Wednesday, February 13, 2013

As Long As Politicians Are Corrupt , Even God Cannot Reduce Corruption

When rulers are thieves , When detectors and police are thieves , when judges are thieves , when media men are dishonest and when majority of the employees and ministers are corrupt in the system it is foolish to dream of getting rid of BHOOT of corruption . 

Politicians who rule the country cannot allow police and judiciary or CBI or CVC to punish themselves. This is why they recruit only those people in the system who blindly support the corrupt system. They promote only those who blindly say YES to all their  ill-motivated orders. They transfer as per their whims when one does not abide by verbal orders blindly. 

As long as such whimsical decisions are permitted in the name of merit and performance one cannot stop flattery culture . And as long as there is fear in the minds of subordinate  of rejection and torture from the top bosses  , reign of flattery will be  there and none can stop  bribery  in the system.

Red carpet welcome is extended ( mostly at the cost of public money) by flatterers to ministers , big bosses, high profile officers, powerful netas and VIPs only with an intention that they will get better return .

In case of need they establish Inquiry Commission or assign the task of inquiry to CBI or CVC or to judicial committee to investigate their crime but these  Commission or Committees are manned by only those corrupt persons who themselves are master in corruption and who have expertise to prepare the charge sheet in such a way that the corrupt politicians are either exonerated , or the final outcome is delayed indefinitely.

This indecisiveness or delay in justice the common feature of the system at least with high profile corrupt persons or groups.None of the scams exposed in the past reached to such a level when a powerful person is punished in India.

Great salute to persons like Arvind Kejriwal , Anna Hazare, Kiren Bedi, Ramdeo Baba who at least raised voice against the corrupt system. Success is in the hands of GOD.

Need to clean up the way elections and parties are funded


Economic times  

On top of its many onerous investigations, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been asked to probe a kickback scandal originating from Italy. Prosecutors in Italy have arrested Giuseppe Orsi, CEO of a company that makes AgustaWestland helicopters, accusing him of bribing a former Indian Air Force chief to facilitate a Rs 3,600-crore deal to supply these machines to India. Three of the 12 machines that were ordered are already in India and undergoing tests. The government has refused to cancel the order till the CBI's probe is complete. The ex-chief has said that he is innocent. Irrespective of the details of this case and what the CBI ultimately discovers, it is clear that whenever governments in the states and at the Centre buy things with taxpayer rupees, the transaction is riddled with graft and kickbacks. 

In the backdrop of the Commonwealth Games scam, the UPA government woke up to this immense source of corruption and drafted the Public Procurement Bill, 2012, to try and address the problem. Though riddled with discretion and loopholes — procurements that are 'strategic' or for 'national security' are exempt from its rules — the Bill is one way forward on the road to clear up corruption. Parliament should debate the Bill, clear up its ambiguities and adopt it as law. 

But laws alone will not minimise graft. What could get us there is a great clean up of the way elections and parties are funded in India. No party has a transparent way of collecting funds; everything is obtained by one or the other of three illegal ways: loot of the exchequer, sale of patronage or extortion, almost always in cash. Since almost all business has to deal with government at some level or the other, everyone pitches in. 

This creates incentives for even the most petty bureaucrat and beat policeman to also be on the take, corrupting the entire body politic. This has to change. Campaign finance has to come overground, with things like official campaign fundraisers, even online collection drives. US President Obama showed how to collect large sums for his first campaign from small donations. Why can't our parties do the same?

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