Thursday, November 14, 2013

Avoid War Of Words, Avoid Mutual Blame Game,Avoid Personal Attack

I am very much unhappy that respected Mr. Narendra Modi spoils major part of his speech in retorting to personal remarks made by various leaders of Non BJP group.I am very much unhappy with leaders of Congress Party and SP or BSP who are making mean minded comments against leaders of other political parties.Due to their tug of personal war , they are diverting the mind of common men from price rise and corruption , safety and security and finally from policy paralysis and defunct executive.

Common men are not interested in war of words but interested in solving problems of common men. Focus should be on how to contain price rise, how to reduce corruption, how to make India safer and secure, how to make India self dependent, how to get rid of dependence of FDI and FII, Common men want generation of more and more employment opportunities etc. 

I hope Mr. Modi will give more focus on growth achieved by BJP ruled states and how NON BJP ruled stated failed to please common men.  Mr. Modi will continue to become more and more popular and will surely get the opportunity to become PM of this country. I also make an appeal to leaders of Congress Party to avoid making personal attack on their opponents and refrain from victimizing leaders of opposition parties.

In 2019 election Mr. Arvind Kejriwal will be real challenger to BJP .But this year even in Delhi, Mr. Kejriwal will pose a real threat to victory of BJP. Due to triangular fight, results will be historic and all unexpected may happen. As such Mr. Modi should focus in Delhi too, at least more than Chhatishgarh and MP where Mr. Shivraj and Mr. Raman are adequate to give fight to Congress Party.Arvind Kejriwal will reach to top level sooner or later if big parties like BJP and Congress Party do not change their attitude towards common men.

I am very much confident that not only Mr. Narendra Modi but all political leaders will refrain from war of words, from mutual blame game and avoid personal attack in the larger interest of the image of the country and interest of the common men. 

I request media men to avoid playing foul game in the hands of few politicians , avoid creating differences between various leaders of political parties and completely avoid making any survey based on caste and community and then make debate of TV to misguide people of India. Media men should stop dividing people of India on caste or communal lines by conducting debate on TV and focusing on a particular segment and try to belittle other. Politicians should avoid talking on nonsensical matters and avoid indulging in exchange f abusive words or making sarcastic remarks.

India is one and all Indians should be treated on the same footing and with same love and affection. 

I once again request Mr. Narendra Modi to refrain from directly hitting on Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi or any person or making any sarcastically comment. 

Yes I agree that leaders of Congress Party and other regional parties are using abusive language against Modi and provoking Mr. Modi to retort. But the image of Mr. Modi is now at its peak and exchange of abusive words not only diverts the focus from price rise and corruption but also cause erosion in the popularity of Mr. Modi and that of BJP. 

There is no doubt that BJP will the election but any deviation of focus from common men problems may weaken the winnability of BJP. I remember How Mr. Advani in the year 2004 focussed on weakness of Manmohan Singh and how BJP marginally lost the election. 

Another factor which caused loss in the year 2004 and which may cause loss in 2014 too is the indecent and unwarranted stress by leaders of VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders on Temple issues. 

I request leaders of BJP to refrain from temple issues and fully focus on price rise and corruption due to which common men are suffering and are in anger against Congress Party.

Cong in fear of losing power, talking nonsense: Modi-Business Standard

The BJP's prime ministerial candidate launched an attack on Cong chief Sonia Gandhi at a public gathering
Narendra Modi today slammed the Congress for opposing opinion polls, saying fear of losing elections was the reason behind its "nonsensical" demand and "desperate" tactics.

Addressing a public meeting here ahead of second phase of Assembly election on November 19, the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate launched a shrill attack against Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi on their claim that the Centre was giving funds to the state but it was not able to use them properly. He asked if these funds to Chhattisgarh are coming from Rahul's "maternal uncle"- a dig at Sonia's Italian origin.

"There are going to lose power in 2014.... BJP and NDA are going to form the government in Delhi. Hence they are trying to ban all opinion polls.... These scared, frightened people are in fear of losing power. They are talking non-sense and resorting to desperate tactics," Modi said.

Targeting Sonia Gandhi, Modi said before levelling charges that the state is still poor and suffering from malgovernance under BJP rule, she should do "some homework and then come here".

"All Congress leaders- Prime Minister, Finance Minister have praised the Chhattisgarh government. Your government has given several awards and felicitated Chhattisgarh so many times. The state has progressed under Raman Singh," Modi said in first of his five rallies.

The BJP leader said Congress should first implement the election promises it is making here like free rice and 24-hour electricity in states where it is in power.

He also sought to know why Congress is scared of disclosing the name of its Chief Ministerial candidate. "If a sting is conducted of Congress leaders, they take the name of Ajit Jogi as their CM candidate. Why is it that you fear losing polls if his name is declared. What are the sins that are preventing you from declaring his name?" he said.

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