Monday, March 23, 2015

An Appeal To Prime Minister

Pakistan is not trustworthy. They are opening talking to separatists in Kashmir and there are some pro-Pakistan individuals and party in Kashmir who are following anti-national directive and advices of Pakistan forces.  Representative of Pakistan are active in many parts of the country and specially in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Many naxal organisations and terror wings may be getting financial and arms support from enemy country. They are bent upon weakening India from within .Dirty politics of Pakistan has not only disturbed India but Pakistan itself has become victim of such destructive policies .

But India has been a secular country in true spirit and has respect for people of all caste and communities. Still there are some individuals who use all opportunities to tarnish the image of the country and to create disturbance in some part or the other of the country. These anti-national forces always try to disturb communal harmony . They sprinkle fuel on petty quarrels and small incidents.

Whenever there is small loss to person of minority community , media men and members of opposition parties give the incident colour as if the entire community is attacked by majority community . Accidental death, killing by criminals or rape of a woman may take place with persons of any community in a country of 125 crore population . It takes place in entire world.

But selfish politicians and mean minded media men make a mountain of mole hill when the mishappening cause loss to individuals of minority community or Dalit community. They disturb peace and cause loss of life and property for no valid reason.. Media men add fuel to fire and try to increase TRP for promoters of TV channels. Such acts by media men tarnishes the image of the country and send wrong message to international community. For the sake of TRP, media men sensitize all petty incidents and similarly defeated political parties disturb ruling party and put hurdles in functioning. This culture is very bad and detrimental to peace, communal harmony and unity, integrity, security and safety of the country.

Despite all , India  has to do all possible things to provide maximum happiness , comfort, peace, infrastructure etc for common men of Jammu and Kashmir. We have to win the hearts of Kashmiris which past government failed to do. We have to make them loyal to India. We have to separate who are Pro-Pakistan and hostile to India. Only by action J&K may continue to be integral part of India.

Similarly for the sake of peace among Hindus ,Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, Government has to ensure that member of any community does not speak bad for other community and if a person repeats a mistake of humiliating other community or repeatedly try to malign other community and evoke communal harmony , such crime should be taken seriously and special court should be set up to punish such anti-national forces in shortest period of time.

 At the same time BJP led  Government have to punish firstly BJP leaders who talk of Hindu and try to annoy Muslims and Christians. And similarly Muslims fundamentalists who give unwarranted and ill-motivated statement against any member of other community or which tarnishes the image of the country must be booked to task in quickest time.

 Government has to expose anti -national forces who are trying to malign the image of Mr. Narendra Modi led BJP government by attacking on minority community or by attaching religious locations of minority community. Similarly government has to make court faster, active and effective so that individuals committing heinous crime of rape or murder or indulged in anti-national activities are punished in maximum three months time. Faster and honest judiciary and corruption free police department can only help in eradication of crime to a great extent .

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