Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CBI Director Speaks On Speculation

In my opinion CBI director has rightly told that if speculation cannot be stopped, it should be made legal. He used the work rape just to symbolize how evil work is growing unabated in the country. Indirectly he has suggested making the law enforcing agencies more effective and assertive so that laws are not violated at any stage. Media and politicians are trying to misinterpret his words which he used in the context of rising speculation in sports.

Similarly Human right leaders are trying to trap CBI director on wrong footing just to please minister. Day before yesterday he suggested some change in plan execution to stop corruption but media men and politicians who are facing corruption charges tried to blame CBI director for policy paralysis .

I therefore make an appeal to all to refrain from main issue of corruption and refrain from criticizing CBI director only because he is pointing out the bitter truth of the system which hurts the ruling government. Statement of the CBI director should be taken in the context in which he told and debated in true and right spirit.

CBI Director Speaks The Truth

CBI director has explained how corruption plays the pivotal role in India in most of the plans when they are executed . I think None of politician or social reformers or  CBI directors or top officials in administrative system has ever shown the courage to tell the nation what is bitter truth of Indian political and administrative system what are root causes behind rise in corruption.

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Food Bill, NREGA prone to corruption: CBI director Ranjit Sinha-             Economic Times-11.11.2013

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