Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dirty Politics of Indian Politiicians

It is the dirtiest part of politics of Indian politicians that 65 elected representatives (Member of Parliament of various political parties) of India have made an appeal to US president Mr. Barak Obama not to issue VISA to Mr. Narendra Modi Chief Minister of Gujarat to visit USA.

It appears Mr. Obama is the headmaster of the Parliamentarians in particular and India as a whole. It also exhibits that several MPs in India speaks the language of other countries. It also says that USA has become undeclared DADA of the world and this is why even Anti-USA Muslims thought it better to approach US president to deny Visa to Modi so that they may unite Muslims against Modi and keep BJP away from power. It also proves that USis slowly, willingly or unwillingly becoming a battleground for Pro-BJP and Anti-BJP forces.

On the one hand, India says that any bilateral issue between Indian and Pakistan or with any other foreign countries cannot be allowed to be intervened by third country and on the other MPs make an appeal to US president Obama to punish Modi for his so called negligence in Gujarat, ie in India.

On the one hand leaders of several parties including Muslims Parliamentarians blame USA for Human Right violations and on the other same brand of MPs expect justice from Obama, the US president-----Shameful Indeed

It is further astonishing that some of signatories now deny that they are one of signatories in petition and their signature is forged. Why do they not file a case of forgery against those who forged the signature? Are they playing dual game? There is a proverb saying ‘Chit bhi meri pat bhi meri’

Indian MPs take an oath before they are admitted as MP in parliament that they will serve the nation with all devotion and abide by all national laws and principles honestly and sincerely. Which law in the country’s law book permits them to seek justice from Obama for so called wrong act of Modi.

It is important to mention here that it is Indian embassy which recommends for issue of VISA to any Indian citizen and there after the role of US embassy comes into play. If Indian government is not ready to recommend issue of VISA, how a foreign country can unilaterally at its own issue VISA to any Indian citizen?

It is further interesting to note that US government has made it clear that they cannot react to Indian media reports, they may take a call only when Mr. Modi apply for a US visa. But India 65 MPs are bent upon motivating Obama to answer an imaginary question right now.

If MPs of India are true nationalist, they should request Indian government not to issue VISA to US citizen until they stop discriminating Indians on flimsy ground as regards issue of VISA. Had it been a case of Pakistani citizen (like Modi) , Pakistan government could have warned US government with retaliation. It is seen in the past when Indian government punished a Pakistani officer posted in Embassy in India, the Pakistan government rightly or wrongly two Indian officers posted at Indian embassy in Pakistan. US government invaded Iraq when their citizens were treated with injustice.

Will our 65 MPs and their hidden supporters take lessons from Pakistan or US government so far as question of love and devotion for the nation is concerned?

Most of NON -BJP parties are ready to do anything to attract Muslim votes in their fold. They pretend to be secular but in fact they are beggar for Muslim votes . They know that traditional voters of the party belonging  to other community will continue to vote them but it is only Muslim votes which goes in one bloc to one  party and that too a non BJP party.These leaders who may go to any extent to grab Muslim votes are not real well wisher of the country , neither Muslim voters.

Neither Hindu nor Muslims are communal . In general they are secular in true spirit. It is only power greedy politicians who are inclined to remain in power by hook or by crook. This is why 65 MPs of so called secular parties did not hesitate in telling US president to stop Mr. Modi going to USA.I Do not know Whether they are secular for the welfare of the country or to use USA to defeat their politicial rival BJP and its leader MODI

Mr. Narendra Modi goes to US or not, it is not going to harm Mr. Modi or India even if he is denied VISA by US government .It is the image of the country which has been blackened and made ridiculous in the eye of a foreign country.It is not the right of US or any other country to punish Mr. Modi or Mr. Manmohan Singh for any act of their in India.It is Indian People who can punish Indian leader and none else.

Indians may not feel shame on such ugly incident ,but People of USA and other countries will laugh at Indian leaders who are shamelessly exposing their ugly character before a foreign country . US people are ready to do any thing for saving the life of US  citizen and for the respect and dignity of the country. It is only dirty politicians of India who can move against their Indian fellow politician of other party and thus tarnish the image of the country . 

This is will be black day in the history of India politics when 65 Parliamentarians request a foreign government , an enemy country to stop a Indian going to USA.

There may be so many such instances available  in the past when leaders of foreign countries indulged in so many killings willfully to suppress the movement of opponents. Will our 65  MPs request US or any other foreign government not to issue VISA  to any XYZ.?

Last but not the least

65 MPs Request Obama USA president to help them in defeating Modi, A day will come when some other MPs will request USA to remove Manmohan Singh and Congress Party from power for their role in Sikh Riot

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