Friday, May 16, 2014

Congratulate India , Congratulate Modi and Congratulate all Voters

  • I Congratulate Honourable and Respectable Sri Narendra Modi under whose leadership Bhartiya Janta Party has achieved splendid, unprecedented and historic victory.

  • I Congratulate all followers , supporters, well-wishers,voters and campaigner of BJP who worked hard and who left no stone unturned to create wave in favour of Mr. Modi and BJP and to ensure grand victory of BJP.

  • I congratulate  Mr. Modi who has restrained himself from using caste or communal card and who motivate his followers also to refrain from indulging in caste or communal based comments. Barring stray incidence of violence of his line of action , BJP by and large could not be made victim of communal propaganda launched by his opponents. 

  • I am very much happy because in this election ,all parties and almost all politicians whose main agenda and key game plan  to win the election was to use caste card have been badly defeated by clever voters of this country. 

  • Intelligent voters of this country have taught a good lesson to all politicians who were falsely and fraudulently maligning the image of Mr. Modi and who were brushing BJP with communal colour to ensure defeat of Mr. Modi and that of BJP. 

  • At least now so called secular parties will stop using secular card to serve their vested self interest and start talking on growth and development of this country. 

  • Opponents of Mr. MODI and that of BJP should now work together with new government to ensure equitable growth of the country and to ensure equitable distribution of income for all Indians without any bias or prejudice to any caste or community. 

  • By victory of BJP and Mr. Modi , I hope a grand new era will start where all Indians will be considered as Indians and Indians only, not Bihari or Gujrati or Punjabi,not as south Indian or North Indian and  not as Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or Chirstian. Politicians will now stop making voters fool by offering some cash or some gifts or some other  freebies like laptop. They should stop making dirty politics on quota or loan waiver schemes.

  • I am fully confident that new incumbent for the post of Prime Minister will make effort to give value to all Members of Parliament and give value to all Indian irrespective of their affiliation to any party .

I have no doubt that India under leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi will prosper and reach to new height . Domestically or internationally India will gain in effectiveness ,image , GDP and power . Country will develop and very soon will be reckoned as strongest country in the world if BJP get success in ruling this country successfully without any internal or external impediments.

I congratualte Ms Jayalalitha (AIADMK) , Ms Mamta Banerjee (TMC) and Navin Patnaik (BJD) for their grand success in their respective state. I hope they will also extend their full support in smooth functioning of the new government.

Voters have not only rejected key leaders of Congress Party but also completely rejected ideology and stand taken by leaders like Nitish (JDU), Karunanidhi (DMK) ,Lalu (RJD). Farooq (NC) , AJIt (RJD , Kejriwal (AAP),Mulayam (SP) , Mayawati (BSP)  and the parties associated with these caste ridden leaders.I hope they will change their mindset and work together with new government. This grand defeat of all caste oriented leaders will help country in achieving new heights in growth and development of the country and increase in happiness of common men.

I once again congratulate to all Indians for getting a new government which with their positive attitude and growth oriented vision will help India in becoming global leader.

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