Monday, November 21, 2011

Economics of Manmohan Singh

Great economists like Manmohan Singh , Montek, Chidmabram, Pranab are making one after other promise and prediction to control inflation, to check corruption, to control price rise , to help poor to control terrorists and naxals and so on. But they have invariably failed on all fronts. Stock market is falling like playing cards. Prices are flying higher and higher like free birds. Current account deficit and trade deficit is increasing fastly.
To add fuel to fire one after other central minister is booked to jail.

These politicians have one or two Rambans (panacea), they are quota for one caste or the other and the other is waiver of loan or sanction of subsidies which are announced just on the eve of general election. Again they may succeed in diverting the mind of common men from real problem. In fact they can do nothing but they themselves can grow richer and richer

As such wise and prudent person who is non political and who want to remain away from controversy do not want any more to comment on the statement of persons like Manmohan Singh, Chidambram, Pranab Mukherjee or Montek Singh Ahulwalia who are treated as the most talented high level economists but who have spoilt the economy of the country , who have blackened fate and future of 100 crore Indians just to help rich people grow richer and who have lost their mental balance and reasonable thinking in greed of wealth, wine and woman. Person like Anna or Ramdeo who raised the voice against the ailing system are now facing the music.

These great economists who are now in power can never solve the problem of inflation or price rise or erosion in currency value. They can never provide good governance and eliminate corruption from society.

It will not be wrong to say that this is a government headed by Alibaba and Chalis Chor.

This is why they simply make a turn or U turn, make a statement and hide in chamber. The greatest fun and the greatest tragedy is that great economist who are in power in Delhi are instead of strike at the root of all maladies are irrigating and promoting all those causes which contribute in escalation or price rise, corruption, inflation and all sins which give enormous pain to poor and enormous comfort to riches.

Policy of reformation have in fact deformed the shape of Indians, policy of privatization has enabled the greedy leaders to sell off the old properties ( PSUs created by ancestors) for current spending and the policy of globalization has given them a permanent excuse for all their sins and the excuse is global recession.

May I ask these experts and aforesaid great economists :
“What are the basic reasons of global recession and why has the same recurred even after giving a lot of stimulus packages after 2008 financial crisis? “

Will any leader in the country and outside the country accept the truth that advocates of reformations, privatization, liberalization and globalization have committed many faults and blunders in implementation of their policies , monitoring, regulation and in governance? They will have to accept the stimulus package they announced after 2008 crisis failed to cure the disease and were all ill-motivated.

Will any political experts and doctor in economics who pleaded unrestricted freedom to business community now admit that they failed to visualize the inherent weakness of freedom ?

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