Thursday, March 17, 2016

An Appeal To Prime Minister of India

India has kept condition of punishing culprits of Pathankot for resumption of talk with Pakistan. It appears India has forgot or ignored the Mumbai terror attack or attack on Parliament. If Pakistan based terrorists attacks afresh at new place, India will perhaps forget Pathankot too.

Is it the way to resolve issues with Pakistan?

Is it the policy of the Government to continue on dialogue process and continue to forget all past cases of terror attack ?

Pakistan is never reliable and therefore India has to have a well thought programme to deal with evil acts of Pakistan.

Ministry of Finance has suggested austerity measures for PSU banks to improve profit which is facing erosion due to increased volume of stressed assets. Management of PSU banks has curtailed expenses on newspaper, issued instruction to all branches for saving cost of papers on printing etc. But they conduct business plan meetings at five star hotels and enjoy three four days as paid tour in the name of business planning. They spend crores of rupees. and save a few hundreds of rupees in curtailing expenses on Newspaper, Penny Wise and Pound Foolish.Lacs of rupees are spent by a Branch when any top officials visits Branch.

Will Govrenment of India create example for banks by organising their meeting in government conference halls ?

Will they send CBI team where PSB management organise business plan meeting and watch what they actually do and what they actually spend in the name of business?

Will governmnt conduct audit of expenditure of all PSUs and PSBs ?

Will government investigate corruption in recruitment and promotion in banks?

Is it enough to issue guidelines every year and then keep silence and forget to ensure compliance of guidelines and legal provisions?

Government has taken many steps to recover dues from Kingfisher Mallya. I appreciate it because government of the past never did any thing to stop rise in bad debts.

But I say here that there are hundreds of Mallyas in Banking system which has caused loss to bank.

In recent past , it is reported by DFM in Parliament that Public sector banks have written off 38 accounts of Rs100 crore and above amounting to about Rs8,000 crore during the nine months of the current fiscal.

You may imagine the gravity of the matter. Hundreds of bank executives and politicians are responsible for such evil culture in banks which has been created by Congress Party government during last three decades in the name of reformation. 

If you do not ensure punishment to real culprits, banks will continue to create more and more bad assets and continue to write off them to protect evil minded officers. Taxpayer and honest depositors will continue to suffer due to corrupt officers and mischievous borrowers.

Please arrange quick disposal of cases pending in courts for decades.

 Justice delayed is justice denied. 

Modi had promised trial of all criminal MPs in one year . It is yet to be accomplished. 

Similarly corruption in banks is unnoticed for decades. 

Govrnment will have to take cae of it. Even vigilence officers , auditors and Chartered Accountants are of same culture as evil bankers are.

Harayana Government reamained silent spectator when Jat quota supporters destroyed life and properties worth hundreds of crore of rupees and distrubed peace of Harayana. Central Governmnt also failed to do justice with victim of rioting and arsoning done by jat quota supporters.

Now again Jat agitationaists have thratened to strike peace and life of the state, Harayana government has again called their leaders for talk.

If they agree to their unlegitimate demand of quota, this will send bad message to other communities in India . And many more caste groups will come out demanding reservation for their casteand more and more violence will be resorted to by agitational groups.

Merit will continue to suffer and all growth agenda and developmental projects will be punctured by undeserving candidates who come from quota. 

Will it not give rise to caste conflicts and will it not disturb social harmony?

Time has come now to take stern action against all evil officials and political leaders to create an environment for good governance. If  government is  good , it  should appear to be good for common men.Anyone who indulge in violence must be taken to task.

I have touched one international issue, one state issue and one central  issue realted to PSBs. I hope you will take appropriate step to ensure reign of justice.

I am fully confident that under your able leadership , police reformation, judicial reformation and jsutice to Human resources in governmnt offices will take place . If these three are given due care, eveery other thing will automatically improve. 

I am a hard core BJP follower and I hope India will rise to greater height only under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi.

Opponents of Modi and some of media men are creating nuiscence by raising non-issues . I hope Mr. Modi and BJP will get success in containing mischievous acts of all evil forces.

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