Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kejriwal Approach Not Flexible

Leaders of Aam Admi Party are once again trying to go against established rules and Constitutional provisions as it tried to supersede and ignore Constitutional provisions during their last tenure when they insisted placing bill related to Jan Lokpal in State Assembly bypassing Lt. Governor of Delhi.

This time top leaders of AAP  are insisting central government for posting of a person of their choice Mr. R S Negi as Chief  Secretary and have rejected the three options given to them by Central Government. It means they do not have any respect for existing rules for posting of an IAS officer for the post of Chief Secretary. It also means that their success or failure in managing Delhi does not depends on capacity , talent , managerial skill and performing potential of Mr Arvind Kejriwal but on the posting of Mr. R S Negi as Chief Secretary.

Top leaders of AAP  want to impose their whims and fancies on central government and choose persons of their choice even if violates the culture of posting seniors for the post of Chief Secretary. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has powers to change Ministers or appoint any MLA or Non-MLA as Minister but he does not have unregulated powers to promote an officer or to downgrade an officer or to post an officer at higher post ignoring the future of many other senior and talented officers .

Lastly if Mr. Negi is the person who can manage the state better, why not Mr. Kejriwal steps down from the post of Chief Minister and appoint Mr. Negi as Chief Minister. A good manager do not quarrel with his subordinates but try to perform better with available manpower. A good manager tries to understand the quality of existing workforce for adequate time and try to learn how to take work from them .

Otherwise Mr. Kejriwal will prove him at par with persons like  Ms Mayawati and Mr Mulayam Singh who use to transfer thousands of officers as soon as they came to power to serve their self interest and to conceal their evil works. . They used officers as their domestic servants and demoralised entire officer cadre due to which the entire administrative and police system is almost paralysed and it is the people of UP who have to suffer due to such unhealthy management of Human Resources.

As such , it is the managerial skill of Mr Kejriwal which will bring success for the party and comfort for the resident of Delhi and he has to learn take work from available work force . He has to stop criticising all officers and humiliating  senior officers by insisting a junior officer like Mr. Negi to be posed as Chief Secretary Delhi. After all officers senior to Mr. Negi have not committed any fault or are not proved inferior than Mr. Negi. Mr. Kejriwal has to change his culture of childish rigidity and stop making all petty issues as an attack on his ego. He should stop making petty issues as bone of contention between state and central government.

AAP rejects Home Ministry's shortlist for Chief Secretary-India Today

Hardening its position, the (Aam Aadmi Party) AAP government on Sunday rejected Union Home Ministry's panel of three senior IAS officials to pick one of them as the next Chief Secretary, asking the Centre to respect its choice of R S Negi for the the top post and cooperate with it to fulfil people's aspirations.

In a letter to the Home Ministry, the Delhi government said the Centre should not impose any officer on it and that there would be nothing wrong in appointing Negi, a 1984-batch officer, to the top bureaucratic post.

Sources said Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was firm on his stand to have Negi as the next Chief Secretary due to which the panel of three officers recommended by the Home Ministry was turned down

The AAP government also conveyed to the Home Ministry that it came to power after a historic mandate from people of Delhi and the Centre should extend all possible cooperation to it to realize people's expectations.
Sources in the Delhi Government said as Negi is currently serving as Chief Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh, why should there be any difficulty for the Centre to assign the same responsibility to him in Delhi.

Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had met Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday and requested him to appoint Negi as the Chief Secretary.
The Home Ministry yesterday had rejected Delhi Government's recommendation, saying Negi was too junior and does not fall in the prescribed pay grade of Rs.80,000 per month for the post.

In a communication, the Home Ministry had also told Delhi Government that appointment of Negi will be unfair to a dozen AGMTU cadre officers who are senior to him and serving in various key positions.

In its letter, the Delhi government rejected the Home Ministry?s argument and requested it to respect its choice.
The Union Home Ministry makes key bureaucratic appointments in Delhi government as the city is a Union Territory.

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