Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Secular Politicians AND Muslim Welfare

All political parties and all those politicians who treat them as secular should come together and constitute a joint front to fight  out  the party which in their viewpoint is communal. But after such polarization and after they form the government and come to power , they should give guarantee that they will be able to keep Muslim voters happy.

JD U , Trinamool Congress, Samajwadi party, Bahujan Samaj party, Rashtryiya Lok dal and Congress Party have been winning election for last six decades in the name of Muslim welfare or Dalit welfare or for poverty alleviation. But unfortunately Muslim of this country in general are in the same pathetic condition, poor have become more poor , Dalit are going backward and backward...............

Muslim of this country want progress and prosperity and not a banner or a slogan to appease Muslim voters. Neither they want abusing words for so called Communal parties nor they may get essential goods for survival merely by arresting a  leader of so called communal party or keeping a leader from the post of PM . Similarly poor persons of this country or Dalit population of this country do not only want that Dalit person should be their leader but they want that whosoever in power should provide all essential goods for comfortable living . Dalit population want essential goods for survival and due respect in the society ,and not merely a few political rally to abuse non dalit leaders. 

As a matter of fact ,Politicians who claim to be secular are actually interested to acquire power by hook or by crook. Mr. JD U leaders or Mr. RJD leaders or Mr. SP leaders who fought their political game against Congress dirty rule do not hesitate in extending support to Congress party or accepting support from Congress Party to remain in power.This is the reason majority of  politicians who come to power become wealthy in a few months whereas poor of this country have grown more poor despite sixty years of promises made by clever politicians.

I hope people of India will try to understand the difference between vote planner of growth planner. Congress Party which has given the country a series of scams and scandals  and a bundle of corrupt ministers and MPs should not be relied blindly. Of course those MPs who have performed well in their constituencies must be voted once again in forthcoming election without keeping in view which party he or  she is associated with.

Congress Party has got vote during last six decades on the promise that they will remove poverty from the country .They could not do so and they decided to keep definition of poverty so much at low level that even a person earning Rs.20 per day is treated as above poverty line. Even a street beggar is no more poor in the eye of Congress Party because a beggar also is earning more than Rs.20 per day by way of alms received from donors.

Clever political leaders may again get success in next election by dividing the community on the ground of caste and community , but the standard of living of common men will furhter deteriorate and move from bad to worse if voters are not mature enough to discriminate between the fraudulent politicians  and actual performers.

Image of the country is fully tarnished and blackened in the mirror of international community and still clever politicians feel proud of India's economic condition or GDP growth.

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Davender Kumar said...

Question is why the voter select these so called secular parties. They know very well none is going to do anything on ground to improve their living standard. Here comes the issue of safety. The tone of few leaders from saffron brigade is so terrifying that people choose safety over welfare.