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Power Politics In Delhi

It has appeared in Economic Times Today that a few  MLAs elected on ticket of AAP are trying to support BJP in formation of government in Delhi and Key leader of AAP Mr. Sisodia has also indirectly confirmed such news .It appears to me that Mr. Kejriwal is playing same cards as leaders of Congress Party played with him in formation of AAP government in Delhi.

Mr. Kejriwal came to limelight only through movement against corruption of Congress Part led by Team Anna. To achieve his unfulfilled agenda of elimination of corruption from Indian politics and Indian administrative system  ,he discarded Team Anna and entered into politics. He won Delhi election and gained excellent popularity.

 But in lust of power he became victim of dirty Congress Party politics. He soon realised that Congress Party is no more a force to reckon with. He changed his strategy to acquire power and decided to fight election for Parliament and resigned from CM's post of Delhi. He stopped criticising Congress Party and started attacking Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP and for this purpose he went to fight against Modi in Varansai .This wrong decision proved costly for Kejriwal and he and his party AAP was badly rejected in Parliamentary election.. 

He then tried to form government in Delhi again with the support of Congress Paty to keep his MLAs united and attached with his party. But he failed to get success in his effort.

Now therefore he has allowed some of his MLAs perhaps wilfully to support BJP in formation of government in Delhi so that he gets an opportunity to malign image of BJP in the same way as image of his party got tarnished when he took support of Congress Party.

Obviously he and his party has decided to play the same card as Congress Party played to keep BJP away from power and to malign AAP. I therefore feel ,leaders of BJP should refrain from forming government with the support of defected MLAs as long as they fully merge with policies of BJP by heart .I think BJP should think twice before accepting the offer of few AAP MLAS proposing defecting from AAP to BJP to enable BJP forming a government at Delhi.

It is true that majority of elected MLAs wish to avoid fresh expenditure on fresh election . But the policy of principles should not be discarded for temporary gain.

Some AAP legislators to support BJP to help form government in Delhi; Manish
Sisodia denies reports- The Economic Times -17th June 2014

NEW DELHI: A section of Aam Aadmi Party's MLAs may support the Bharatiya Janata Party and help form the  government in Delhi, posing a fresh challenge to the fledgling Arvind  Kejriwal-led party that appears to have lost momentum ever since it pulled down  its minority government in February after 49 days.

"Several MLAs from   AAP will move against  the party in support of the BJP to form the government. It is only in the benefit of the  people of Delhi to have a stable government now and we think BJP can provide that," said an AAP MLA, who did not wish to be  identified. He did not disclose how many MLAs were readying to turn against the  party.

The AAP's MLAs were earlier reported to have urged the party  leadership to form the government with the support of the Congress. However, the  Congress party  leadership had decided against lending support to AAP for a second time.

Kejriwal had alleged in an interview to a TV channel that the BJP was trying to bribe eight of his party's MLAs. "The BJP people are contacting our MLAs.  They have contacted our eight MLAs in the last four-five days and they are  trying to break them away. But they do not know the stuff AAP MLAs are made of,"  Kejriwal had said.

"The party is not worried about MLAs defecting from us. We got all this
information from the MLAs themselves who were contacted. Had we got this
information from a third party there would have been reason to worry. But since  our MLAs keep updating us, the party is not worried about any such thing,"  Sisodia told ET.

As per the anti-defection law, if one third of the  elected members of a party switch sides, it is considered a merger and does not  invite disqualification of the me ..

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Power cut politics: Why no one wants a repoll in Delhi-First Post

New Delhi: A power crisis situation in Delhi is forcing the BJP, AAP and the Congress to rethink the assembly polls. The assembly has been suspended since mid-February.

Power cuts in Delhi incidentally have different political meaning for the three parties in Delhi—BJP, AAP and Congress. The BJP is aware that sustained power cuts mean that its electoral prospects could be affected adversely and thus newly appointed Energy Minister Piyush Goel is making all efforts to do his bit to improve the situation. If in the process, he may temporarily look like energy minister for Delhi than for the nation, he would not mind it and his party would love to see him succeed.

While much would depend on how effectively Piyush Goel can handle the situation, indecision on the fate of Delhi assembly is attributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's inability to spare time to take a view on the subject. It may still take some more time because Modi has to concentrate on few other more pressing issues like presentation of his government’s first Budget, finding a full time defence minister, Cabinet expansion and  a new party president.

Meanwhile, a new situation has emerged in the BJP. The party is exploring options to form a government in the existing Delhi assembly. The move, though disliked by a section of senior leaders, has suddenly gained momentum as most BJP MLAs don’t want to go for fresh elections. Technically, the assembly has not been dissolved to give adequate time to the political parties concerned in the state to make an effort to form a government, so fresh elections are avoided.
With Dr Harshvardhan becoming Health Minister at the centre, the vacancy for chief ministerial position on the BJP side has become an issue. Some have already started relishing such a prospect. A section of middle rung party leaders are in touch with Congress legislators. Three BJP MLAs including Harshvardhan have become MPs and their seats will have to be vacated.
The BJP does not have a “good” leader who could be termed as chief ministerial material in the existing assembly but that has not deterred the MLAs and their backers from making the move. In fact it has only given fillip to their enthusiasm.

But another BJP leader said such a move would be “ill conceived and ill timed."  "Why should we indulge in jod-tod politics when we have got such a decisive mandate at the centre and Modi has been up on the issue of probity and delivery?", he asked.

"It would also give an unwarranted push to Kejriwal’s otherwise doomed prospects. Moreover, the Budget session, practically first session of Parliament, is less than a month away. It is time to go with a positive mindset than needlessly attract great deal of negative media publicity," the BJP leader said.
If latter view holds ground then two possibilities emerge – first, hold elections with Maharastra, Haryana and Jharkhand. That decision could be taken once the Election Commission begins the process of preparatory consultation with the Centre. Second, hold Delhi elections after this round of elections. BJP is expected to do well in all these states. Their impact on popular psyche will make it easier for the BJP to make popular mobilisation. That would also give time to the Modi government to set things right in Delhi.

The BJP leadership, however, is maintaining a tight leash on any out of order remark by the middle rung leaders.

The back channel talks between the Aam Admi Party and the Congress to take a fresh shot at government formation are on, though both the parties officially deny it.
The Aam Admi Party and Congress are making power cuts in the capital a big issue, even as the fact remains that the current power situation or the lack of it, is a legacy of 15-years of Congress rule. The Congress too realises that it could make a new beginning via politics on power. The BJP, on the other hand, realises that blaming the previous Congress or AAP governments would not work in the long run and it has to provide solutions fast to be the preferred choice.

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