Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rahul Gandhi Intention

Rahul Gandhi says; “even Lokpal may be corrupt”. Yes I agree that even Lokpal may be corrupt because he is after all a human being, borne and brought up in same Indian environment, taught in corruption inflicted schools and colleges and a product of the same corrupt political atmosphere and has seen and experienced the corrupt system prevalent in India.

Rahul is very much correct in saying that even Lokpal may be corrupt. I rather add to his valued statement that even President of India and Governor of states may be corrupt, elected Members of Parliament may be corrupt, elected members of Legislative assemblies may be corrupt, nominated or selected member of various governing bodies may be corrupt, auditors and inspecting officials may be corrupt, police officials and armed forces may be corrupt, clerks and officers working in various government offices may be corrupt and so on.

The main problem is how to eliminate such corrupt person from the system at the earliest to safeguard the basic values, reliability and the credibility of the system as a whole.

The burning question is what the political parties especially the Congress Party which has ruled the country for major part of 64 years of freedom has done during their rule to deal with corruption.

The focused point of concern as of now is what UPA government has done during last 7 years of rule led by the cleanest Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh.

The only Heart breaking question which comes in the mind of common men after listening of Rahul’s statement on Anna’s Jan lokpal Bill in Parliament on 26th of August 2011 is what Mr. Rahul Gandhi has done to stop corruption and to punish corrupt officials and corrupt politicians during his political career.

Where was he and his flatterers sleeping before Anna’ movement and Anna’s fast.
Why person like Rahul Gandhi enjoying the power in the country are not innovative and creative?

Why these leaders only respond after mass upsurge, violent movement and disturbance of peace in public life?

Answer to all such vital questions is simple that it is only Ramdeo and Anna Hazare led movement against Black Money and against corruption which has catapulted the issue of corruption to top most point of agenda for the Parliament and which have motivated suffering common men to unite together to fight out corrupt people from the system.

It is the relentless efforts of Ramdeo Baba and Team Anna that even political class have started discussing the pain of common men arising out of corrupt system, caused by corrupt bureaucracy, pain caused as a result of fraudulent act of politicians, pain arising out of leaders of the country who once elected to Parliament completely forget and disregard the very voters who elected them to power.

It is only after that Parliament proved futile , administration failed to stop corruption and on the contrary Supreme Court of the country became active to activate Central Bureau of Investigation to dispose off the scam related cases expeditiously and it is only when minister after ministers sent to jail by CBI that people of India understood the dangerous face of giant of corruption and that people of India understood that cancer of corruption if not cured in time may endanger their freedom which was won by freedom fighters after a long struggle.

Undoubtedly therefore people of India are very much obliged to Ramdeo Baba , Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhusan and their colleagues and their followers who have made the burning issue of corruption as Number One agenda for all.

I dare ask Mr. Rahul Gandhi why he did not suggest a strong Constitutional Authority like that of Election Commissioner to deal with corruption or black money just after the Jan Lokpal Bill was suggested by Team Anna?

Where was he sleeping for such a long period?

Was he waiting for death of Anna or was he hopeful that Delhi Police will crush the Team Anna movement as they crushed Ramdeo Baba led movement?

Rahul by suggesting strong Constitutional authority has a malicious agenda to complicate the issue and puncture the movement led by Anna Team so that corrupt politicians and corrupt officers may get rid of punishment till their life and they may enjoy the fruits of power at least next election.

I would like to place a simple question to Rahul Gandhi, what will he suggest when an elected Member of Parliament become corrupt after voted to power. Does he mean to say that people of India should tolerate the corrupt MP for five years in the name of democracy and to maintain the prestige of the same Parliament , same democracy which is of the people , for the people and by the people. It is the duty of the Parliament to give respect to the will and aspiration of people of India or it is the duty of people to maintain sanctity of Parliament which has been facing erosion in values and effectiveness year after year.

Lastly if UPA is really interested to make an strong act or to make a strong Constitutional Authority, they should work day and night to draft a suitable bill and get it passed through Parliament, instead of wasting the precious time in baseless discussion on this bill or that bill. There is no point in wasting the valuable time of the Parliament to safeguard the so called value of the Constitution or so called respect of the Parliament which is made for and made by the people of India. If they are so much confident of their victory in election, why not they go for referendum on the issue of Jan Lokpal Bill or go for fresh general election?

Further MPs of Congress Party should always keep in mind that they are in power only because votes of common men are divided on caste and communal grounds. Congress Party got hardly 25% of votes in India and therefore 75% of voters are against the policies and actions of Congress Party.

It is remarkable to mention here that a Lokpal will be elected or nominated by and among most reputed intellectuals and by most transparent system. Still he or staff of Lokpal may prove to be corrupt and there must be some provisions to deal with such corrupt staff of Lokpal or Lokpal itself.

On the contrary a Member of Parliament is elected by voters, 90% of whom are not educated, not experienced and who are swayed away by false promises of greedy politicians and attractive manifestos of various political parties and the clever tactics adopted by cleave politicians.

It is therefore true that probability of elected Member of Parliament becoming corrupt after coming to power is more than the probability of Lokpal becoming Corrupt after enjoying absolute power. And therefore people of India demanded during Jai Prakash Narayan led movement in 1974 that people of India must have Right to Recall the elected representative when they become corrupt and ineffective.

Still now there is a urgent need of law which can empower voters to recall the elected representatives when they fail to fulfill their aspirations and when they fail to fulfill promises they make before election.

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Peter said...

Next issues will be much bigger than Recall .. First of all we have to clean up the monopoly of politicians .. We must a right to choose our representative. There are only two three people stand in the election (Locally) and people have to select one among them. Next Move By Anna is to provide "Choose their own representative" in Elections. There will be one more option in voting machine " NONE OF These" If got 51% for None of these. New faces will appear ;). Election Process will go around 2 to 3 times but finally we will get at least our honest representative. And the point you raised Recall the representative is also important. May be we will get something about this issue in near Future.