Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Height of Dirty Politics and Dirty Play By Media Men

Height of Political Drama:

Nitish Kumar ex-CM of Bihar after humiliating defeat in Loksabha election appointed Jitan Ram Manjhi as new CM. Now Mr. Manjhi has gone beyond control of Nitish and His party JD U. As a result ,party has lost senses. They expelled Manjhi from the party.

Party once again elected Nitish Kumar as leader of elected members. But High Court did not find it legal to appoint Nitish as leader until Mr. Manjhi is CM as leader of JDU .

Despite this order from High Court, leaders of Janta Dal U reached the office of President of India requesting him to ask Governor Bihar to allow Nitish to become CM
What a ridiculous step ?

 Is it not Drama and an attempt by a person like Nitish Kumar  to contempt court of law ?

AS a habit , he has once again blamed BJP for all his failures and wrong decision . Will people of Bihar accept this theory of Nitish Kumar. Since his separation from BJP , he has been accusing BJP of creating division in his party.

Why Nitish, a learned and talented politician is unable to keep his men intact and stick to his party? He was /is dreaming of becoming PM of the country.

He worked with BJP for two decades and when became popular, started telling  BJP and Mr. Modi as Communal. He tried to suggest BJP that Modi should not be accepted as leader. It is ironical that  he is unable to keep his own party leader loyal to his party but he thought it wise to suggest leader of other party.

He abused Lalu Yadav RJD and  Rahul Gandhi Congress Party as long as he was in power in the state of Bihar. But now when he has lost many election and when his party on the brink of losing forthcoming election , and when he has lost majority due to Manjhi turning hostile , he has become friend of  RJD and Congress Party. How can he preach sermons of morality to others?

Mr. Nitish never liked Mulayam or Mayawati or Mamta or even Manmohan Singh  but now to weaken Mr. Modi he is ready to have friendship with every Tom, Dick And Herry.

Similarly many individuals and parties and many of media men who were ridiculing Mr. Arvind Kejriwal till a week ago are now all singing songs in praise of Arvind Kejriwal. Majority of parties were making mockery of AAP and media were adding fuel to fire (barring a few channels who were blind supporters of AAP and Mr. Kejriwal). But as soon as result of Delhi election came out , they have changed their language and have started praising AAP and considering the same as victory of democracy.  All enemies of or you may say opponents of Mr. Modi are now ready to come together and are openly saying that victory of AAP is victory of Democracy.

Political Parties which are mad to occupy chair of power , which hither to played card of caste and communities , which tried to win the elections by distributing freebees on the eve of election, which never worked for growth. which never took care of problems of voters and which are now hell bent to dethrone Mr. Modi from power do not have any moral even to talk of democracy.

I have no doubt in saying that it is media which are also stabbing at the back of democracy and it is they are who are playing negative role and who are biggest hurdle in growth and in maintaining unity and friendship among parties. They are fully biased against some party or the other and some VIPs or the other.

It is the duty of all media men that they play constructive role after the verdict of election to empower democracy and stop creating animosity among winning and defeated parties. They should stop media trial of all events in the fashion they choose. Being the fourth pillar of democracy it is their moral duty to protect the interest of the country and refrain from all acts which creates bad image of the country. If Modi is PM of the country, it is not good to abuse him all the time, after all he has been elected by voters of this country as Mr. Kejriwal has been elected. Mr. Modi represents the support of majority of voters of the country.

If media men are really positive they should at least say who is better leader other than Mr. Narendra Modi to lead the country under given circumstances, which party is better today and to whom voters of India should trust instead of criticising each and everyone as per their whims and fancies. They should stop twisting the matter as per their choice to serve their self interest and give priority to the interest of the people of India and that of the country. There is judiciary to take care of matters which people of India cannot resolve amicably , media should stop sitting on the chair of judge.

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