Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Appeal To Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Mr. Kejriwal

With due regards,

I would like to say a few words and I hope you will take them in good spirit.

People will not now believe you . You have to keep mum for at least one year and work silently in Delhi as you did before your victory in Delhi. You should stop criticising BJP government which is too new to be assessed. Do not be biased for the sake of power. Your idea of equalising Congress Part with BJP has caused you much damage in election held a quarter ago. Please do not add fuel to fire.

People hate you when bring BJP on the same platform on which Congress Part is. People supported you till you exposed corruption of Congress Party. Corruption in some way or the other may be in your party too.BJP may also have some instances of evil work. But you have to kill greater monster which Congress Party was. One or two instance of evil work cannot make BJP bad.

Mr. Narendra Modi , the Prime Minister is number one preference as of now, this you should also realise. Despite all hullah -bullah on secularism , people discarded Congress Party and finally your party too when you filed your nomination against Modi in Varanasi. Even prominent leaders of foreign countries are praising Mr. Modi and they like to work with Modi though Congress Party during their rule left no stone unturned to tarnish the image of Modi playing stinking and boring communal card.

People taught a lesson to all so called secular parties which wasted their entire time and energy on criticising BJP and Mr. Modi on communal ground. SP, BSP, RJD, JDU like parties lost their ground in last election and came to zero only because they ignored voters and focussed on how to tarnish and spoil the career and image of MODI and BJP

May of your blind lovers and hard core followers have gone away from you and your party only due to your overenthusiasm in filing nomination in more than 400 constituencies of Lok Sabha without having done groundwork for the same and due to your insistence to defeat Modi in varansai. You as a person are liked by lacs of voters and people have faith on you, your knowledge and your honesty . But they doubt your administrative capability and political skill, experience and capacity to deal with Indian political situation. Even great personalities like Nehru  or Indira Gandhi of Congress Party never thought of defeating person like Atal Vihari Vajpayee. They wanted good leaders in opposition to make debate n Parliament fruitful.

You may cry against bad system but you should do all to cure the system when you got an opportunity to do so as Delhi CM. You got popularity only and only by Anna Andolan and you diluted the importance of Anna . People of India know Kiran Bedi and they have great respect for her . But unfortunately you did not and could not have harmonic relation with her too only due to your rigidity. You became CM and forgot voters of Delhi and went to Varanasi. People want you to work and not only shout. Please have patience and do work in Delhi , you will definitely win back the heart of  voters.

People of India want growth , they want work, they want good administration and security for them and their family. They can ignore one or two small and unwanted occurrence of mistake provided you have honestly worked for them.  They do not want to divide the country on caste or communal card. You have to stop the idea of appeasement in line with what ill-motivated Congress Party did during last five decade long rule. Criticising a popular person on flimsy ground every now and then will make you unpopular.

Please try to learn lesson from Obama USA president , who despite all ill-feeling created by UPA focussed on Growth and development of good relation and made renewed efforts to have good relation with Modi. All neighbouring countries are in favour of having good relation with Modi .

Please therefore try to read the pulse of the voters and Indian citizen as a whole and work for overall development of the country and overall image of the country.


Danendra Jain

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