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An Advice To Arvind Kejriwal And AAP

It appears to me that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is great fan of Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav, Ms Mayawati Devi, Lalu Yadav and similar other political persons because he and his party want to defeat only Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi by hook or by crook. He says that he has accepted the challenge to fight from Varanasi to defeat Modi and Mr. Biswas will fight from Amethi to defeat Rahul. He further says that he will spend half of his residual time till election in Varanasi and half in Amethi to ensure defeat of Mr. Modi as well as that of Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Obviously he has no problem with Mulayam, Mayawati, Lalu like persons. For Mr. Kejriwal, Mr. Rahul and Mr. Modi is great enemy of the country. He perhaps does not want to see them in Parliament and likes other criminals and less popular to be in Parliament.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his party have fielded almost 430 candidates to fight for seats in 2014 Parliament. But as I believe and as the national trend shows Today, AAP will get hardly 5 seats in Parliament and that too by sharp split of votes in some constituencies by very thin margin. 

Mr. Kejriwal could not rule Delhi state because he got only 28 seats there against 36 required for simple majority. God only knows how he will rule India only by five MPs because he will neither seek support from other parties nor extend support to Congress Party or BJP. He may at last join third front or fourth front or fifth front formed by Nitish or Ms Mamta or someone else.

BJP will most probably get 268 seats and NDA will get 286 seats, Congress Party will get 68 seats and UPA altogether will get 84 seats and other smaller parties including AAP will get residual 175 seats. This is my guess only. 

AAP and AK do not want to tell the people how this country will run if they impose faith on Arvind Kejriwal only. Mr. Kejriwal says that voters are fed up with BJP and Congress Party although these two parties together secure at least 60 percent of valid votes. 

As per his opinion voters who vote Congress Party or BJP are fool to support Rahul or Modi.

Kejriwal and his party supporters gathered in Varanasi on 25th March where Mr. Kejriwal asked his audience ( only his supporters ) whether he should contest from Varanasi. He considers this as token of public support in favour of Kejriwal who want him to contest against Modi. But when larger gathering at Varanasi supports Mr. Modi, he says that such loud voice in favour of Mr. Modi does not tell about popularity of Mr. Modi.

Mr. Kejriwal should explain how he will form the government with the support of five or ten elected AAPians. Will he borrow good leaders from other countries or search them on other planets?

In his opinion, two national parties BJP and Congress Party are not performing well. 

Why does he not speak the name of parties who are performing well in the country or in any state? 

If none of existing parties and leaders of other parties are good and if leaders of AAP are not elected with majority , who will run this country is a million dollar question which AK should answer.

Does he want to weaken country as he did in Delhi state by resigning from the post of Chief Minister of Delhi? 

He says that opposing parties were not putting hindrances in his path of reformation. 

Does he dream that after willing a few seats in Parliament he will get positive support from elected members of other parties?

 If not, why does he want to destabilize economic structure and financial health of the country by abusing all political leaders and all business men ? 

Country will grow only when there is stable government and strong leader like Mr. Narendra Modi or Mr. L K Advani . Country will grow only when domestic and foreign investors like to invest their money in manufacturing sector and not by AAP who believes only in putting hurdles in the path of all entrepreneurs

He should understand well that a weak government under the leadership of weak leader like Manmohan Singh for last ten years has already made the country weakest not only socially, politically and financially but also at the international borders. If he accepts and understands this bitter truth of the country, he must try to support the better alternative option available for the country under present circumstances and not wonder in dreamland and not force voters of this country and not try to divert the minds of voters towards his dream plan or towards the Utopian ideas of his party. He should rather concentrate in his fight against corruption for few more years. He and his supporters could become whistle blowers and help the country get rid of corrupt leaders both of Congress Party and BJP.

Arvind Kejriwal and his party must learn to be pragmatic and try to understand the ground reality of voters and Indian political system and then try to reform it in slow and gradual manner instead of dreaming to change it overnight and then damaging it forever.

It is true that he started movement against corruption along with Team Anna with good intention and he earned popularity in short span of time. Person like me also became his fan. Crores of people in India became his fan. There is no doubt that he as a person is honest. But his honesty will be fruitful only when he is able to convert his ideas into action..

Unfortunately his action after his posting as CM of Delhi and his resignation from the post of CM changed the views of lacs of his fan. And now when he and his party has almost discarded their focus on fight against corruption and they are almost focused against BJP and bent upon defeating Mr. Modi, fans of Arvind Kejriwal  and his party AAP feel completely cheated, isolated and frustrated. There is no doubt that he and his party in lust of power has resulted in sharp downfall in their popularity.

Of course it is not too late even now. I am most confident that learned and matured Kejriwal will change his strategy and revert to his movement targeted against corruption. He should try to make effort in the direction of formation of a better government at center and not creating an atmosphere which will result in chaos, anarchy and complete failure of the system. He should fight for better and not for weakest coalition government where taking action becomes a dream.

Voting for Congress and BJP would mean betraying God and country: Kejriwal-Times of India 02.05.2014
LUCKNOW: In a statement which could stoke a controversy, Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said that voting for the Congress and the BJP would amount to betraying God and the country.

While campaigning for his colleague Kumar Vishwas in Muslim-dominated localities of Aurangabad and Musafirkhana in Amethi, Kejriwal, wearing AAP's trademark cap in which 'I am aam aadmi' was written in Urdu, said "Yeh aapka chunav hai...100% matdaan hona chahiye, har ek kee jimmedari hai Congress and BJP ko haraye. Bura mat manana bhaiyyon aur maaf karna agar mai jyada bol gaya hun, par ek bhi vote agar Congress aur BJP ko pada, tou woh Khuda aur desh ke sath gaddari hogi. (This is your election, there should be 100% polling. It is the duty of everyone to defeat the Congress and BJP. Please don't take it to heart and forgive me if I you think I am exaggerating, but for me voting for BJP and Congress amounts to betraying God and the country)".

Vishwas is contesting against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal himself is contesting against BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in Varanasi.

Kejriwal said, "Vishwas is a professor and a poet. He used to earn Rs four lakh per day in poet meets. But he has sacrificed everything and has been living in Amethi for the last four months. He could have easily won the Lok Sabha election from a safe seat but chose Amethi because he wants to strike at the root of corruption."

Kejriwal claimed BJP and Congress were spending crores to buy votes. "Take money but vote for AAP," he told the people.

He also said Congress and BJP have entered into a tacit understanding for Lok Sabha elections in Amethi and Varanasi. "The two parties have put up weak candidates in the two constituencies to cut AAP's votes and help each other's top leadership win elections. The top leaders of both the parties are also not campaigning against each other in their respective constituencies," he said.

He also referred to the physical assaults on him and Vishwas by BJP and Congress workers, which showed that the two parties are hand in glove. "If BJP was really serious about defeating Rahul, it would have not fielded any candidate," he said.

Kejriwal also dared Rahul to have a debate with Vishwas. "If he comes it would be great, but if he doesn't dare to come claiming a paucity of time, then I welcome Priyanka Gandhi for an open debate," he added.

The AAP leader claimed that the Congress had conceded defeat in Amethi. "For the first time ever, Congress president Sonia Gandhi came and addressed a rally here. Priyanka has been here for the past 14 days. It shows they are worried," he said.

Victory hopes dim, AAP’S state units are in disarray

Brajesh Kumar, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, May 02, 2014

But its units in states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat, where the party is unlikely to open an account, are in disarray and could face split or exodus of its members after the results are declared on May 16.
“We could see upheaval in the state unit after the results come in,” Ajit Kumar Singh, an office bearer in the Bihar unit told HT.
The reasons, he said, varied from resentment over the selection of candidates to disconnect between the state unit and the central leadership. “The central leadership should have kept a close watch on what is going on in state units,” he said.
AAP is contesting all 40 seats in Bihar, and if Singh is to be believed, the party does not hope to win any.
In Madhya Pradesh, a party office-bearer said there was no check on the kind of people who joined the party and as a result, AAP’s survival in the state is dependent on how many of the 29 candidates it fielded win. “Majority joined AAP to milk the party’s popularity after the Delhi assembly results, and if the results are not favourable they might not stay on in the party,” he said.
The party’s state convener Abhay Verma admitted if it fails to win any seat, AAP will find it difficult to survive.
“We are hoping to win one seat, but if that does not happen we are going to have a difficult time,” he said.
The situation is not very different in Rajasthan where AAP’s state convener Ashok Jain said the party would have had the chance to win a few seats if the central leadership had devoted more time.
“Of course, Arvind Kejriwal’s rally here would have made a huge difference, but then I am aware that the demand for him was from all over the country,” he said. Out of the total 22 candidates the party fielded in Rajasthan, the party expects to win Kota from where Jain contested.
In Gujarat, the party is facing factionalism between those who have been associated with different movements in the state and others with political background.

“The fight between those from Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, the farmer’s wing of the BJP and others who have been activists, will come out in the open after the election results are declared,” a party member said.

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