Friday, September 27, 2013

Rahul Gandhi Openly Humiliates Constitutionally Elected Government---Disrespect To Constitution

27.09.2013:----Dramatic change in the approach of Congress Party has taken place on the issue of promulgation of Ordinance against the order of Supreme Court restraining criminal entering into Parliament. The cabinet passed the draft of ordinance after full deliberation and debate in cabinet and sent it to President of India.

BJP AND AAP protested and submitted a Memo to President of India requesting not to promulgate the same .Some other political parties also came forward protesting it.

As a result President of India referred the matter to Attorney General for legal scrutiny of the ordinance. When Congress Party came to know about this event they changed their approach suddenly and the change in hearts was conveyed to the country through the mouth of Vice President of Congress Party Pappu Rahul Gandhi.  ( I say Pappu because cabinet had decided in favour of ordinance only after concurrence of Rahul and Sonia ) 

Just now Rahul has said that Ordinance should be cancelled, torn out and thrown out.It is direct humiliation to Constitutionally elected Government.
Any issue decided by cabinet gives the opinion of the government and if an outsider ask for throwing such ordinance , he simply denigrates the image of the government . As such either Rahul deserves punishment or the gang of flatterers who decides to change their views only because Rahul has advised to throw such ordinance should submit resignation immediately.

Rahul Gandhi as a matter of fact is nothing in Government. And the ordinance passed by cabinet represents the view of the government . As such Rahul's stand against the spirit of the ordinance should have no bearing on ordinance. But it is not going to happen. Stand of Rahul who is remote control on the government will prevail upon the ruling Congress party and hence UPA government will have to withdraw the ordinance. It is humiliation of ministers and the government as a whole who passed it through cabinet.

Congress Party played a well orchestrated drama on the issue of ordinance. By passing it it pleased the criminal and convicted MPs and by withdrawing the same it is trying to win the heart of the voters. There is well known proverb in Hindi  'Chit Bhi Meri Pat Bhi Meri'

Lastly imagine what would have happened if any leader of other opposing parties  could have uttered what Rahul Gandhi today loudly shouted against Ordinance and advised to throw the same. leaders of Congress Party could have tagged such leader as Anti national and anti constitution.

Media men and leaders of Congress Party who were till midday today were singing the songs in favour of ordinance will not sing opposite tune to please Rahul Gandhi and his team. This is India and this is culture of Congress Party.

Ordinance on convicted lawmakers: Five questions Rahul Gandhi should answer-ZEE TV--29th September 2013

Zee Media Bureau/Manisha Singh 

New Delhi: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi left his party in a tizzy and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh red faced when he called the ordinance on convicted lawmakers cleared by the Union Cabinet as 'nonsense' and something that should be torn and thrown away. 

However, questions are being raised as to what prompted Rahul to say that what his government had done was wrong and whether the move by the Congress vice president was a well-planned political move to gain brownie points and showcase himself as different. 
Here are five questions that Rahul needs to answer in order to clarify his stand – 

1. What took him so long to react on the controversial ordinance and why the belated intervention? Was he not aware of the Cabinet decision earlier and if he was why did not try to scuttle it quietly? 

2. Did Rahul not know that the Congress core group headed by Sonia Gandhi had decided to go for the ordinance after Lalu had met her? 

3. Why did he not take the PM into confidence rather than air his views publicly via the media? And why did he not call his own press conference rather than hijack Ajay Maken’s interaction with journalists? 

4. Was what Rahul did was impromptu or a well-rehearsed move made for political gains after criticism began mounting against the ordinance? 

5. Was Manmohan Singh made the fall guy in order to make Rahul a hero? 

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