Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An Appeal To Leaders of AAP And Media Men

This refers ongoing debate on black money on various TV channels. These anchors on TV either  do not know the nature of black money or they  are wilfully misguiding audience and trying to malign ruling party BJP

I thought leaders of AAP will do good politics, but unfortunately they are also doing dirty politics as media men and some parties are doing on TV debates .

AAP started political party to fight out corruption but used all possible corrupt means to win last election. Promised to give good governance to people of Delhi but failed to exhibit good management in 21 member political affairs committee of the party.

AAP claimed that they will act as per wishes of voters , their government is government of people of Delhi. But they did nothing to collect the opinion of voters for choosing a candidate for a constituency.

AAP was part of movement against corruption and the then Congress Party was the key target . Unfortunately the same party joined hands with Corrupt congress party to fight out BJP . They tried their best to break Congress group to form government in Delhi , this is now crystal clear after exposure of CD im media by none else than AAP member Mr. Rajesh Garg.

AAP promised inner party democracy and accused BJP being Modi dominated party. But AAP is fully Kejriwal dominated party and they expelled Mr. Yadav and Mr.Prashant Bhusan only because they suggested extension of AAP victory to other parts of the country which did not match with the opinion of Mr. Kejriwal.

AAP designed Jan Lokpal to fight out corruption and provided a Lokpal for inner party discipline. But AAP did nothing on the complain made by AAP Lokpal Mr Ramdas.

AAP used to say that lacs of crores of Indian black money are parked in foreign banks. But they never gave details of it and neither suggested how to bring it back to India. Now when BJP is trying to stop creation of black money and trying through legal curse of action to bring back black money , AAP is ridiculing BJP and Mr. Modi. Same dirty politics as other defeated parties are doing.

Black money has been going abroad for years and decades and Congress Government promoted creation of black money through fake import and fake exports. AAP has now ignored real culprits and joined hands with Congress party and other looter regional parties like RJD, BSP, SP, JDU to falsely and strategically malign BJP government. It is unfortunate that good acts of BJP is also ridiculed by party like AAP too. AAP claimed to be a party of difference but the party has become a party of differences.

When rape incident occurred in Delhi two years ago (Nirbhaya rape ) , Mr. Kejriwal promised that after coming to power , his arty will not allow such crime to happen. Several cases of rapes are reported daily from various corners of the country, but there is no protest. But when a Christian lady was raped in West Bengal, these dirty politicians are accusing BJP of being communal and claim that under BJP rule there is attack on Christianity.

AAP led a movement against Shiela Dixshit government in Delhi and promised that as soon as they will come to power , all Corrupt leaders of the then Congress Party will be in jail. But they have done nothing during last 30 days of AAP rule to punish corrupt leaders of Shiela Dixshit government

AAP had promised and claimed that as soon as they will come to power , power distributing agency in Delhi will go to jail because they are over pricing electric charges in nexus with Congress Part leaders.

Mr. Kejriwal had announced name of top 20 corrupt politicians of the country and promised that as soon as they will come to power , all will be in jail. But till date no initiative appears to have been taken by AAP government to book to task so called corrupt politicians.

Now media men , AAP leaders and other parties are asking BJP to bring back all black money and give Rs.15.oo lac to all Indians as Mr. Modi told in an election speech. These media men perhaps do not remember what leaders of other parties told and promised during election.

Congress party talked of poverty alleviation for six decades but none of media men ask Leaders of Congress Party why they failed to remove poverty from the country.

AAP promised Jan Lokpal but till date no initiative has been taken on this issue. They did not utter a word on Jan Lokpal during last six months and even during election campaign before last election in Delhi.

Nitish Kumar CM of Bihar and leader of JDU came to power by making promise to voters that he will remove Jungle Raj of Lalu Yadav and corrupt raj of Congress Party. But to remain in power he without any hesitation joined hands with Lalu and then with Congress Party.

When leaders of SP, SP, NC, RJD give communal speech , all media men remain silent but as soon as a few BJ leaders utter some words for Hindu , thy all start crying loudly and make mountain of mole hill. This is Indian freedom of speech and Indian type of democracy.

I had expected some good politics from AAP , but I am ad that they have proved them worst than old political parties. I still hope that Mr. Kejriwal try his best to propagate good politics and stop dirty politics of secularism or communalism or on black money. I do not have any expectation from parties like Congress Party or RJD or JDU or SP or BSP or DMK or AIADMK or NC or PDP ,NCP or Shiv Sena or MNS, but I do have some expectation from AAP.

I still hope AAP under leadership of persons like Mr. Kejriwal, Mr. Yogendra Yadav, Mr. Viswas, Mr. Bhusans will rise to occasion and exhibit good politics and stop joining hands with dirty politics of traditional parties.

Similarly I hope media men will do justice with journalism and stop paid journalism and stop doing flattery to some party or the other. It is media men who make mountain of mole hill. A small incident is given colour of communal attack if the incident or accidental attack is on Muslim or Christian . They never treat all as Indians , they more often than view all incidents and events on the basis of caste and community. If a Muslim leader utters bad words for Hindu , they keep mum but when a Hindu leader do the same against Muslim, they shout like anything against BJP and wilfully make BJP accused even if BJP has got no connection with the incident.

This divisive tactics of media men needs to be stopped, condemned and punished if needed. All Indians are Indians and Indian only and all news be telecast using the word Indian , and Indian only. A woman is raped means an Indian woman is raped, not Hindu or Muslim woman or a Dalit woman. It is open secret that it is usually the media men who give communal colour to all small or big incidents so that their TRP rises , often at the cost of human lives and social harmony.

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