Saturday, August 25, 2018

Who May Replace Modi ? RG or Someone Else

I know and everyone know that RG is an empty vessel. He may be termed as a joker or comedian  . But the most painful and astonishing  is that 120 years old congress party having thousands of senior leaders are tolerating and accepting Pappu as their leader.

I may add here that it is not easy to play the role of a joker or a comedian. In fact he is not fit for that too. In fact he is totally a non serious leader who lacks in knowledge and poor in skill. He is not matured in any respect.

It will not be an exaggeration if someone says that he is actually a child with retarded growth. His physical age may be 50 but IQ level does not match even with that of 10 year age boy.

I sometime feel that some people holding high and responsible post or you may say that some experienced citizens are very much anxious to see RG as PM of this country. God knows what will be our fate and what will happen to this great country when person like RG become PM.

A section of People or media men in particular  may have hate feelings for Modi or BJP for some reason or the other, but it does not mean that we should replace Modi with a mindless person. We must have strong opposition in democracy.

 Unfortunately  he has failed in playing the role of key opposition party in parliament or outside Parliament and hence it will be very much risky to replace Modi with such person who is fact not more than a Pappu.

India may be broken into pieces if we do not have a strong leader who can do justice with common men and take our country to peak position in the international community. There is no doubt in it that anti national elements have spread their dirty network in every corners of this country and it is they who are crying more loudly under present regime.

We have to be alert all the time from such evil  forces and ill motivated groups. All those who oppose Modi are not anti nationals but those who are really anti nationals are using opposition parties to finish their agenda of destabilising this country. It is they who are spreading false news using social sites and TV channels n the name of freedom of expression.  We have to be cautious 365 days 24 hours from such dubious minded persons and entities.

Watch following video which gives indication about ill motivated plans of anti nationals.

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