Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Political Rally Useful or Harmful

Members of Parliament and members of state assemblies quarrel like roadside children and throw chairs and mike in Parliament and in state assemblies. Now they are talking of civilization, discipline and code of conduct for angry common men who throw shoes, ink and words of abuse against political leaders and media organize debate on such incidents. I treat such debate also a case of flattery to one party or the other, one person or the other by media to gain illegal support and good wishes from powerful persons.

As a matter of fact politicians in our country have done nothing for poor and common and they have simply done the politics of quota , reservation, caste , community , region and religion. Politicians spend most of their valued time in earning illegal money. In Parliament and in state assemblies , the elected representatives spend major party time in mudslinging against each other. None of important bill is discussed and debated by passed by voice vote only because the entire government is run by a few flatterers surrounding High Command of ruling party. Opposition parties are given no value even though they also represent some part of voters.

It is therefore not astonishing that angry common men have started reacting in uncivilized manner. Right from school life value is given to those students who can abuse authority and who can create valance in public life. None of the government servants and none of elected representative understand the gravity of any problem by letters, memorandum or emails, but they immediately learn the value when they are abused or when there is violent agitation on streets. 

One may write peacefully hundreds of letters to any authority from Panchayat Sewak to President of India, no action will be taken by anyone and all such letters will be thrown in dustbin peacefully. Action on written complaints is taken only if there is a known person in the office who can act on the basis of flattery and bribery or who can be threatened of dire consequences as Naxalites do in many offices in many parts of the country.

In our country, good performers are not important, honesty is not important, social welfare is not important but the most important is how much false and unachievable promise one leader can make and befool voters.  One who can deliver a good speech, who can win the hearts of voters by ear-pleasant sentimental speech, one who can use caste and communal group for attracting votes, one who can spend hundreds of crores of rupees in election can only win the election. 

Not only in election , even in offices , PSUs and government departments, officials who speak better hijack entire administration and take all actions as per their whims and fancies, promotes and transfer their juniors arbitrarily violating all set norms and rules for the purposes. Flatterers get success in all matter and bribery gives further weightage and value to such flatterers in power lobby and in corridors where policies are framed and where style of its execution is decided.

I therefore request you to ban all rallys in election. Rally for political purposes are never used by politicians to narrate their achievement but to speak lie, make false promises and to abuse opponents. Stopping of rallys will not only help in reducing election expenses but also stop spread of dirty politics.. Leaders will not coercive methods to force vehicle owners to surrender their vehicles for use in election campaign. It will stop spending on election rally managers.

After all if a person is popular who works for common men need not organize a rally. I therefore pray you to ban all rally and ask candidates to campaign by door to door canvassing so that they may not cheat voters by false promises. If at all it is necessary to allow rally in the name of democracy you may allow rally of maximum 500 person at one place so that leaders will hesitate to say lie and local inhabitants will get an opportunity to directly interact with their probable representatives  for state assemblies and Parliament.

I reiterate here that banning of rally and inaugural functions have many advantages and fewer disadvantages. Rally on the other hand has more demerits than merits and creates usually bad effects on audience.

Rahul Gandhi has called the people of UP as beggar who go Mumbai for employment and he call UP people Goonda who vote Samajwadi Party. He blames BJP and RSS for all the evil works done by Congress men. Rahul Gandhi does not want to understand that it is his congress party and it is his family members who ruled the State of Uttar Pradesh and the country as a whole for more than four decades and who promoted the culture of flattery, bribery and inactiveness against evil doers. 

High Command in Congress Party gives value to a person who is apt in flattery and who can manage crores of rupees for party fund and who can manage victory in election by hook or by crook. Tickets for assembly elections or Parliament elections are distributed on the basis of caste and community or the relatives of existing powerful persons in the party. 

Corruption originates primarily from flattery and not by offer of bribe only. Bribery is the by-product of flattery and then it again leads to flattery. Greatest and high value scam by Madhu Koda or by A Raja could happen only because they could discard and isolate good officers from mainstream and appoint dishonest officers at all key points.

Rajiv Gandhi, his father could nothing to cure the culture of Congress party, his grandmother Indira called as iron lady could do nothing, how can he dream of expecting good governance by his party or by UPA. It is the traditional culture of Congress Party to throw good leaders who do not flatter High Command and induct even corrupt person in cabinet if he or she leaves no stone unturned to flatter High Command. During last few months of his hectic tour in villages of UP , Rahul has not conveyed any positive message but only put blame on opposing parties. Common men who are victim of price rise and corrupt system have only anger in their mind. And such angry people do not like his speech and throw shoes on him.

Rahul, Digvijay and his party ridiculed and laughed when shoes were hurled on Team Anna, or Ramdeo or followers of opposition parties. Now the ruling party UPA is also facing the same course of action which it appreciated and praised a few days ago.

India do not promote culture of action against crime doers or evil doers .India has a culture of ignoring all crime done by a certain group or caste or community by a certain party and put entire blame falsely on other parties or other person wisely. Politics on crime has promoted crime culture.

Level of corruption has broken all past records in value and volume under the rule of UPA and under the leadership of Manmohan Singh.

Similarly Mayawati is blaming Congress party for all corrupt act committed during her rule. Her 24 ministers have been accused of corruption and still she feel proud to be CM and she is not at all ready to realize that it was she who inducted such corrupt ministers in her council of ministers and it is he who had ruled UP for almost five years with the help and advice of such corrupt ministers. 

Rs.5000 crore worth NRHM scam has occurred during the tenure of Mulayam and Mayawati only. Mulayam Singh looted UP for ten years and did nothing for poor and common men but now he is promising laptop for school children. In our country politicians are unable to ensure quality mid day meal for students but they are making promises to distribute Laptop. This is India.

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