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People Will Forget Coal Scam 2G Scam AND CWG Scam Just AS They Forgot Bofors Scam, Stamp Scam and Stock Scam

Mamta Banerjee will cry and cry against fuel price rise or against FDI in Retail or against chain of Scam emerging out of Congress Cane of Worms 
and finally calm down. 

Mulayam Singh Yadav usually protest to blackmail and extract some personal benefit from ruling UPA and hence he takes no time in taking U-turn all the time he lodges protest against the action and decisions of UPA government.

Lalu Yadav has since long been indulged in  begging a cabinet berth in UPA government to cope with the challenges he has been  receiving for last ten years  in his home state from Nitish Kumar and hence it iwll be foolish to hope that Lalu will ever talk in favour of common men or that to safeguard national interest.

Mayawati is afraid of CBI against her and hence she is double speak lady and so on ....... 

Nothing is to take place which may reverse the direction of the corrupt government . None can stop price rise or rampant corruption until the corrupt ministers have a majority in Parliament. After all we Live in a democratic set up. Indians are trapped in the jargon of secularism to blindly protest against all good steps of BJP.

None of the opposition parties excluding BJP is so much serious on national issues , their main target to gain power by hook or by crook.Parties oppose or favour not on the merit of the issue but whether they will gain Muslim vote or not.Parties uses tools of Quota and Caste to befool their voters and never seriously ponder over the problems Indian are facing.

Parties least bother of the pain of common men due to abnormal price rise in all commodities . They are not bothered at all for the bad consequences

 India is likely to face by permitting direct FDI in Retail . A few billionaire and millionaire may be happy by announcement of FDI in retail or by increase of price of diesel and cooking gas, but ninety nine percent of Indian population will be severely and adversely affected by bad politics and bad economics of Manmohan Singh led government.

So far as Members of Parliament belonging to Congress Party and to other supporting parties forming part of UPA are concerned they are taught to say Yes and only Yes to all right or wrong directives of High Command of their parties. They are taught to keep mum and keep their mind and brain shut by an unbreakable lock.They are taught only to protest and speak against BJP all the time, to say opposite to what BJP says , to try to trap and torture all those who raise voice against the corruption of Congress Party. 

Congress Party has got Master degree in manipulating and using the offices of Judiciary, RBI,CBI, CVC, ED, IB ,RAW and all offices of the government to protect and promote the interest of the Congress Party.

Members of Parliament of ruling party are well trained  to puncture all movements directed against the evil works of the government. There is no doubt in it that  MPs normally and usually function as puppet of High Command and are good actors in the name of democracy and secularism.

Blunder after blunder committed by Manmohan Singh are such that in coming years people will not allow their wards to choose and read economics as a subject in their school or college life. 

History will never forgive person like Manmohan Singh and a the team of flatterers following his misleading path blindly.voters will award such bad politicians or not, only God knows. 

But the pain of common men has to multiply and increase day by day, they will cry and cry , finally succumb to death, 

There is none to listen the grievance of poor and none to take care of their pain.People of India have to bear with evil deeds of Tuglaq once they vote such Tugluq to power.

I therefore suggest to Pray God for safety ,security and for healthy and comfortable living.

CVC okays closure of 12 CWG corruption cases

(Collected from the Newspaper Hindu Business Line )
As many as 12 cases of alleged graft in Commonwealth Games related projects carried out by various government departments have been closed following months of investigation by the Central Vigilance Commission.
The cases in which closure reports have been filed includes procurement of about Rs. 100 crore secure communication network Tetra and contract for upgrading of houses constructed in Vasant Kunj among others.
The inquiry in procurement of Tetra secure communication network for Commonwealth Games 2010 (on complaint from Dr Harsh Vardhan) was carried out. “The Commission has closed the matter,” the CVC said in an RTI reply.
Whereas, complaint related to alleged irregularities in construction of roads, sewer, etc causing of loss of Rs 50 crore was also closed by the anti-corruption watchdog, the reply said.
“On payment to the contractor and low quality work at Archery and TT stadium at Yamuna Sports Complex, it is alleged that 600-1000 per cent over payment has been made. Report received from Delhi Development Authority recommending closure of the complaint. The Commission noted the position as brought out by DDA,” it said.

Of the total of 53 CWG graft cases examined by the CVC, 28 were still in different stages of investigation, 13 were sent to CBI for further investigation and 12 were closed.

Sushil Kumar Shinde's coal remark no laughing matter: Who said what

(Collected from NDTV )
New Delhi: Over the weekend, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that the coal scam, India's largest swindle according to the national auditor, will soon be forgotten. Mr Shinde's remark has embarrassed the government and been cited by the opposition as proof that the ruling UPA takes graft lightly.  Here's a list of who said what on this new controversy:

At a function on September 15 in Pune, Mr Shinde had said, "Earlier, the Bofors was a talking point. People forgot about it. Now it is coal. This too will be forgotten. Once hands are washed off coal, they again become clean." 

When reporters quizzed Mr Shinde about his remark after the function, he said, "Do you remember petrol pumps (scam) during NDA rule?"

Aftershocks created by his remark led to a clarification from him. Yesterday, he said. "I said something jokingly. The media quoted me out of context."

On Saturday, Congress leader Digvijay Singh tried to rescue Mr Shinde.  "See, you got Shinde wrong. The way false accusations were made on Bofors, false accusations are being made on the coal scam, that's what he meant," he said.

The opposition finds nothing funny about Mr Shinde's "joke."  

Rajnath Singh, Former BJP President: "People's memory is pretty good and doubting it is their (Congress') mistake.  There have been many scams like Adarsh, CWG, 2G and now Coalgate and public is very well aware about it. I am stunned that such remarks are passed."

Balbir Punj, BJP Leader: "It's a different matter whether people have forgotten Bofors or not but Congress has forgotten what Bofors had done to it. Since then, Congress has not got majority on its own."  

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, BJP Leader: "Even if they try to make people forget they can never forget it. I think they should think, how long will their Government work. Bofors and Coalgate cannot be forgotten by anyone." 

Prakash Karat, CPI (M) General Secretary: "By 2014, Mr Shinde will understand how short public memory really is." 

D Raja, CPI Leader:
 "The fact that Congress lost elections after Bofors is a message that people gave to the government of the day. Congress party and Mr Shinde should remember this." 

Sharad Yadav, JD-U President: "Mr Shinde has been given an important post by the Congress.  He should confine his remarks to that on his (Home) ministry.  He should not comment on political issues. "

Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena executive president: "Mr Shinde's remarks reflect the attitude of the UPA government."

Shahnawaz Hussain, BJP spokesperson: "Taking care of the victims in Assam and Naxal hit areas is his duty, he should rather focus on that instead of doing jokes... If he wants to be an entertainer, he may be in cabinet meeting but not at a public platform. Let the comedian Raju Srivastava do his job, why Shinde is keen to take his place?"

‘Fiat to banks soon on textile sector debt restructuring’

The Centre is firm on implementing the debt restructuring package for the textile sector involving Rs 35,000 crore and necessary instructions to the banks will be issued within a week, according to V. Narayanasamy, Union Minister of State in the PMO.
He also defended the decision to permit FDI in retail which he said would give a boost to employment generation and provide an opportunity to farmers to get better price for their produce.

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