Monday, January 28, 2013

Chetan Bhagat TO Rahul Gandhi

Chetan Bhagat's Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi.

Key points:

How will you change a system that serves those you've known since childhood? How will you take action against family friends who are causing the nation enormous damage? You mentioned the trusted security guards who harmed your family. Well, many of your trusted partymen are harming the country. How will you stop it?


You are young. You can be patient. The next election is not the only thing. You will have to place your principles and values above winning an election. You may even lose elections. But eventually, if you stand up for the right thing, you will win.

Cut some of the politician-industrialist ties. This will truly liberalise the economy.

Stop protecting your rich friends. Tell your party members to stop hanging out with the capitalists.

The nexus of the political class and our capitalists has to be broken.

Protecting this tiny number of industrialists is hurting the entire nation.

Encourage business, not specific businessmen.

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