Saturday, July 27, 2013

Name Who Would Have Been Best PM of India

 Mr. L K Advani would have been the best Prime Minister of India who possesses all skills to keep people of all groups together, he understands the values envisaged in Constitution, he has seen the freedom struggle, he knows the value of common men and he realizes the pain of poor Indians , he speaks after after understanding well the point of debate and he does not involve himself in unnecessary debates and discussions. He by his knowledge, wisdom and experience could catapult BJP from 2 seats to 186 seats in Parliament. 

It was only due to dirty and ill-motivated campaign by pseudo secular forces and Muslim Vote beggar political parties that Advani could not fare well in 2004 election and it was RSS and VHP leaders whose personal ego stopped him becoming Prime Minister of India.When I say Advani would have been a better candidate I do not mean to say that Mr. Modi in any respect weak other than length of experience and power of maturity. Sonia Gandhi would also have remained a better candidate for the post of PM , at least better than present MMS . Mr. Chidambram could have been a good candidate , Mr. Nitish could have been a good candidate .......Mr. Arvind Kejriwal could have been the best but he does not possess necessary support behind him.At leas the has devotion , honesty and sincerity in his approach towards Indians as a whole.

How you find my assessment

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