Monday, February 10, 2014

Dirty Politics Of Congress Party on Jan Lokpal Bill

 Delhi Assembly has the power to make laws with respect to all the matters in the State List or in the Concurrent List of the Constitution of India except Entries 1 (Public Order), 2 (Police), and 18 (Land), and entries 64, 65 and 66 relatable to the said entries of the State List.

      The President appoints the Chief Minister and on the advice of the Chief Minister appoints other Ministers. The Ministers hold office during the pleasure of the President. The Chief Minister and her Council aids and advises the Lt. Governor in the exercise of his functions in relation to matters with respect to which the Legislative Assembly has power to make laws.

      The Lieutenant Governor has the power to summon, prorogue or dissolve the Assembly.  He can also address the Assembly or send messages to it. The Lt. Governor addresses the first session of the Assembly after each general elections and the first session of each year.

      The Assembly is a privileged body and its members enjoy the freedom of speech in the House as well as freedom to vote. The Members of the Delhi Assembly have all the powers and privileges, which are enjoyed by the Members of Parliament. The proceedings of the Assembly cannot be called in question in the Court of Law.  Also the Member or the Presiding Officer in whom powers are vested for regulating the procedure or conduct of business is not subject to the jurisdiction of Courts in respect of exercise by him of those powers.

Leaders of Congress Party are willfully, intentionally and with malicious motto trying to trying to tarnish the image of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP led Delhi Government on the issue of Jan Lokpal Bill. State Assembly has right to introduce Jan Lokpal Bill and it is not at all against the spirit of the Constitution.  The said bill is perfectly and undoubtedly in the interest of people of Delhi and Mr. Kejriwal is doing the best for Delhi people and fully as per basic tenets of Constitution. He will have to send the bill to LG after it is passed by State Assembly. On the contrary the order issued by Home Ministry is against the spirit of the Constitution.

It is the culture of Congress Party to ignore the principles of the Constitution. It is Congress Party which change the basic structure of the Constitution under the rule of Indira Gandhi by adopting 42nd Constitutional amendment bill. It is Congress party which disturbed several state governments in the past. 

It is Congress Party which helped Lalu Yadav in forming the government under the leadership of Rabri Devi who did not know even ABC of rule, did not understand history or constitution or nay rule of law. It is Congress Party which formed the government in Jharkhand with the help of corruption led local parties only to dethrone BJP from power. 

It is Congress Party which passed the draft of Ordinance against the order of Supreme Court on criminals and then the gang of flatterer of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi who decided to call back ordinance. 

As such Congress party need not teach lessons to Arvind Kejriwal or Narendra Modi on Constitution or on history. Narendra Modi has done a lot in Gujarat and won the hearts of Muslims too .Hindus and Muslims live together in Gujarat peacefully despite all hallah- bullah on secularism by leaders of Congress Party.  Congress Party for ten years and more have been trying to malign the image of Modi on wrong ground but failed to win the hearts of voters of Gujarat or even in the state of Delhi or Chhatishgarh or Rajashthann or Madhya Pradesh where election was held in recent past. 

Congress party preach lessons of secularism to Mr. Modi and to BJP but voters of India have expressed their preference to Modi in Gujarat and in other states too. There is no power on earth which can stop the march of Narendra Modi towards victory in forthcoming Parliamentary election. Similarly there is no power which can stop the speedy March of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP towards power.

Last but not the least, Why BJP or Congress Party sit together with AAP to decide the line of action to deal with rampant cancer of corruption and how to pass strong Jan Lokpal Bill , not jokepal bill as passed By Parliament.No one in India can say from core of his heart that Arvind Kejriwal is dishonest or not sincere or does not have respect for Constitutional norms or democratic principles. But it is beyond doubt that no one in India can befool him and force him to cheat voters as traditional parties  have been cheating voters for decades.

After all what is going to happen if the Jan Lokpal Bill is introduced in Delhi State Assembly and then sent to center. If Delhi government is unable to pass any law and if they are unable to use police forces, then what for Delhi government is made?

And after what is harm if the bill is introduced in state assembly and then sent to center.

Suggestion for those who want good governance

Make Police, CBI, Judiciary and all investigating

agencies more transparent, powerful and 

accountable and totally away from political 

interference.. Stop all types of flattery and


Stop All types of criminals, all types of evil doers, 

all types of financial defaulters and all types of 

cheaters must be booked to task in shortest period 

of time. 

And enact strong Jan Lokpal along with safety to 

whistle-blowers and punishment to wrong but ill-

motivated complainer .

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