Sunday, November 29, 2015

Force Discipline On Members of Parliament

I condemn all those Members of Parliament  who create nuisance in Parliament ,waste valuable time of Parliament on non issues and thus delay the process leading to making or amendment of act. It is they who stall the progress of the country .

I think MPs who cry at more than a reasonable sound, who frequently stand without permission of speaker and who join together to fight or create havoc in Parliament must be fined by amount at least equal to one month pay and if mistakes repeated three times even after warning, he should be suspended for the session and his all powers and amenities should be withdrawn .

And if MP repeats the same mistake in next session ,he or she should be permanently removed and fresh election should be considered in which he or she will not be allowed to participate.

In addition all MPs should sing National Anthem in the beginning and at the end of days work. They should not use the word which divides persons based on caste or community.

In Parliament, all are simply representative of people of India and should be allowed to sit wherever they are eligible in chronological order . There should not be discrimination based on party. Ruling or opponents should be mixed. There should not be Treasury benches which separate opponent from rulers. Opposition members are also public representatives and their voice is equally valuable in democracy.

It is need of the hour that voters of the area to teach lessons to those MPs who create problems and nuisance in Parliament. In olden days these MPs used to be honorary members and were paid simply minimum maintenance expenses. Now their pay package is much more than a CEO of a reputed big company. They cannot be left without accountability and responsibility. MPs are morally and legally duty bound to perform in proportion to their pay and to their status in the society.

If MPs and elected representatives do not attend duty in time and with full sincerity, their pay should be linked to number of hours they attend Parliament  . Similarly if an MP fail to secure even 25 % of vote cast in next election , his paid salary  should also be recovered.

Politicians in General and MPs in Particular should stop fighting in history or in topics of the past or on topics which divides society. They should stop playing with emotions of Indians. Rather they should learn lessons from the past. If India has to grow, Indiana have to stop infighting and extend cooperation to all good performers. This is known to all that our infighting has contributed a lot to weaken India and spoiling future of our country only by infighting and we will become slave once again if we do not stop it immediately. Interest of Country and that of Indian citizen should always be considered above all party politics

----Danendra Jain

Parliament to function - urge all political parties to have a collaborative and consultative process in the Parliament- This is a copy of Petition submitted on website Change .org.
Democracy is a great Indian asset.  Parliament which reflects the will and mandate of people represents the sovereign.  Parliament debates and legislates. Every inch of Indian Territory and every ideological shade is represented in this forum.  Parliament is held in great esteem by the people.

            Parliamentary protest are not unknown.  Parliamentary stalemates can never be permanent.  Parliamentary paralysis can lead to weakening of India’s democracy.  There is a spread of political power between the opposition and the Government in Indian Parliament.  Both have an important role to play.  Both have responsibility to discuss and resolve political issues.  Political consensus represents the best practice in Indian democracy.

             Recent events have been disheartening. They have the potential of eroding popular faith in Parliament.  Perpetual disruption can never be the rule.  Street demonstrations against the Chair of the Lower House are of unprecedented scale.  The Lower house is without some opposition members. The upper house is perpetually adjourned.  The importance of uninterrupted legislative function of the Parliament can hardly be over emphasized. Important laws like the Constitution amendments in Goods and Services Tax which improves India’s growth rate is held up. GST has taken a long time in coming and has taken years of consensus building, and CII has time and again reiterated that this could significantly contribute to India’s and States’ growth.  India has to grow in order to alleviate poverty and create jobs.  Parliament did not get an opportunity to discuss important issues, like floods, security issues, other economic priorities, etc. It is only a debate which brings out the facts to enable people to form a fair and objective opinion on important matters.

             We, therefore, urge all political parties to have a collaborative and consultative process in the Parliament and allow the Parliament to function, to debate and legislate.
Signed by:

  • Mr Sumit Mazumder, President, CII
  • Dr Naushad Forbes, President Designate, CII
  • Mr Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII
  • Mr Ajay S Shriram, Chairman & Senior Managing Director, DCM Shriram Ltd
  • Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-Founder, Infosys Ltd and Trustee, Pratithi Investment Trust
  • Mr Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Group, Godrej Industries Ltd
  • Mr Rajesh Shah, Co-Chairman & Managing Director, Mukand Ltd
  • Mr Sunil Kant Munjal, Hero Corporate Services Limited
  • Mr Rahul Bajaj, Chairman, Bajaj Auto Limited
  • Mr Rajive Kaul, Chairman, Nicco Corporation Ltd
  • Mr Ramesh Maheshwari, Executive Vice Chairman, Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd
  • Mrs Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairman & Managing Director, Biocon Ltd
  • Mr Atul Punj, Chairman, Punj Lloyd Ltd
  • Mr Nadir B Godrej, Managing Director, Godrej Industries Ltd
  • Mr Vikram Kirloskar, Vice Chairman , Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Banmali Agrawala, President & CEO - GE South Asia, General Electric Company
  • Mr Vinayak Chatterjee, Chairman, Feedback Infra Pvt Ltd
  • Mr G V Sanjay Reddy, Vice Chairman, GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd
  • Mr Sunil Mathur, CEO & Managing Director , Siemens Ltd
  • Mr Vinod Sharma, Managing Director , Deki Electronics Ltd
  • Mr Nikhil Sawhney, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Triveni Turbines Ltd
  • Mr Anil Sardana, CEO & Managing Director, The Tata Power Company Ltd
  • Mr Kamal Bali, Managing Director, Volvo India Pvt Ltd
  • Dr Rajiv I Modi, Chairman & Managing Director, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Dr Janmejaya Kumar Sinha, Chairman - Asia Pacific, The Boston Consulting Group India Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Vijay Thadani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, NIIT Ltd
  • Mr Rajan Navani, Managing Director, Jetline Group of Companies
  • Mr Sanjiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Finserv Ltd
  • Mr Y M Deosthalee, Chairman & Managing Director, L & T Finance Holdings Ltd
  • Mr Pawan Munjal, Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd.
  • Ms Anu Aga, Director, Thermax Ltd.
  • Mr Ajit Gulabchand, Chairman & Managing Director, Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd. 
  • Mr Dipankar Chatterji, Senior Partner, L. B. Jha & Co.
  • Mr Aloke Mookherjea, Chairman , Howden Solyvent (India) Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Sanjay Budhia, Managing Director, Patton International Ltd
  • Mr Mukul Somany, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd
  • Mr Umesh Choudhary, Managing Director, Titagarh Wagons Ltd
  • Prof Sanjay Chandwani, Professor, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
  • Mr Suhail Seth, Managing Partner, Counselage India
  • Mr Vipin Sondhi, Managing Director & CEO, JCB India Ltd
  • Amb Kuldip Sahdev
  • Amb R Vishwanathan
  • Amb Rajiv Bhatia
  • Mr Kabir Bedi
  • Mr T Kannan, Managing Director, Thiagarajar Mills Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Ramesh Datla, Managing Director , Thiagaraja Mills Pvt Ltd
  • Prof. Piyush Kumar Sinha, Professor, IIM Ahmedabad
  • Dr Sanjaya Baru
  • Dr Nareh Trehan
  • Dr Ashok Seth
  • Dr Ajay Choksey
  • Ashok Jhunjhunwala
  • Dr Akshay Dhobley
  • Dr Kamlesh Misra
  • Prof A Purushotham Rao 
  • Prof G S Rathore
  • Mr Pramod Bhasin, Chairman, The Skills Academy and Founder & Vice Chairman, Genpact India
  • Mr Shreekant Somany, Chairman & Managing Director, Somany Ceramics
  • Mr Rajiv Memani, Chairman - India Region, Ernst & Young Llp
  • Mr Naveen Munjal, Chief Executive Officer, Hero Exports
  • Mr Anant Talaulicar, Managing Director - Cummins Group in India
  • Mr Rajendra S Pawar, Chairman and Co-Founder of NIIT Group
  • Mr Ravichandran Purushothaman, President - Danfoss India 
  • Mr Farhad Forbes, Director, Forbes Marshall
  • Mr Nirmal Bhogilal, Chairman & Managing Director, Batliboi Ltd
  • Mr Madhur Bajaj, Vice Chairman & Whole-Time Director, Bajaj Auto Limited
  • Mr Mahendra Agarwal, Founder & CEO, GATI Ltd
  • Mr Ramesh Datla, Chairman & Managing Director, Elico Limited
  • Mr Vishnu Mathur, Director General, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
  • Mr N Seshagiri Rao, JMD & Group CFO , JSW Steel Ltd
  • Mr Adesh Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Shoes Ltd
  • Mr Praveen Toshniwal, Chairman, Nivo Control Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Neel Raheja, Group President, K Raheja Corporation
  • Mr Harpal Singh, Mentor & Chairman Emeritus, Fortis Healthcare Ltd
  • Mr Ranganath N K, Managing Director, Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Mayank Ashar, Managing Director & CEO, Carin India
  • Mr Ashank Desai, Founder, Mastek Ltd
  • Mr Shankar Vanavarayar, President & Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru College of Technology
  • Mr Piruz Khambatta, Chairman, Rasna Pvt Ltd
  • Dr Pawan Goenka, Executive Director & Group President –(Auto & Farm Sector) , Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
  • Mr S Sandilya, Chairman, Eicher Motors Ltd
  • Mr T T Ashok, Managing Director, Taylor Rubber Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Viresh Oberoi, Managing Director & CEO, Mjunction Services Ltd
  • Mr Rathin Basu, Chairman, Alstom India Ltd
  • Mr Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Ltd
  • Mr Rahul Khosla, Managing Director, Max India Ltd
  • Mr Vijay Thadani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, NIIT Ltd
  • Dr Dharmakirti Joshi, Chief Economist , Crisil Ltd
  • Mr Amit Roy Chowdhury, Chairman & Mg Director , J Thomas & Co Pvt Ltd
  • Ms Dipti Neelakanthan, Group Chief Operating Office, JM Financial Ltd
  • Mr Ravi Todi, Director, Bengal Tools Ltd
  • Mr Sandipan Chakravortty, Chairman, TM International Logistics Ltd
  • Mr Rajan Vaswani, Chairman & Managing Director, Wesman Engineering Co Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Aloke Mookherjea, Chairman , Howden Solyvent (India) Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Sanjay Budhia, Managing Director, Patton International Ltd
  • Mr Sanjiv Puri, Divisional Chief Executive, ITC Ltd
  • Mr Indranil Aich, Managing Partner , Aich Appraisers Auctioners and Valuers
  • Dr Gautam Vohra, Managing Director , Kaagaz International
  • Ms Puneeta Roy, Managing Trustee, The Yuva Ekta Foundation
  • Mr Ashook Ramsaran, President, GIPIO (Global organisation of PIOs) ..... and 54000 more.

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