Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Open Letter To Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

During press conference of Aam Admi Party on 4th of November , Party supremo declared that Sri Arvind Kejriwal will be candidate for the post of Chief Minister of Delhi in view of forthcoming election for Delhi Assembly. Then Mr. Arvind declared the name of CM candidate as Sri Jagdish Mukhi on behalf of BJP as if he is authorised person of BJP. I do not know wherefrom he got the news of Jagdish Mukhi , but I have curiosity to know the name of CM candidate of Congress Party .Why Mr. Kejriwal did not name the candidate of Congress Party for CM post and why did he not even asked anyone the name of probable candidate of Congress Party for the post of Chief Minister. Perhaps he understands well that Congress Party is no more a force to reckon with and he wants to convert the election as the fight between Kejriwal and Mr. Mukhi and not a fight between Kejriwal and Mr. Narendra Modi.

Perhaps Mr. Kejriwal has forgotten that his campaign against corruption under the banner of Team Anna started against misrule of Congress Party only and was always directed against misrule of Congress Party CM Ms Sheila Dikshit . During last election he did not leave any moment without accusing misrule of Sheila Dikshit , the then CM of Delhi and he won considerable good number of seats in Delhi election held last year only due to his campaign against corruption. He got victory in his maiden fight only due to Jan Andolan created by his mentor Mr. Anna Hazare and Mr. Ramdeo Baba. Voters considered Mr. Kejriwal a fit candidate who can fight out the monster of corruption.

Very soon Mr. Kejriwal started dreaming to become Prime Minister of the country and hence his party resigned from Delhi government to fight for Parliamentary election .Leaders of Aam Admi party forgot what tey had promised to Delhi people .They continued to shout and sit on Dharna even after coming to power as they used to do when they were part of Jan Andolan . As soon as he resigned from CM's post, Kejriwal decided to fight against Mr. Narenda Modi .He reached Varanasi to give a direct challenge to Mr. Modi .He then changed his target from corruption of Congress Party to so called communal tag of BJP and he thought that if he could defeat Mr. Modi at Varanasi , he could become the fittest candidate for the post of Prime Minister and his party will get majority in Parliament. His dream plan flopped and his party finished with four seats only. His party could not get a single seat even in Delhi , the place wherefrom the movement of Team Anna and that of team Kejriwal started.

Now when the wave is fully in favour of BJP and Prime Minister Mr. Narenda Modi , Mr. Kejriwal has started accusing Mr. Modi for his alleged failure to fulfil the promises made by Mr. Modi before Parliamentary election and hence Mr. Kejriwal use to focus and concentrate during major part of his speech only against BJP and BJP only , completely ignoring the bad days of 15 years long Congress Party rule. .Such attitude and approach force the voters to consider Mr. Kejriwal too as power lust politician, as others in other parties are. In fact Mr. Kejriwal is not power lust politicians and joined politics only under compulsion and only to complete his task of making India free of corruption . His honesty and integrity is undisputed like that of Manmohan Singh . But voters want something more than this and this is why they thought it wise to give power to Mr. Modi despite all campaign directed against him by so called secular forces for a decade and more.

When audience and media men questions Kejrial's own capacity , he puts counter question before media saying whether Mr. Modi will come to Delhi to take care of Delhi people and whether BJP has got no other good candidate available in Delhi to be declared as CM candidate. I would like to ask Mr. Kejriwal whether he or his party can propose any other name for the post of CM of Delhi other than Mr. Kejriwal himself . Further if he becomes CM, whether he himself will visit to each village to do each work or he will manage from Delhi due to his managerial skill and intelligence to rule . He should therefore leave the task of choosing BJP leader to BJP leaders only and not try to hijack their power.

It is undeniable truth that the existence of Aam Admi Party depends on one and only person and that is Mr. Arvind Kejriwal whereas BJP is very old party and there are numerous suitable candidate for the post of Delhi . And when there are many good persons , sometimes it become wiser to decide the name of CM after election result and after consulting all elected members. Since AAP has got no alternative, it is the compulsion for AAP to declare the name of CM before election ,it is no more the winning trump card. It is therefore desirable for AAP to introspect and see what is good for the state and not try to peep into working of other party as Congress Party used to do .

It is worthwhile to mention here that Mr. Kejriwal has forgot the key issues for which he started his political career. He chooses and changes the agenda every now and then. He has been trying to divide the opposing key parties as usually other rivals are doing during election times. During Parliamentary election , he used to tell along with media men that BJP will be finished under the leadership of so called communal leader Mr. Modi. He used to tell in his speeches that BJP committed blunder by ignoring and sidelining leaders like Mr. L. K. Advani and Ms Sushma Swaraj. He was so much overconfident on his own popularity that he chose to fight election from the place wherefrom Mr. Modi will file nomination and declared that Modi's career will be finished in his hand. But unfortunately he lost Varanasi election badly along with other parties. He should learn lesson from past mistakes.

Same position happened when election for the state of Maharashtra and Harayana were announced. Media men frequently used to ask BJP the name of CM for these two states and used to conclude that BJP does not have any good person to head the state and neither does the party have enough party workers to ensure victory. Media men and all opponents proved wrong and BJP proved victorious when outcome of election was announced.. All this could happen only because opponents of BJP wasted entire time on What Modi is, what Modi should and should not do , why Modi did not wear Muslim Cap, why Modi did not go to Saharanpur, where the wife of Modi is and what Modi failed to do for his wife, what Mr. Modi did not do during 2002 riots and what Mr. Modi should or should not do for 1984 riots etc. AAP and Congress Party should rather try to present before voters their plan to do better than what BJP promises to do or BJP has done. Please do not focus on personal affairs of Modi , this is not only for AAP r Congress Party but for media men too .

Congress Party as well as AAP are again committing the same blunder by focusing Mr. Modi only during their entire speech , all meetings and all press conferences. On the contrary Mr. Modi avoids and minimises criticising opponents and gives full time in explaining his vision of growth , his plan to do work for common men and works done by BJP governments in other states . He during last five months has well established his capacity and credential by ensuring progress of work and execution of his promised ideas in every department and by every ministries under his control . Mr. Kejriwal on the other hand continued to blame Congress Party or BJP even when he came to power in Delhi and deceived voters of Delhi by submitting resignation in 49 days.

Mr. Kejriwal says that he reduced electric and water charges. I like to say here that he tried a lot during his government to do so but failed to reduce it . Only when he and his party hatched an idea to contest Parliamentary election, Mr. Kejriwal dream to become PM and AAP government to resign from Delhi, Mr. Kejriwal and his party reduced the electricity charges for two months by payment of subsidy from Government. It was not a permanent solution. He could be considered as successful he could as he promised recover the money from Reliance or other power supplier and force them to take lesser charges for electricity supply. Mr. Kejriwal could nothing for price rise and started blaming central government for price rise. Similarly he failed to ensure growth in Delhi because he and his party always used to blame all public servants and all minsters of the past as thieves and corrupt. Though no growth could be imagined in one or two months of their rule, but their acts proved that they were on wrong track. Coming events cast their shadow before.

Mr. Kejriwal has got no positive vision and he is sick of negative ideas only . This is why he starts with good plans but fails in all. He could not continue good relation even with Mr. Anna, Mr. Ramdeo, Ms Kiren Bedi and many stalwarts who were and who are more popular than Kejriwal. Obviously Mr. Kejriwal has lost credibility in Delhi and elsewhere in the country. There is no hope that his party will win majority in forthcoming election in Delhi. They should expect hardly ten seats if they continue to sing in bad tunes.

Next Mr. Kejriwal accuses BJP for delaying election for self interest. Media men also blames BJP for not ordering election and for ruling Delhi through Dy Governor. I am unable to understand why and how voters will change their mind in six months or so. It is nothing but proper and was need of the hour to wait for a year at least before going for fresh election particularly when outcome of last election was fractured. It was beyond the control of BJP to order or not to order election. It was the prerogative of Dy Governor. Mr. Kejriwal used to abuse Dy Governor and tag him as agent of Congress Party and after some months he started accusing Dy Governor as agent of BJP. He perhaps does not want to respect the status of Constitutional post .

Even now there may be possibility that none of the parties get clear majority. Mr. clever Kejriwal should make it clear to people of India what he and his party will propose to do if the mandate of fresh election is again fractured. Otherwise he will like to have election every month until he and his party gets clear majority. He does not believe the system at all, he does not have trust on voters and does not have faith im media. It is unfortunate that he does not have any love and faith on his own idea of making India corruption free which he and his supporters used to nurture, nourish and promote before they formed a political party and entered into political field.

I therefore like to suggest Mr. Kejriwal that he should stop abusing all and focus on one and only his idea of doing the progress and his plan to change in the system. And he should learn to give respect to good work done by Mr. Narendra Modi as PM of the country. He cannot stop Modi wave but he can try to make his own little wave in Delhi at least. He should stop copying the dirty politics of traditional party like Congress Party, otherwise he and his one year party will be finished . When hundred year old Congress Part can be ignored by voters , his party is too new to survive. Voters want a leader which can ensure comfort for common men and ensure growth as well.

Tug of war among leaders is not the choice of voters. If Mr. Kejriwal and his party focuses their campaign against corrupt system without any biased attitude, his party can win considerably good number of seats for Delhi Assembly. If his party does not become ruling party , at least they can give strong opposition group . It is open secret that Congress Party is a lost force. But if AAP repeats the mistakes of the past , Congress Party will regain the lost popularity and become at least second party. As of Today, there is no challenge to BJP in coming to power.

I therefore once again appeal to talented and honest leader Mr. Kejriwal to focus on his idea of judicial reform , police reform, administrative reform etc to win the election and stop mud- slinging .There are numerous lovers of Mr. Kejriwal in Delhi as well as all over the country , thee is no doubt in it. But Kejriwal have to prove himself that he has the managerial, administrative and governing skill to provide better alternative to BJP in Delhi .

When Aam Admi party men can depend for victory on their sole and singular leader Mr. Kejriwal , there is nothing wrong in BJP depending on Mr. Narendra  Modi for victory . Congress Party for last six decades and more depended on Nehru family only and it is undeniable truth of Indian politics that Majority of Regional Parties like RJD, SP, BSP,DMK, AIADMK. NC depend on their one and only one leader. After all it is the quality of  a leader which make or mar the image of any organisation , group or party. It is the quality of the leader that he takes along with him all members and supporters and who also takes care of sentiments and need of common men.

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