and specially in Amethi constituency

I think Media men under the leadership of Ravish and Burkha Dutta will also visit to USA , China and Pakistan to strengthen hands of Rahul Gandhi who has expressed his desire during US visit to accept post of prime minister if he gets an opportunity in coming election. God bless him.

Lastly I make an appeal to all leaders in politics, leaders in Media and leaders in know-how to please save our country and its image from getting blurred by greedy politicians or others . Let our country grow and become stronger. We all have to give top priority to our country , leaders come and leaders go but our country will remain with us to give us shelter , respect and all comforts of life.

Following is copied from Facebook 
This is a satirical comment against Modi-opponents

२०१४ मे मोदी जी के प्रधानमंत्री बनने से पहले तक चारो तरफ खुशहाली थी।
देश के किसान चार्टेड प्लेन से गर्मी की छुट्टिया बिताने स्विट्जरलैंड जाया करते थे।
समाज मैं इतना भाईचारा था की लोग दिन रात एक दूसरे को प्यार से पुचकारते हुए चलते थे.
सामाजिक सौहार्द उच्च स्टार का था , सारे लोग सेक्युलर थे , टोपी तिलक कोई दूर दूर तक नहीं जनता था ,
आतंकवादी एक ४७ का प्रयाग नहीं करते थे बल्कि अपनी देशविरोधी मांगे मनवाने के लिए अनशन किया करते थे। 
देश मैं विदेशी मुद्रा का भंडार इतना अधिक था की उस पैसे को रखने की जगह हमारे पास नहीं थी, और हमारी सरकार सऊदी अरब और अमेरिका जैसे गरीब देशों को कर्ज दिया करती थी.
व्यापारी बहुत खुश था , उस पर कोई कर नहीं लगता था. देश की सारी सड़के ८ लेन की थी और १०० किमी से अधिक की दूरी लोग बुलेट ट्रैन से ही तय किया करते थे।
फिर एक दिन संघी लोगो ने इ वी एम् में गड़बड़ी कर, पूरे देश की मशीन सेट कर दी ,
सुना है ऐसा करने के लिए अमित शाह और मोदी ने मिस्टर इंडिया फिल्म में प्रयुक्त घड़ी के प्रयोग किआ और इसलिए उनको कोई देख नहीं पाया।
इस प्रकार से देश की राजमाता और उनके राजवंश के इकलौते सुपुत्र के जन्मजात हक़ पर लात मर कर इन संघी लोगो ने सत्ता हासिल की.
देश की सत्ता एक गैर कुलीन संघी के हाथ आते ही सारे सुख वैभव नष्ट हो गये ,
सड़को से अचानक ७-७ लेन गायब हो गए और बचे हुए १ लेन मैं भी बड़े बड़े गड्ढे हो गए।
देश के किसान अचानक गरीब हो गए क्योंकि संघियो ने उनकी फसलों पर टिड्डियाँ छोड़ दी थी।
देश के चार्टर्ड प्लेन अदृय्ष्य हो गए, जो बच गए वो मोदी ने अपने निजी प्रयोग मैं ले लिए।
इसके तुरंत बाद जनता के सारे पैसे स्विस अकाउंट मैं ट्रांसफर कर के उनको भूखो मरने को मजबूर कर दिया गया
हद तो तब हो गयी जब हमारे देश की सभ्य जनता से मोदी ने स्वछता की अप्पील की ,
व्यापारियों पर अत्याचार का आलम ये की जो बेचारे ४ ५ पश्तो से एक पैसा टैक्स भरे बिना व्यापर कर रहे थे उनको GST के नाम पर टैक्स देने को मजबूर कर दिया।
देश भर की योजनाओ को आधार कार्ड से जोड़कर करोड़ो रूपये की बचत की और जनता का बेईमानी कर खाने का बुनियादी हक़ भी चीन लिया गया।
तमाम सेक्युलर पत्रकार जो बेचारे किसी तरह गरीबी मैं सरकारी दारू और NGO के फण्ड पर अपना जीवन चला रहे थे , उनके धनश्रोत विदेशी NGO बंद कर उनको भूखो मरने पर मजबूर कर दिया गया।
ऐसी निर्दयी सर्कार को पुनः चुने जाने का कोई हक़ नहीं , मुझे मेरा पप्पू, लालू, ममता , और वही मनमोहन चाहिए , मुझे बापस वही लाखो करोड़ के घोटाले चाहिए।
नहीं चाहिए मुझे ऐसे संघी सर्कार जो मेरे किसी भी प्रकार के चोरी करने के हक़ को नुक्सान पहुँचती हो।
नहीं चाहिए बुलेट ट्रैन , उसकी पटरी पर शौच करने की सुविधा तक नहीं होती।
नहीं चाहिए हाइवेज जिन पर तेज गति से चलते हुए वाहन हमारे बच्चो को नुक्सान पंहुचा सके।
नहीं चाहिए ऐसी सर्कार जो हमारे ३२ -३५ साल के नौजवानो को देश विरोधी नारे लगाने मात्र पर केस कर दे .
नहीं चाहिए। .. मोदी सरकार गो बैक। ..
राजमाता एंड पप्पू कम बैक। .. :

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Why Ridicule Nitish Kumar?

When Nitish after living 17 years with BJP joined hands with RJD , some people were celebrating, appreciating and congratulating Nitish Kumar. And now when Nitish has come back to BJP after living with RJD for hardly 4 years, the same group of people are ridiculing Nitish.

A government is formed for betterment of a state, for common men and for growth but not for betterment of a family.Nitish has taken a decision which appears to be unbelievable and abnormal but it is in the interest of common men..

Nitish is not selfish, he has given the value to political accountability and responsibility,  he has not discarded RJD for becoming CM because he was already a CM and enjoying better and unbeatable solid majority in State Assembly, he has not joined BJP for a personal gain but to save the state from a fresh election and for continuing his work for  growth and development of Bihar.

 People had voted good image of Nitish and Nitish only. I say so because vote percentage of BJP had not faced any fall in last election. Clever politicians are saying that the mandate was against BJP. They should that mandate was to continue good work of Nitish.

Critics of Nitish are not seeing what Lalu has done, what his family has done, why criminals in Bihar are getting patronage from Lalu lobby and why Bihar has become so much backward. They  are now targeting a most popular person Nitish and not corruption led RJD and Lalu family.

Suppose if Nitish would have  kept mum even after exposure of corruption led Dy CM, you could have charged that politicians in India are protected by all governments including that my Nitish like CM.

 It appears to me that some people have grown phobia against Modi and BJP and hence they start crying and criticising all who join hands with Modi or BJP. These people actually want to eliminate Modi by hook or by crook because they have realised it well that popularity of Modi will continue to rise due to all round progress made by him and his government. They know that it is now not easy to defeat Modi in election.

 Good people are now deserting parties like Congress party or RJD to join hands with BJP. When MLA or any top leader of a big party discard his age old affiliation with the party and shake hands with Modi, these people should try to know reason behind such desertion instead of putting blame on Modi and BJP or RSS for all acts.

Some people are using the word secularism to hide their sins but people of India no more trust these clever politicians .

I therefore request these people to Please introspect and reconsider before ridiculing  person like Nitish keeping in top priority , not the person or the party but the people at large. Our country and our people are more important than a party or an organisation. Please keep caste and community away and focus on developing all.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Should India Start War Against Pakistan?

A few persons and some politicians are asking for immediate war against Pakistan to take revenge of our soldiers killed by Pak firing. Some media men have created hype on their TV channels on probable war with China and Pakistan and they are busy in provoking sentiments of general mass against China and Pakistan and trying to creating an atmosphere where GOI is forced to strike war against Pakistan and China.

Some people are asking total boycott of Chinese goods and some are raising sentiments against goods sold by Muslim community. In my opinion this trend is not at all commendable and should be stopped and restrained. Social sites has a greater role to play to keep peace and social harmony but unfortunately they are more engaged in negativity and in creating disturbance. 

I have a few words for them and hope these people will not charge the environment with demand for war and refrain from creating hatredness among various castes, communities and countries. It is easy to preach revenge but difficult to have patience , forgive and forget for the sake of peace and for overall welfare of the humanity.

Army as well as government has to keep in consideration a lot of factors before waging a war or carrying out surgical strike against an enemy country .Army cannot behave like a whimsical person or a dictator , they have to remain in discipline and try to secure citizen of the country . The option of war can be exercised only when all options are closed and the enemy is bent upon doing the worst against mankind.

India is facing dual threat at the same time, one from Pakistan and another from China. If all borders attached with Pakistan and China are engaged in war at the same time  , Indian army may face shortage of arms and ammunition also. Besides the strategy to fight against one country may be in conflict with that against other .Whatever may be the real potential of the army , it cannot be discussed in public domain. All preparations and strategies are framed in secret way and in core group of decision taking body.

To add fuel to fire, there are several persons and groups which are bent upon weakening India from within.There is no doubt that agents of enemy nations are working from within our country against our country people. 

And the most important is to assess permutation and combinations of international community which may save us or which may further aggravate the fight. There are some nations which favour war and some are against it. Some nation may support us and some may support enemy country. Army and GOI has to assess the situation in its entirety. After all, we are living in a world community and have to follow common code of conduct. We may not act in isolation.

In addition ,war is not the solution of any problem, it will cause loss of many lives both sides .It causes huge monetary loss and reduces economic activity.

Lastly it is army which has to plan strategy in advance to meet challenging situations arising after start of war. Army cannot act on whims and fancies if a person or a group.
It is easy to demand war but as soon as war starts and losses start increasing ,same people may ask for immediate ceasefire or accuse the government of waging a war without adequate preparation.

Government got success in surgical strike because it was well planned. Even now , though army has not chosen the path of direct war , army has been retaliating all firing from Pakistan or all terror attacks sponsored by Pakistan in aggressive way. We should not underestimate our army power. But still deciding authority has to think a lot before striking a war against Pakistan  or China or both .

Basically India is peace loving country whereas Pak is a rogue / notorious  state. India believes in coexistence unlike Pakistan and China who believe in expansion and in supremacy of their religion. India has to maintain and respect it's long cherished value system.
India cannot go to dirty extent as Pakistan can. India's image in world community is not at all comparable with Pak.

We are developing country whereas Pak is a terror state. We are worshipping non-violence whereas Pak believes in violence only. We help our brothers and sisters belonging to  all communities without any discrimination whereas Pak has eliminated many of non-Islamic  group where they are in powerful position. As such India cannot do what Pak can do.

We have to keep our culture intact, no compromise with our principals of coexistence and the principle of "Sab ka sath sab ka Vikas' .
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Danendra Jain

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Stop Dirty Politics Save Nation

Akhilesh Yadav has crossed all limits of dirty politics by painting martyrs from caste or regional colour and by making  comparison of  martyrs from the angle of caste or regionalism.

I had in mind that politicians with excellent education background will at least maintain certain decency in politics and not indulge in dirty politics as uneducated persons sometimes do. But defeat in election has made mad not only to Kejriwal but also to Akhilesh Yadav in UP.  However it is not astonishing and new for a personal like Akhilesh Yadav . A person who can discard his parents for the sake of power and position can sell and sacrifice interest of the country too.

Akhilesh Yadav who worked as Chief Minister of a big state like Uttar Pradesh was expected to gain maturity in politics but he has betrayed all. During election campaign also he tried a lot to communalise election and put blame of BJP . It was expected that post-defeat he will introspect and improve his inter action with party workers and prepare for forthcoming election. But opposite to normal expectations from a educated politician, he has this time tried to give army a  communal colour by asking why martyrs are not from Gujarat. It is told , Habits die hard, culture does not change overnight.   

Armed forces represent the country and fight for the country and it is blunder as also dangerous for a political party  or any organisation to watch and assess bravery and sacrifice of armed forces from caste angle  and compare their martyrdom with different caste people of armed forces. Such comparison exhibits nothing but mean mindedness of  Mr Akhilesh Yadav. His statement on martyrs is very much shameful and I hope all Indians will condemn him in one voice.

BJP faced humiliating defeat in election held in Delhi and Bihar but did not make such comments. Congress party faced humiliating defeat after emergency but did never make such shameful comment during those days.  Defeat or victory is natural results in election and one must have courage and wisdom to keep mind in stable condition in both positions.

I suggest Kejriwal and Akhilesh as also Mayawati to introspect, assess their working and their behavior and make efforts to modify it to suit the same to voters and stop making shameful comments, stop dividing society on caste and community and at least refrain from making any such comments which weaken the moral of armed forces and which tarnish the image of the country.

It is important to mention here that leaders of Congress party has also changed to worst extent after demise of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. I say so because after their defeat in 2014 , their leaders also tried a lot to seek support from even our age old enemy country Pakistan to dethrone Mr Narendra Modi and BJP from power. People of India cannot forget the acts of Salman Khursid, Mani Shankar Iier , Gulam Navi  Azad like leaders of Congress party.

Voters of this country are very much intelligent and they cannot support a leader whose loyalty to Nation is doubtful. This is why politicians associated with parties like Congress party , Aam Admi Party, BSP  and SP are rejected by voters in elections held in recent past. 

I have mentioned here the name of Kejriwal also , because he is also from education background but has been consistently trying  to sacrifice national interest to serve his political motto. A person who entered into politics to clean politics has made it dirtier than before. Voters of India had great expectation from Kejriwal and his party but he has disheartened them all, rather broken the heart of all. God bless him and his party.

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Akhilesh Yadav stirs controversy, asks if any jawan from Gujarat has martyred; Twitterati give him reply

Monday, May 8, 2017

Kejriwal And Politics in Delhi

Mr. Kapil Mishra ,ousted Minister of Aam Admi Party (AAP) Government in Delhi has done the something which Mr. Arvind kejriwal did and has been doing consistently for last five year for other politicians .
Kejriwal used to malign image of political leaders of Congress Party and other constituents of UPA which was ruling party from the year 2004 to 2014 during the movement launched against Corruption by India Against Corruption. He used to put wild charges against top leaders of Congress Party in Delhi and UPA at centre, charges may be provable or non-provable and run away.
Even after forming the government first time in Delhi , he never tried to punish leaders whom he alleged to be most corrupt leaders of the country and of Delhi state.
ON the contrary Mr. Kejriwal formed government taking support of the same party against which he and his colleagues under the banner of IAC had agitated for months and years. At that time it was said that since the Aam Admi Party had got no absolute majority and since the government was formed with the support of Congress Party (alleged by AAP as most corrupt party ), Kejriwal was not taking punitive action against any of leaders of Congress Party. Within six months , Kejriwal resigned from the post of CM on the plea of his failure to bring Jan Lokpal and forced another election in Delhi.
Fortunately or unfortunately, Mr. Kejriwal and his party again won the election in the year 2015 even under Modi wave in the country which made Mr. Narendra Modi as PM in the year 2014 . In the year 2015 , AAP formed government under the leadership of Mr Kejriwal with unprecedented majority (67 MLAs of AAP out of total 70 ). But still Mr. Kejriwal did not take any step to penalise persons to whom he and his colleagues had loudly and openly described as the most corrupt leader of the country.
After taking charge of Chief Minister second time in the year 2015 , Kejriwal completely forgot alleged corrupt leaders of UPA government. This time he started targeting Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India , Bhartiya Janta Party which led NDA government at centre and other leaders of NDA and last but not the least , the RSS . As a matter of fact , his this specific change in colour and change in attitude gave an indication that Mr. Kejriwal was least bothered of corruption but more focused on acquisition of greater power at centre.
Kejriwal cleverly shifted his focus from corruption to communalism . He expelled many of key and founder members of AAP just to have unbridled and unchallenged power in his own hand. He became more autocrat and surrounded by a few flatterer colleagues. He had promised to seek opinion of common men for all policies and actions but he ignored even his own ministers and MLAs for this purpose.
Mr. Kejriwal is in intelligent and educated person and knew very well that Delhi is an Union territory and the main power of governance vests with central government. Still he used to go against normal procedure of governance and put blame on LG Delhi for all his faults, wrong actions and non-performance. Mr. Kejriwal used many unparliamentary and uncivilised words for Mr. Modi which does not at all suit a person holding the prestigious and Constitutional post of Chief Minister of a state like Delhi which forms the centre of Indian politics. He crossed all past records of dirty politics and indulged in dirty politics based on caste, community, religion, Dalit-Non-dalit , Minority-Majority , regionalism and what not. Kejriwal entered into politics against the will of Anna Hazare to give country a clean politics, a culture entirely different from the prevailing culture in Indian politics.
Kejriwal did not hesitate even to criticise clothing and dresses used by Prime Minister, he did not spare even personal life of Modi, he used even wife of Modi to hit a political mileage. He doubted surgical strike conducted by Indian army and thus used Army also to gain advantage in his political career. He did not hesitate even using anti-national persons like Kanhiya Lal and Umar Khalid who shouted slogans against India . Kejriwal used all small incidents to malign Modi and BJP and RSS.
During his hate campaign against Mr. Narendra Modi , the Prime Minister of India , Mr. Kejriwal did not hesitate even questioning foreign visit of Mr. Modi and started abusing Modi on this score too. ON the one hand Mr.Modi was gaining in image all over the world and even developed countries like USA, UK, Japan, Russia, China started giving importance to leadership of Mr. Modi, a Chief Minister like Mr. Kejriwal left no stone unturned to tarnish image of India in world community by spreading his hate politics against Indian PM Mr. Modi.

Kejriwal CM of Delhi was to concentrate on growth of Delhi and welfare of people of Delhi. But unfortunately , Mr. Kejriwal and key members of AAP led government was devoting their precious time and money in other states like Punjab, Gujarat, Goa and Uttar Pradesh etc. During last two years of their government , many ministers and members of AAP were found guilty of various types and charge sheets against them are in process of scrutiny.
During movement against Corruption , Mr. Kejriwal used to put wild charges against the then ministers of UPA and Delhi Government and used to seek their resignation immediately and demand the government to send them to jail. Even during election campaign, Mr. Kejriwal used to threaten that as soon as he came to power, his government will send them all to jail . But nothing such happened even after coming to his power and even after lapse of two years in power.
It is therefor very correct to say that Mr. Kapil Mishra , ex-minister of AAP government has done the same as Mr. Kejriwal used to do for other and has been doing for his opponents since long. Kejriwal also used to project himself as victim and target his rivals on the basis of proven and un-proven charges, true or false allegations. Similarly Mr. Kapil Mishra after getting ousted from AAP government has portrayed himself as victim and has tried to target Mr. Kejriwal by saying that he tried to expose corrupt leaders of AAP but Kejriwal did not like it, rather alleged that Kejriwal himself is a bribe taker and protector of other corrupt leaders of AAP.
Now, question here arises is whether the allegation made by Mr. Kapil are true or false, are provable or not, are based on documents or not. In my view , a person holding such high post and claiming to be the most honest political leader of the country should not act which creates doubts on his honesty and integrity. he must take decisions in more and more transparent manner which he used to teach others. Kapil Mishra was a minister in his cabinet and he had got all right to question basis of transaction of money taking place in the residence of CM of his party. Kejriwal may be honest , but doubts raised by Mr. Kapil Mishra publicly are of serious nature cannot be ignored by any vigilant and honest government or any investigating agency or CBI or Anti-corruption bureau.

Mr. Kumar Viswas has said that he cannot doubt the integrity of Mr. Kejriwal . Mr. Yogendra Yadav says that he can believe Kejriwal as autocrat, arrogant , rigid, brainless, immature in politics, and so on but cannot believe that he has taken bribe. Another minister of AAP says that he cannot even dream of Kejriwal taking bribe. And so on. There is no merit on such uncalled for sympathy for Kejriwal because he is the head of the government of Delhi and he must be held primarily responsible and accountable if his most close associates called as cabinet ministers are of doubtful integrity , if serious charges of corruption are levelled by a minister against other minister of the same government. Kejriwal cannot be absolved from facing charges of corruption .
I would like to say here Mr. Manmohan Singh , preceding Prime Minister of India under UPA rule was also of sound image and his honesty and integrity was also beyond doubt . Still Kejriwal and his followers in the then movement used to charge UPA government of corruption and used to hold Mr. Manmohan Singh solely responsible for all scams and scandal which took place under the Prime Ministership of learned and Intelligent Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh. Kejriwal and his entire team used to sit on Dharna frequently at Jantar Mantar demanding end of UPA rule, jail to many ministers and finally resignation of the then PM Mr. Manmohan Singh and the then CM Ms Shiela Dikshit.
Now it is the time for Mr. Kejriwal to introspect and try to apply those lessons on himself which he used to teach others.
While talking about entry of criminals in politics , Mr. Kejriwal used to demand complete or partial bar on politicians facing criminal charges in court of law. Not it is open to all that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal himself, many of his ministers and members of AAP government are facing criminal charges against them in various courts.
Will Kejriwal now stick to this demand of total ban on entry of politicians facing charges of corruption or other serious charges. It is noteworthy that Kejriwal himself, his ministers and MLAs associated with AAP government are also facing serious charges like bribery, rape, money laundering , fake degree, drug addict etc.
It will not be an exaggeration to say here that Kejriwal has got no moral now to continue as CM of Delhi when his own minister has levelled serious charges of corruption against him and his colleagues.
In the past Mr. Kejriwal , a non-political person used to demand resignation and punishment of alleged corrupt politicians of various political parties . This time a minister of his own government was claimed that he has seen Mr. Kejriwal accepting Rs.2 crore from another Minister Mr. Jain. Several serious charges has been levelled against AAP government. Now if the same government remains in power, it is but natural that the process of investigation and inquiry may not be unbiased. Mr. Kejriwal used to shout loudly during his movement against corruption that as soon as a minister is charged, accused minister should resign from the post to ensure impartial enquiry. Now the same principal of justice should apply to Mr. Kejriwal too.
Here it is important to point out that Kejriwal suspended his Minister Mr. Amanutullah when he spoke against Mr. Kumar Viswas and on the following day he handed over key post of Assembly panel including that of the committee to investigate charges against Amanutullah to same Mr. Amanutullah. To make it more clear , a person is made judge to determine whether he has committed crime or not. It means that criminal is made police officer to investigate crime of the criminal.

It clearly means Mr. Kejriwal does not apply same standard of politics, justice and good governance on his government which he preaches for other government led by other parties.
Kejriwal may not be a person of doubtful honesty and integrity , but he is undoubtedly a failed politician of this decade and people of Delhi in particular and that of the country in general will not forget and forgive him for his dishonesty in politics.
I like to say that corruption does not mean only taking or giving bribe , it also ENCOMPASSES a lot of other activities which though directly do not include exchange of illegal money but which includes violation of normal ethics , favouritism, indirect interference in judicial matters, concealment of crime of one and false trapping of others ,illegal recruitment and promotions, unwarranted transfers, putting wrong allegation against others to malign his image and so on.
Kejriwal in particular and leaders of Aam Admi Party in general have to understand the bitter truth of their government, their attitude, their public behaviour, their failure in compliance of legal norms, failure to perform and so on.
Kejriwal and his party will have to stop putting blame on others for their failure and stop making lame excuses for their non-performance and for their misbehaviour. They lost one after other election but instead of realising their lapses, shortcomings and deficiencies n they always put blame of EVMs and started casting aspersions on PM Mr. Modi and Election Commissioner.
A bad carpenter quarrels with his tools. It is very old saying and it is fit to define character of Mr. Kejriwal.
AAP has to bring about radical changes in the party or face end of the party as Janta Party of the year 1977 collapsed after 30 months of power.