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Politics Of Sympathisers Of Kanhaiya Kumar

Today is Sunday, you may spare a few minutes out of your valuable time to listen this video.Please listen upto the end patiently and then give your valuable comment. I submit below the link of the video.

I request specially Kanhaiya Kumar and his all sympathisers to listen the said  fully and sincerely. I request Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Yachuri , Nitish like evil minded politiicans and evil minded journalists like Barkha, Rajdeep, Ravish to listen it careflly and sincerely .

Please do not ignore the video just by saying that it is creation of some Modi-Bhakt or Anti-Rahul or some rightists. Please listen from the view of nationality only and without an prejudiced mind. If you find it is true and genuine, do not hesitate in forwarding the same to your friends too.

In our country  some anti-nationals are active under a conspiracy to divide this great  country on caste and communal ground, to weaken it and to break it into small  pieces . They are submitting fake news, fabricated news, doctored videos, manipulated historical facts, misrepresenting religious facts and thus polluting Indian culture. They are using social sites like Facebook and WhatsApp to pollute minds of innocent Indians. They are even trying to belittle the sacrifices of soldiers by taking name of weaker section , poor or dalit or minority .

We can do or we cannot do much for the country , but we can at least spread good thoughts and good views of others which are helpful in making India great, safe and secure.

Sanjeev Newar, an IIT-IIM and founder of Agniveer rips apart Kanhaiya Kumar's speech and his supporters like Kejriwal, Rahul, Barkha, Sardesai, Yechury. Must watch - filled with emotions, facts and arguments, that no one can refute.

I salute Mr. Sanjeev Kumar for sharing his golden views with us and I hope he will continue to do so to enlighten and motivate those people specially those students who are demotivated and who have become victim of selfish and dirty politicians who are bent upon spoiling this great country by their evil thoughts.

I hope parents who got their child admitted in JNU for making their child a great person will now and should now call back their child from university like JNU where students insead of devoting them in study are involved in dirty politics to malign and weaken our Mother India.

Educational institutions are called as Temple of knowledge but evil minded persons and selfish politicians are using this pious place too for their self and for political gain. Shameful indeed. They are curse on humanity and curse on nationality. Our enemy sitting in Pakistan or elsewhere outside India can imagine to do so , but it gives much pain when our own people spit on Mother India or shout slogans to destroy India or to break India into pieces or when they glorify terrorists like Afzal Guru or Yaqub Menon. It gives us much pain when they ridicule judiciary and democracy. It gives much pain when they talk of freedom but gives disrespect to a duly elected government .

Selfish politicians who are crazy for enrichment of their vote bank even at the cost of national interest will not be excused by clever voters . Let them cry loudly , they will be  taught lessons in forthcoming election by clever and talented voters. Similarly journalists and media men who are playing foul game with country and who are selling their Mother India for serving their self or that of their promoters or for increasing their TRP will also face the anger of nationalist Indian sooner or the later.

One may or may not like Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi , but he has no right to shout slogans against Mother India. Our country has seen different political parties fighting against ruling party in Parliament and State Assemblies during last almost  seven decades of freedom. But it has never witnessed type of dirtiest politics which has been seen during last few months.

In may view , anti-India-slogan-shouters and their supporters, all  are traitors and anti-nationals , there is no doubt in it.

It is very easy to incite violence in India by giving hate speech or by giving fire-brand speech. It is easy to make an incident emotional . It is easy to use religion to provoke one against other. It is easy to divide the society and malign a group or the other .

But it is very difficult to deliver a speech for promoting mutual love , for promoting peace and mutual respect , for promoting happiness, for creating and promoting a culture for welfare of all, for empowering society and for peaceful co-existence of people of caste , colour and community.

It is very difficult for a speaker to ignite fire but it is very difficult for a good speaker to extinguish fire created and fuelld by evil minided persons and politicians.

Law of karma not only bites us when we do the wrong action. But it also bites us when we FAIL TO DO THE RIGHT action.
United we flourish. Divided we perish.

Educational schools, colleges and universities are places where seeds of mutual love and happiness are sown , where lessons on moral sicience and patriotism are taught , where ability to research and develop creative ideas are sown should be worshipped like Temples of God. But if these places are used to spread hate and ignite fire, our country may not be safe .

Our Government should take all possible steps to ensure that these temples of  knowledge are not polluted by evil minided persons and politiicans. Parent should also cooperate governmnt in doing so. There is no fun in sending their wards to such schools and collages where teachers and students give lectures for breaking of Nation. 

I submit below an article which throw light on process of admission of students in JNU. Please verify and then only hav faith on it. Please help students in getting quality education . Students have potential to make or mar a country. If students are derailed and demotivated, it may spoil our country . History will not forgive politicians and persons who are promoting evil culture to serve their self interest .

A country or a society and even a family run by cetain set of rules and ethics. Our country is also run by valued Constitutino of India and certain set of laws , rules and guidelines. A civilised society have to learn to live in the same framework. A country cannot be safe and secure in the hands of persons and politiicians who do not have faith on laws and who  do not have faith of Constitution and who misinterpret lines of laws as per their whims and fancies and as per their personal interest.

In an era of advanced technology, great role is played by TV media in making India peaceful and safe. If media men become biased and prejudiced, if they become evil minided, if they become enemy of country and humanity, they may ignite fire in any country by showing provocative ,fabricated and fake stories.

It is media men who presents a story after painting it with brush of colour, caste and community and try this best to ignite fire and incite caste conflicts and communal riots. If they start treating all persons as Indian only, people of India will also learn to fall in line slolwly and gradually.

On the other hand if they show story of killing of a Muslim Akhalk or a Dalit Rohit vermula for days and months or if they giving extra coverage to anti-nationals like Kanhaiya Kumar or Umar Khalid , major chunk of viewers will start thinking that India is not safe for dalits or Muslims or for weaker section.

If anchors and promoters of TV media project Persons like Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid or Hardik Patel as Hero and as Icon for the country, people will soon forget great man like Ganhiji, Subhash Bose, Sardar Patel and soldiers who protects us in all types of war and natural calamities.

As a matter of fact , people of all caste and community , rich or poor , weak or strong work together, love each other and live in and try to live in peace in all parts of the country. Only a negligiible number of Indians are engaged in disturbing peace and environment of love and co-existence. Politicians in small numbers are also helping these anti-national elements and tryng to fish in troubled water.

India in gneral is still the most tolerant and peaceful country which gives respect to people from all sections of society without any discrimination. We have to cherish this culture and give value to this great doctrine of pluralism and culture of living in diversity peacefully .

Selection Engineering: Political Filters in JNU’s Admission Process
The problem at JNU needs to be fixed and the grip of Communists over the university must be destroyed, but this has not happened for multiple reasons.

In hatred for PM Modi, Opposition creating far-reaching damage to our political system

The only solution that I see here is for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to work harder to be a ‘uniter’ in the face of these divisive forces

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