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Brand New Idea For Conducting Election--

I have pleasure in submitting below an absolutely new way of conducting election in India which may save time , money and corruption to a great extent and which is developed by Sri Amit Kumar Pandey . 

As of now , this idea may appear to be a dream but in near future this may be possible as also beneficial and fruitful. 

All banks are working day and night to achieve the target for Financial Inclusion. Each and every family must have an account with a bank , this is the ultimate goal of the government . When this task is accomplished, the conducting an  election through banks will prove to be easier cheaper and convenient for not only the voters but also for the government .And then ,it will appear as practically possible idea. 

As such experts of banking must ponder over this new idea and try to evolve a better software which may safely enable voting through banks and help in mitigating corruption from Indian system . 

I say corruption will be reduced only because political funding is the root of all corruption. When politicians stop corruption there is no doubt that they will try to stop corruption from all sphere of life .

Banking The Votes.

       Banking The Votes.
Amit kumar pandey (SBI-01650,KolKata)
Res: Pakri ,Ara Bihar
NOTE: This is a million dollar idea for Free, Fairer and Faster and yet the cheapest way to conduct elections.
India being the largest democracy seems to be the busiest as well. There are always elections taking place in various parts of the country for one reason or the other. And to conduct elections free, fair and events-free in India is a great success for election commission. India being a struggling economy and a country divided by various faith and regions, her elections costs her dearly-economically and otherwise. 

 In February 2009, Rs.1,120 Crores ($200.5 million) was budgeted for election expenses by the Indian Parliament for the last general election.  

Hence, we constantly need to find ways to make our elections cheaper and yet our democratic processes more robust and responding. EVMs were a step in this direction. They accelerated the process of polling and reduced cost by huge margin, but still our elections cost the exchequer dearly. 

I, therefore wish to put forward a new system of voting- EVTB (Electronic Voting through Banks)

EVTB or Electronic Voting Through Bank will be a system of casting votes using the electronic or the technological platform of banks like mobile banking, internet and ATMs. This mode of adult franchise will change the system of voting for one and all forever because of its embedded benefits. EVTB will have apparently three modes- mobile, internet and ATMs. Out of these mobile is going to be the most important because of its availability, ease and the secrecy it can impart.

Mobile Voting:-

Mobile voting or conducting elections through mobile phones seems to be lucrative but it seems unfeasible unless the platform of banking is attached to it. It becomes easy, feasible, fair and very promising. The two biggest network- telecommunication and banking together will hugely accelerate our process of elections and the whole process will shrink in a day. Yes! India can conduct her general elections in one day.

For the purpose of EVTB we need to identify one bank which will allow itself to bank the votes. We may call this bank Polling Bank.Polling Bank should be one bank which will be nationalized and should have pan India presence having huge public trust and participation. 

By all standard SBI is most suitable to don the role of Polling Bank in India.

How to do EVTB?

There may be two ways to it- 1. Credit voting Or 2. By means of trust crediting or debit voting. But for either of the two, a special type of account needs to be opened with the Polling Bank.
After filing the nomination paper for a constituency, the collector of the district will allow the candidate to open an account with the main/ identified branch of Polling Bank of that constituency. These accounts will be special accounts where in either debit or credit will be allowed. These accounts may be called VGLs (Voting General Ledger accounts) for collection of votes. VGL a/cs may be like 1950CCCPPPc
Where, C- represents Constituency and P = party or candidate c=check digit.
.  One VGL ac will be allotted to a party or independent candidates. National parties should be given a 3-digit party number along with their symbol. Top nine parties may be allotted any of these numbers (111,222,333,444,555,666,777,888,999) . For no option or for future use 000 could be saved.

 A token credit of Rs.1  through mobile banking/ internet banking/ATM  in one of the VGL accounts from SB a/c of voterhaving voter id attached to it will amount to casting vote and Voting will be registered against his/her voter id (credentials). Then an automatic reverse posting of Rs.1 from the corresponding VGL ac to the SB ac may be used to confirm the voting (optional)

  The number of credit/debit in a VGL ac allotted to a party will be the no of votes it garnered.
These transactions should be flagged “SECRET” and neither the bank officers nor the account holder will have right to enquire such transaction either through SB ac or VGL ac
On close of polling hour/period the VGLs accounts will get locked. i.e no further credit will be allowed. And on completion of election VGL Accounts will get deactivated. These VGL ac can be activated only by order of District Magistrate on direction of Election Commission.
By means of trust crediting or debit voting:-
It is similar to above. The difference is instead of asking to credit we will ask the voter to debit any of the chosen account belonging to his/her choiced party/candidate.

Benefits of EVTB
1.     Reduction of election related expenditure by huge margin.
2.     Well managed elections. Free, Faster, Fairer
3.     High voter turnout. It could result in 100 percent participation making the democracy strong and robust.
4.     Right to recall and No Choice option can be easily incorporated through this system.
5.     Elimination of violence and election related crime.
6.     Preferential system of voting could be introduced in future.

Note: this is original piece of writing,research and idea by the writer.
Amit kumar pandey (SBI-01650,KolKata, west bengal)
Res: Pakri ,Ara Bihar



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In beginning We can use both system of voting through banks and through EVM,till all voters have their accounts in banks or have their own mobile

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Jana Hitwadi said...

Your idea is ideal but not practical. The first loophole is politicians would collect all mobiles and vote for themselves. It is so easy to get the mobile for 1 time cost less than Rs. 500.00 Local body elections need votes around 1000 to get elected. Spending 500000 is nothing for a corporator. You may get some more ideas here: