Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Avoid Mutual Mudslinging, Focus On National Issues

I am very much perturbed to observe rise in personal attack in election speeches made by Mr. Narendra modi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi and then media debate on TV on such personal mimicries complimented, supplemented or contradicted by low or medium level leaders of various parties. Nation wants focus on problems of common men and not on mutual blame game or mutual mudslinging by political leaders.

Mr. Modi became popular by dint of his good quality of speech and by splendid growth he achieved in the state of Gujarat during his tenure as Chief Minister. But I am very much sad that he has now started focusing on Rahul Gandhi’s speech or that on unwarranted remarks made by his opponent’s .Exchange of words between leaders or war of words among leaders of various parties has changed the agenda of public speech and media debate which is a matter of concern for all true Indian voters.

Instead of focusing on price rise, corruption, policy paralysis, administrative deficit, bad economics, and bad foreign relation and instead of focusing on our future plan of action, leaders should avoid making personal attacks or making sarcastic comments against his opponent. Media are fueling to fire and they are greatest damager. NDTV is pioneer to campaign; I say dirty campaign against BJP.

Mr. Modi should give 95% time in his speech on growth agenda and only a few minutes on mistakes of other parties. We expect much from Modi and less from Rahul who is immature and imperfect in politics. Nation has great expectation from Mr. Modi and from BJP and not that much from Rahul or Congress Party .

Modi has to become more clever and to the point while delivering the speech so that media stops wasting time on debate on non-issues which gives benefits to Congress Party on many occasions. Congress Party wants that middle class people discuss non-issues and stop discussing on price rise and corruption. Mr. Modi should not become victim of Congress Party’s Chakravyahu to trap  Abhimanyu.

Arvind Kejriwal and his party may be new and inexperienced , but is maintaining decency to a great extent in comparison to age old BJP and Congress Party.

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