Monday, March 10, 2014

Mera Desh Mahan --NaMo Tea Is Bribery To Voters----Are EC or DEO not Agents Of Cogress Party?

'NaMo tea is bribery to voters, violation of model code' -India Today 10.03.2014

The much-touted NaMo tea has come under the scanner of election commission in Uttar Pradesh.

The state election office has put a ban on distribution of NaMo tea, maintaining that it amounts to bribery to lure voters.

Acting on a complaint filed against Sandeep Malhotra, former chairman of Mohammadi municipality in Lakhimpur district of the state, and several other BJP office-bearers in the city, the state election office has written letters to all district electoral officers directing them to act against free distribution of NaMo tea for violation of model code of conduct.

In a case registered at Mohammadi kotwali, the BJP office-bearers have been booked for distributing free NaMo tea to a crowd at an event where two large TV screens were also put up to telecast speeches by the party leaders. It has been alleged that no prior permission was taken for the event.
According to the kotwali in-charge, the free tea distribution programme which was attended by at least 100 people caused a long traffic jam at Mohammadi-Shahjahanpur road, causing unspeakable problems to the commuters.

Confirming the orders from the state election office in Lucknow, Lakhimpur Khiri District Magistrate Gaurav Dayal said directives had been issued to all those involved in the election duty.

In its letter sent to all district electoral officers, the state election office said complaints have been received from various places about free distribution of NaMo tea to lure voters and asked the officials to videograph all such events and treat them as violation of model code.

My Comment:Leaders of other political parties (Non-BJP) use to distribute TV, Laptop,fan, cloth, food, money and any many other things on the eve of election . History of Past election have enough evidences to substantiate this bitter truth of Indian election. But this time It is surprising that even offering of Tea to voters by BJP and Narendra Modi supporters has been considered as bribery to voters and hence banned by Election Commissioner. Above news item proves that majority of officials are flatterer of Congress Party and hence they have banned even offer of tea and considered the act of offering tea as violation of election code of conduct. It will not be an exaggeration to say that election officer has acted under pressure of High Command of Congress Party or that of ministers of UPA government and hence acting as agents of UPA government.  It is remarkable to mention here that UPA government did nothing for last ten years but passed several bills during last days of Parliamentary session without even going for debate

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