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Please Do Not Compromise With National Security

Congress Party led government as also other so called secular political parties are  engaged in dirty politics over Ishrat Jehan encounter case just to gain Muslim sympathy and enrich their Muslim vote bank. They without any hesitation and  without any shame sacrifice national interest and national security . They have lost their conscience ( paisa aur pad ke liye netaon ki atma mar chuki hai ).They want power by hook or by crook.This is why they did not think it necessary to take adequate security steps even after warning signals given by IB in case of terror attack in Bodh Gaya. 

In all the cases of terror attack which took place in the past , it came to light after attack that IB had given warning before but none was serious enough to take preventive steps.Congress Party  which used to use CBI for political gain is now  using even IB inputs for playing dirty vote politics. 

And it is surprising that even leader like Nitish Kumar CM of Bihar failed to catch terrorist before they executed their terror plan in Bodh Gaya. 

Media people  do not hesitate in telecasting all inputs given by IB or CBI even though such broadcasting of such sensitive information are not in national interest.

Ruling parties first allow terror attack to happen and then talk about greatness of India and pose as if they are taking action . In none of the past terror attacks , I say  almost in none of them , government could catch the real culprit, not to speak of catching the culprit before the attack. Multiple bomb blasts at Bodh Gaya has fully exposed the hollowness of security system in India and for such lapses , central government should be blamed.

When Mr. Narendra Modi took stern  action before the actual terror attack could get success and when Isharat Jehan was killed in encounter , the secular forces are trying to trap Mr. Modi accusing him of carrying our Fake Encounter .

 It means those who take action to stop terror attack are accused of Fake encounter and termed as communal and on the contrary those who do not take action at all are called Secular and if they take action against Mr. Sadhwi , these so called secular forces are called as nationalist.

This is the tragedy of Indian politics and this is why India's security is at stake and naxal forces and foreign based  terrorist are doing what they like .

Intelligence suffering, Manmohan Singh should stop fight immediately-----  ET

By VG Vaidya

Engrossed in the coverage of pre-election mudslinging between political parties, the people at large and the media seem to have overlooked the compromise of the national security arising out of the ongoing spat between the CBI and the IB over the Ishrat Jehan encounter case.

It will be appreciated that since independence our country has been facing a variety of challenges of insurgencies and terrorism. We are living amidst an extremely difficult security environment of which our hostile or unstable neighbourhood is an integral part or source. (Note the serial blasts in the Budhist piligrimage / tourist centre of Bodh Gaya on 7th July, 2013). We have been successful so far in containing them adopting the path of dialogue and combat as demanded by the situations. It also needs to be recognised that the Intelligence Bureau has played a stellar role in all these processes. It has operated unobtrusively through its band of dedicated and skilled operatives and agents. Needless to say they constitute the backbone of IB's functioning. This is exactly why the IB is extremely cautious to preserve their morale and commitment.

As it is, intelligence work is a thankless job. And, if IB officers are hounded out under such wide public gaze its rank and file will soon lose their motivation, dedication, enthusiasm and expertise for delicate and challenging intelligence operations. Then who suffers? The country obviously. We can not afford this, living in a critical environment. It is necessary for the Prime Minister to step in and firmly curb this trend. Will he, in national interest?

It is nobody's case that the IB should be above the law. None should be. But simultaniously IB operatives also deserve to function with a sense of security while they are performing a national duty. Surely the demand for an oversight mechanism will now grow against the background of this case. So be it. Let the government set up a five member committee comprising the PM, HM, the leader of opposition, the national security Advisor and a retired Director of IB (Or RAW) whom all the security outfits in the country can look up to for guidance in delicate security operations. IB is not scared of oversight. It only wants and needs to be insulated from self-styled-intellectuals and politicians.

Acting on the intelligence provided by the IB, about LET operatives planning to kill Narendra Modi, the Gujarat Police is accused of killing Ishrat Jehan and her associates in a fake encounter in June 2004. Her aggrieved mother went to court seeking redress. After a tedious journey, the matter landed up on the lap of the CBI which investigated it under the scrutiny of the Gujarat High Court. And this is exactly where the tragedy started unfolding. Alleging that a very senior officer of the IB ( Rajendra Kumar, Spl Director), generated 'false intelligence inputs' about the LET operatives and further taking excessive interest in planning and execution of a 'fake encounter' to kill them, the CBI proceeded to interrogate him and even facilitated press publicity pitting the two vital security outfits against each other. Let usdwell further on the IB's role. It is a purely enquiry outfit. It does not have police powers. It works through its informers, agents and other technical tools to collect information having bearing on national security. There is no place for fabrication in it. Once the clues are processed and found credible, the IB provides them to the concerned agencies for further follow up actions. In these follow ups, it is natural and even necessary for the IB to liaise with that agency.

IB's Joint directors in charge of its field units in the states do not work under the concerned Chief Ministers though they maintain contacts with him and the state police which is a professional necessity. Political loyalties of the CM are irrelevant. The Joint Director (of subsidiary intelligence bureau in the states) functions under exclusive control and guidance of the IB headquarters. Director IB is neither bound nor required to reveal the sources of his information. Nobody can ask for it.

The writer is Former Director, Intelligence Bureau.


Naxalism has been spreading in every nook and corner of the country and has become more dangerous than foreign-based terrorism. Challenge to law and order by Maoists and Naxalite groups have been growing dangerous day by day. Frequent attacks on police forces has been leading slowly to demoralization of police forces and killing their enthusiasm to battle with naxals or terrorist because of political indifferent, casual and non-supportive attitude. Rich businessmen and middle class or high-class service men including policemen are being subjected to extortion of money. Common men and especially daily earners have to bear the pain of Naxal bund, Naxal attacks and Naxals strikes time and again. Naxalism has grown manifolds during last ten years but unfortunately government has not yet understood the gravity of the matter. Still many stalwarts, many media people and many politicians talk of dialogue with Maoists and naxals.

Debate after debates takes place on TV channels but no concrete policy whatsoever it may be has been framed either by state government or central government or both together. Unfortunately politicians are still not united on such a serious issue. There are many sympathizers of Maoists both in and outside the government. State government and Central government are not having a well-decided strategy to handle the threat of naxals and Maoist. Social reformers are divided whether there should be action against naxals or not.

There is no doubt that in a big country like India or any where in the world, difference of opinion on any issue of national concern or mass concern is possible. Even if there is aggression from abroad there will be different strategies suggested by different experts. There are many such persons whose work is to criticize all actions of the government. If no action is taken people will blame and if action is taken they will judge the merits and demerits from various angles. If police force kills naxals or terrorists, politicians will blame of fake encounter to dilute the fighting intensity of police force and also to earn political advantage and gain sympathy from innocent and illiterate voters.

If during encounters or fight against naxals or terrorists, any common man is killed, activists of human right organizations will come forward to criticize action of police force. Unfortunately when naxals or terrorists cause death of common men, none from human right organization will come forward. However such cases of support or protest over any important issue are unavoidable in a democratic setup where every citizen or a group has huge fundamental rights to enjoy without any sense of inherent duties towards the society.

As such government cannot blame anyone for growing naxals and increasing threat from naxal activists. During eighties Sikh militants known as Khalistan activists had created big law and order problem in the state of Punjab. Late Indira Gandhi the then Prime Minister of India did not hesitate to take army led action against Sikh militants to ensure peace in Punjab state and to stop spread of Khalistan movement which was clearly a threat to unity of the country. Armed forces were allowed to enter into even the most pious and religious place like Golden Temple in Amritser. It was her sincere and devoted action against Punjab extremists that during last 25 years India has not faced any trouble from Sikh militants.

Indians should salute leader like Indira Gandhi who did not waste time in debate on whether action is needed or not, whether it is duty of state government of central government, whether opposition party is responsible or whether there is fake encounter or whether there is possibility of people‘s revolt or whether it will harm relations with Sikh people or congress party will loose Sikh votes in general election. She did the best as per her best knowledge and as per the opinion of important political leaders of her party and that of other opposition parties. She assessed and ascertained the opinion of people at large and decided for action and strategy to fight out Sikh militancy from the root without any fear of repercussion and she got the grand success in her task. Some insane person or group killed her just as Mahatma Gandhi was killed even though he fought for freedom and won freedom from British rulers.

It hardly matters for leaders of national stature whether he is alive or is killed by his opponents if the action taken by him is in national interest. People of India are still indebted to Late Indira Gandhi for many good works she did during her tenure as Prime Minister of India. She may be criticized on many other issues but her quality to take effective and fruitful action and to take decisions at appropriate time cannot be criticized by any unbiased person.

It is pity that current ruling government at center led by Congress Party is making one after other lame excuses for its complete failure in tackling the problem of naxalism. Prime Minister like Manmohan Singh has not yet decided the concrete and time bound action plan in consultation with state government to fight and finish naxalites and Maoists from the root. There may be many reasons and much emotional logics in the minds of sympathizers of Maoists. But from any angle of consideration, act of breaching laws of the land or criminals (of any type, Maoist or naxalites or general) taking laws in their hands cannot be justified. Action and action with punishment have to be taken against all who are perpetuators of criminal activities and also against who are advocates and sympathizers of criminals.

It is also true that it is the duty of sensible government to understand and realize the problems of common men, loopholes of laws and condemnable actions of beaurocracy. Government should on day to day basis monitor the actions of responsible authorities and punish bad officers and bad police personnel whose torturous actions continuously cause trouble to common men. 

It is the duty of the government to remove all those reasons, which may force poor and innocent person to become criminal or to plead for criminals or to seek support from criminals to survive in society or form a gang of criminals to get rid of atrocities from local police forces. It is very much disheartening to know that thousands and lacs of innocent persons are held in jail for years together only due to the fact that courts are unable to deliver justice in decades and decades. One can imagine the pain of a family whose member is put in jail for none of his or her fault and his voice in defense is not heard for decades. Pain of such victims of the system is aggravated when he or she becomes helpless due to inefficient and dishonest judicial system. It should not be surprising when hundreds of such victims of the system unite together to take barbaric revenge from the system even breaching the laws of the land.

It is common experience of common men that government of India understands the language of violence and violence only. Normal strike or normal protest is taken lightly by ruling elite. This is the painful story of Indian politics. As long as working class or business class does not adopt violent agitation against the government, representatives of the government notice none of their demands. 

In conclusion government has to fight not only  with Maoists and terrorists but also boldly eliminate extremists, inefficient, inert and corrupt persons sitting in police departments, offices and departments run by government and courts in particular and in politics in general whose actions annoy common men for no reason and whose inaction promotes naxalism and terrorism.

 Extremism of any kind is to be condemned. Which type of extremism, government led or Maoist led came first is not to be debated. Main focus should be on the person who commit crime and to ensure quickest punishment to such criminals without any discrimination based on caste, community, religion, region or the party ruling and not- ruling.

Danendra Jain

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