Thursday, November 24, 2011

Slapping Sharad Pawar

Slapping minister is condemnable. But this incident is enough to understand that anger against the government brewing in the minds of common men may turn into violent revolt in near future. Besides, when minister can be slapped or when shoes can be hurled on ministers, what will be the fate of simple officers who are not provided any security but who have to face the anger of common men when they fail to serve the person as per his wishes?

When ministers is slapped by a person , government has become serious , Manish Tiwari talks of stern punishment to such persons who slapped minister, Farooq Abdulah warns media and talks of more security to ministers and more restriction on media men, more security checks before entry of visitors.

Government never took seriously when officers in DC office or Block office were beaten or gheroed by local residents who were not given subsidy or scheme benefits by officials, government not tried to safeguard court staff and teachers who were threatened or beaten by defendants in court or student in schools and colleges ,government never tried to provide security to bank officers when officers in bank were beaten by loan seekers who were not sanctioned loan by bank officials, and so on............
Or when common men are beaten by officers, when students are beaten by teacher, when citizen of India are beaten by police and so on..............
Government did not take any action and none of minister even thought it fit to condemn the incident when some persons tried to beat Arvind Kejriwal or Ramdeo or even assaulted brutally Prashant Bhusan and government did not punish those police officers who brutally attacked followers of Ramdeo at Ramlila ground in Delhi.

As a matter of fact there is politics in all matters, different treatment for different type of persons, crime is defined differently in different circumstances, crores of rupees are spent on public representative to provide security and little is done for common men for security.

I simply want to say that government has to learn perfect and honest following of rules and laws without any bias, Law and order has to be maintained , punishment has to be given to all who violates the law, whosoever big or small he or she may be .

Unfortunately our government thinks otherwise and acts completely differently when common men are taken to task for none of their fault.. All safety steps are taken and meant for ministers and for only powerful persons of the society.

Do you know where our country is going?

Our Finance Minister, great Pranab Mukherjee says commenting on the incident of slapping Pawar,

"slapping incident is condemnable, I do not know media is publicizing such incidents, I do not know where this country is going?”

When the heads of country like Pranab do not know the fate of the nation, how can common men predict his future?

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