Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Criminals Are More Effective AND Assertive In Parliament

At last Congress Party led UPA government succeeded in motivating its opponents and hence the cabinet decided to promulgate an ordinance to thwart the order of Supreme Court restricting the entry of criminal and convicted persons in Parliament. It is the history of Congress Party. Late Indira Gandhi, ex PM during her rule had changed the basis structure of Constitution only to keep her ego and to keep her party in power. Late Rajiv Gandhi, Ex PM amended Constitution in Shah Bano case to please Muslim community going against Supreme Court order. They are ready to amend Constitution to go above ceiling fixed by court in quota and to promote SC ST staff against court order. And so on... 

 It is good that BJP has least opposed the move to nullify court order . Statement issued by main opposition party BJP is given below.

However the ordinance is still in embryo stage and it is hoped that prudent politicians of ruling as well as opposition parties will take a stand against the said ordinance.

However almost entire country will condemn such politicians who have broken all records of immorality and have decided to move against court order. The ugly approval by cabinet going against court order shows emptiness and hollowness of all claims made by political leaders when they proudly say that they respect judiciary. Rather selfish and corrupt political leaders of this country have made mockery of court and made it ridiculous, inactive, inefficient and biased.

Promulgation of ordinance against the spirit of court order will be reckoned as the dirtiest and black page in the history of democracy and Parliamentary democracy. The day said ordinance will be promulgated should be observed as Black Day throughout the country .This time volunteers and social workers should come forward that they can challenge the ill-motivated action of their elected representatives. Enough is enough. Politicians have crossed the limit of tolerance.

It proves that Netas respect judiciary only upto the day and moment they are safe. As soon as their crime is proved or placed in court, they start blaming court or trying to postpone the decision indefinitely. Persons like Lalu have not been punished, not even charges are framed even after lapse of almost two decades. Rajiv Gandhi accused of Bofors scam was acquitted after 25 years by court and CBI could not prove it under pressure of Netas. Cases against killers of Lalit Narayan Mishra have been languishing in court for last 35 years.

If a simple clerk or a peon or an officer is convicted, he is immediately suspended: Or removed from service. In the recent past UP government suspended Durga Nagpal for none of her fault. It is ironical that a government servant is suspended merely on the basis of allegation and accusation but politicians are not suspended even after convictions by the court. IAS And IPS officers are transferred like Foot ball from one corner to other when they do not act as per whims of the Politicians ruling this country. Leaders of Congress Party are habituated to use democracy for self interest and they are dictator in disguise of democracy . Indians have seen the torture of days of emergency during Indira's regime.

In my view, this is why entire administrative machinery has become inactive and ineffective. It is almost in paralyzed condition and India is rightly accused of suffering from policy paralysis and governance deficit. It is therefore not surprising that India is facing continuous erosion in its image and value in world forum.

Only God can save this country from monsters who are ruling the country. It is fortunate that during last few years Supreme Court has tried its best to put the house in order and to punish the Netas who are killers of democracy. Still it is not possible for court to stop the dictatorial actions of the politicians. Even now the court is accused of judicial activism by gang of corrupt politicians.

Cabinet clears ordinance to shield convicted lawmakers-----------------------Times of India

BJP asks Pranab Mukherjee not to sign the ordinance on convicted MPs, MLAs-Economic Times of India 25.09.2013

NEW DELHI: BJP tonight asked President Pranab Mukherjee not to sign the "unconstitutional" ordinance aimed at protecting convicted MPs and MLAs from facing immediate disqualification. 

Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj tweeted that her party was opposed to the ordinance approved by the union cabinet and "we request the President not to sign this ordinance". 

"President is not obliged to sign an ordinance that is unconstitutional", she said in her post on the social network site. 

Earlier, BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman hit out at the ordinance wondering if it was brought to protect some leaders close to the ruling party. 

"Why has the government brought this ordinance? Why is it in a hurry to bring this through an Executive Order and in such a hurry? There is some other motive behind bringing this ordinance," she said. 

The union cabinet approved the ordinance which will negate an order of the Supreme Court that disqualified convicted MPs and MLAs immediately even if their appeal is pending in a higher court. 

The main Opposition said the government had shown similar haste on the issue of FDI in multi-brand retail and Food Security. In the latter case too, the UPA government had come out with an ordinance just days before the monsoon session of Parliament. 

"Congress has shown extraordinary interest in bringing this executive order today. The same government, which has shown a policy paralysis, is doing this," Sitharaman said. 

The party said on the issue of FDI in multi-brand retail too the government had come out with an executive order though the "mood of the nation" and the view of the Parliamentary Standing Committee were against it. 

"Let the government explain first why it is bringing the ordinance and then it will react to its provisions," the party said. 

BJP leaders maintained that government has resorted to the ordinance route as RJD leader Lalu Prasad, who is an UPA ally, will be affected as the verdict on the fodder scam is likely to come on September 30. 

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Rasheed Masood was found guilty by the Supreme Court of fraudulently nominating undeserving candidates to MBBS seats when he was Minister of Health in the V P Singh government. 

BJP had stalled the introduction of a Bill on this issue in the last monsoon session of Parliament.


Danendra Jain said...

Dramatic change in the approach of Congress Party on the issue of promulgation of Ordinance against the order of Supreme Court restraining criminal entering into Parliament.The cabinet passed the draft of ordinance after full deliberation and debate in cabinet and sent it to President of India.

BJP AND AAP protested and submitted a Memo to President of India requesting not to promulgate the same .Some other political parties also came forward protesting it.

As a result President of India referred the matter to Attorney General for legal scrutiny of the ordinance. When Congress Party came to know about this event they changed their approach suddenly and the change in hearts was conveyed to the country through the mouth of Vice President of Congress Party Pappu ( I say pappu because cabinet had decided in favour of ordinance only after concurrence of Rahul and Sonia ) Rahul Gandhi.

Just now Rahul has said that Ordinance should be cancelled , torn out and thrown out.

Danendra Jain said...

Rahul Gandhi as a matter of fact is nothing in Government . And the ordinance passed by cabinet represents the view of the government . As such Rahul's stand against the spirit of the ordinance should have no bearing on ordinance. But it is not going to happen. Stand of Rahul who is remote control on the government will prevail upon the ruling Congress party and hence UPA government will have to withdraw the ordinance.It is humiliation of ministers and the government as a whole who passed it through cabinet.

Congress Party played a well archestrated drama on the issue of ordinance . By passing it it pleased the criminal and convicted MPs and by withdrawing the same it is trying to win the heart of the voters.There is well known provern 'Chit Bhi Meri Pat Bhi Meri'