Saturday, December 28, 2013

Congratulation to Lord Kejriwal And His Party

Now Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has become Chief Minister of Delhi and his party Aam Admi Party (AAP) is in power. Within short span of time he will prove that he has the capacity, caliber, wisdom, potential and all necessary inputs to transform India’s image from corrupt country to a country where honesty will have greater place in power and in society. 

Those who are underestimating him are mistaken and will repent in near future. Politicians who challenged him last year when Anna movement was at its peak have been taught a good lesson by Lord Arvind and His Team.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal may become Hero of the country, most popular and most discussed  person of the country, figure of the world to be reckoned with --------Just by his presence in political domain, all others will move from bad to good--------------corrupt people in power will modify them as long as AAP is in power----------a praiseworthy and most desirable transformation in the mindset of not only media men but also that of politicians of other parties who used to underestimate the greatness of Kejriwal. I hope his critics will now at least understand that Kejriwal has great potential to please common men.

Arvind Kejriwal will prove to be an Incarnation of Lord Krishna----------anyone who is biased and who dare to criticize Kejriwal party at this stage will be not be heard by anyone and be disliked by common men.

 I Congratulate Arvind Kejriwal and  his team to bring about political revolution in shortest span of time. I congratulate Mr. Anna Hazare and his team ,Kiren Bedi,Santosh Hegde and other civil society members and Mr. Ramdeo and his team who ignited fire against corrupt politicians and corrupt officials and awakened entire system from deep slumber.God bless all of them.

Next election will see complete rout of Congress Party and other regional parties. There will be direct fight between BJP and AAP in most of the constituencies. 

I congratulate Mr. Kejriwal and His party for forming the government despite having minority in assembly and despite protest and sarcastic comments from opposing parties.

Corruption will not only be reduced in Delhi just by presence of AAP in power , it will have positive impact on entire country . 

It is indeed an Unprecedented revolutionary change  in Indian history .Kejeriwal will be written in golden words in History of India as Real Change champion .

I am very much confident that VIP culture will end and the culture of flattery and bribery will vanish from Administrative machinery and real performers and honest and devoted workers will get the chance to lead this country not only in politics but also in administration , judiciary, and police system.

Country needs reforms in education, medical care , price control ,improvement in infrastructure, availability of essential goods like water, electricity, cleanliness,pacca road etc and not mutual mud slinging or pseudo secularism or caste based quota . I hope AAP will do their best in these matters of public concern.

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