Thursday, August 15, 2013

Speech OF Mr. Modi AND Mr. Manmohan Singh On Independence Day

Some of media men and some of political leaders of Anti BJP parties are criticizing Mr. Modi for delivering a speech on Independence day targeting Indian PM Mr. Manmohan Singh. They plead that this will tarnish the image of the country. They plead that 364 days are there for criticizing the government and PM.They mean to say that PM and his government can commit blunders, can act like the greatest fool ,like joker , like anti-national and like comedian of the country but on Independence day Leaders should act as if they are the greatest saint and patriot.What is the fun in portraying such a false picture of India on a specific day knowing very well that entire world knows better about India, at least better than what Indians themselves know about India.

India's image in tarnished by so called leaders of various political parties in Parliament and in state Assemblies throughout the year but they aspire to look like pious men on Independence day.

Flattery to PM and to High Command and giving brainless logic on all statements by a section of media and by a few political leaders in favour of Congress Party and in favour of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi has become the fashion and it is they who are rather tarnishing the image of the country throughout the year. Some of leaders of Congress party are always busy in searching holes in the shirt of Mr. Modi. 

I am unable to understand why some leaders of ruling party and some of media men  feel pleasure in only condemning Mr. Modi and depicting wrong picture of Modi .

Do they think that Indian people are all fool to be misguided by the heinous character assassination programme of the Congress Party or that of other anti-BJP forces or by some sections of media?

Mr. Modi should be appreciated that he has made an effort to tell the pepole the ground reality of the people of India, anti-national and anti people policies and actions of leaders of Congress Party. It is again the people of India who will judge the real performance , not the media who pretend to appear as if only they speak the truth and others only say false things.

It is the love of Indians that 5 crore sixty lac viewers heard the speech of Mr. Modi today as against only 70 lacs viewers who heard Indian PM Mr. Manmohan Singh.

People of India have enough capacity ,experience and wisdom to distinguish the merit and demerit of speeches of two leaders, they have the adequate idea and skill  of making judgement on what is right and what is wrong and  they know the art of assessing who is true and who is false.Media men or ruling party leaders do not need to teach people of India who taught the lesson to Mrs Indira Gandhi and who taught lessons to Many other cheaters.

People are fully bored to hear a person who has damaged economics of the country, who has disturbed social harmony,who has failed to stop corruption and price rise , who has failed to provide security on Indian border and who has made the country weakest on International forum. India will remember him as the most failed and destructive PM. On the other Mr. Modi is undoubtedly a person who appears to throw him out and give relief to Indians and who can give an opportunity to Indian voters to get rid of him.This is why people in large number heard Mr. Modi.

Mr.Modi will be the future PM , come what may and let the media make all hue and cry against him and let flatterer leaders of some parties make noise against his rising popularity.

On the other hand leaders of Congress Party treat Independence day as a temple and desire to wash away the effects of sins committed by them during the year by organizing Grand Puja or Yagna on Independence day.

It is just like a person who is the greatest sinner use to visit temple and spend hours in worshiping God so that people around him may not doubt his credentials.Leader of Congress party and some anti-BJP parties  believe in theory of stealing and then preaching stealing is sin as if a thief is loudly crying to catch the thief.

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