Wednesday, March 18, 2015

EC Warns AAP Of Derecognition

Aam Admi Party has failed to submit details of expenses incurred during election despite reminders from election commissioner of India. Election Commissioner has served notice to the party for non compliance of election laws and warned the party of  derecognition if it fails to comply within specified time period. It proves that the party is not serious about compliance of existing rules and following of existing laws.

AAP leaders  talk of changing and transforming India but fail to give due respect to provisions of law. It is easy to make laws but difficult to follow the same. A party which fail to comply Constitutional, mandatory  and statutory requirements  and which do not have required respect for current laws is inviting non compliance for laws made by the party. During last tenure of AAP government also,the party had to go because it tried to bypass Lt Governor,thus ignoring Constitutional requirement for introducing a bill in Delhi state assembly.

I therefore always say that India is not weak in making laws , India is weak in enforcing the laws. India is not weak in planning but weakest in execution of plans. AAP use to point out accusing fingers always towards other parties but forget to introspect and look into self whether they are moving in lawful direction. It is matter of culture.

If a party does not discuss and debate issues in party forum before arriving at any conclusion , it will be foolish to expect from such party they will give value to debate and discussion in State Assemblies or engage in true debate with opposition party members or voters of the constituencies they represent. Recent events and activities of the party proved it that the party has got no inner party discipline.

It is true that AAP government is in infant stage is Delhi and Aam Admi party in other states is in embryo stage. But the culture which its leaders creates by its actions will percolate down the field level members and which will indicate the future course of action. Under all circumstances , party will have to learn compliance culture and learn to say spade a spade. Crime of all natures and crime committed by any party including AAP is of equal significance so far as good governance is concerned.

EC notice to AAP, 5 others for de-recognition-Times of India 19.03.2015

 The Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday issued show-cause notices threatening de-recognition of six political parties, including the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), for failing to file their expenditure statements for the last Lok Sabha polls.

Issuing a stern warning to these parties, the poll-panel has invoked the provisions of section 16(A) of the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order which empowers the Commission "to suspend or withdraw recognition of a recognised political party" for violation of set norms, even as it gave these parties a final window of 20 days to comply.

The parties, who have been issued the notices today, include the AAP, Peoples Party of Arunachal, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), Kerala Congress (M), National People Party of Manipur and Haryana Janhit Congress (BL).

The EC has taken the decision after two of its earlier "reminders" in this regard to these parties went unacknowledged, sources said.

According to rules, all political parties who have contested the general elections are stipulated to file their expenditure statements within a period of 90 days to the EC, failing which they stand to lose their election symbol and thereby their recognition.

The EC had earlier issued reminders to these parties on October 22 and November 28 last year and since it did not receive the said expenses statements from these parties, it chose to issue the "final show-cause" notices.

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