Sunday, April 3, 2016

Open Letter to IT Minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad

I would like to draw the attention of IT Minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad. Matter is very small and I should not write for this petty issue to a central Minister. I however take an oppotunity to bring this small story to the notice of Minister only to enlighten him what is going on in BSNL and other PSU and govt departments.

I may get my telephone line disconnected and opt for better private telephone service providers whose agents are knocking my doors frequently. Since I am a government servent, I like to see prosperity in government sector  and want that each government department regains the lost image under the leadership of PM Mr. Narendra Modi. I want that PSUs perform in such a better way that people get disenchantd with private service providers, private airlines, private schools ad colleges, private nursing homes  and private banks.

I want that all customer care centers start  working  honestly and sincerely to win the love of consumers. I want that all portals which invite public complains and public grievances seeking redressal must act honstly , sincerely and switly to resolve public grievances. Mere establishment of such bodies is not going to serve any purpose .

I have gained bad experience with such portals during regime of Congress Party or that of UPA ld by Congress Party. People do not want to lodge FIR in police station, they do not want to file a case in courts of India, they do not want to complain to even local district magistrates or even to local bodies knowing very well that their letters will never be attended to , rather they will be tortured for making a complain. This government has to win trust of common men and this can be done only by attending promptly on each of public complain. If it hapens so, I have no doubt that corruption of all nature will vanish soon and country will grow by leaps and bounds..

I submit copy of my complain dated 6 fab 2016 which was submitted on PMO site and which is acknowledged by PMO site with following number.

Your Grievance has been registered vide Registration number PMOPG-E-2016-0041434 .Please quote the same in your future correspondance.
Though complain of a consumer is not significant for PMO office, I thnk it essential to bring the story of non-performanc to the notice of central government too , so that they may be aware of ground reality of grivance redressal system or customer care system put in force by them.

I submit below copy of complain dated 6th Fab 2016

I have lodged online complain through mobile phone several times during last two months and more . Everytime a SMS is sent to my address that complain has been lodged and the matter will be taken care of b a person specified. Next day they will sen another SMS that your complain has been resolved. Complain number informed to me on SMS are 13360614733 dated 20 November 2015 then subsequent numbers are 13361752052 133966966322 13415448012 1339669622 1415448012 13479404242 13497133312 1527898032 .

Will you please inquire whether anyone visited my residence to rectify and repair the defect or simply the resolved the complain unilaterally in their office only?

Similarly broadband connection on my phone is slowed time and again though I have opted for unlimited internet . I am unable to understand why they arbitrarily slow down the internet speed when I use to pay the bill regularly in time.

After one month , in first week of March I was informed by BSNL that telephone line has been disconnected because of non payment of bill. In fact no bill is pending. Then they informed that they have waived Rs.498 and due is Rs.589. I asked them to submit bill. The sent email on 17th March enclosing letter dated 8th March . I paid even latest bill on 17th March which was due for payment upto 30th March 2016.

Today is 30th March 2016. Till date telephone line has not been restored even though four months have passed and there is no bill pending for payment.

Obviously there is no concern in minds of BSNL officials towards complain of consumers. They either do not understand the nature of complain or they do not give much weightage to complain of consumer , neither to advice received by them from even PM office.

Will you now investigate to know the story and act or you will also make a formal appeal to authority concerned as a rhetoric and formal exercise ?

Is there anyone in the system which will actually ensure resolution of complain from customer, compliance of existing guidelines and punishment to real guilty and negligent officials?

It is easy to construct a portal for receiving public grievances but it is very difficult to act on it and ensure redressal of grievances received on the portal.Similarly it is easy and appears soothing to ear when we know that government or any department has established a Customer Care Cell to loook into grievances of consumers.

I have once again submitted complain On PMO site and which is acknowledged as under
Your Registration Number is : PMOPG/E/2016/0101982

It is astonishing that BSNL is not even aware how broadband is allowed when telephone line of a consumer is disconnected due to non paymnt of bill.

I do not understand why BSNL created a fakeor imaginary bill of .Rs.1087.00 (waived Rs.498 without my demand plus demanded Rs589) although I have been paying all my bills always before time . I never failed or delayed in payment of bill. I never appealed for waiver of any charges or for any mercy. Why BSNL unilaterally waived a part of bill and why they disconnected telephone line ven though no bill is pending for payment.

I do not understand what does the Call Drop means. My telehone line has been disconneted without any valid reason .

Will anyone compensate me?

If BSNL continues to serve in this manner, there is no doubt that BSNL will continue to incur losses and at their cost, private telecome service providers will continue to earn more and more profit.

Government is habituated to hide its fault by funding loss making BSNL and shift this burden again on honest taxpayers.

Thy are doing same in case of Indian Airlines , many PSUs and even for public sector banks.

Similarly public sector banks incur loss to the tune of lacs of crores of rupees due to non recovery of dues from bank loan defaulters and when situation goes beyond control and health of banks become pathetic, government infuse capital to save these banks.This capital comes from common men , from tax payers and from savings made by banks in interest which is actuall payable to depositors.

Due to fault of politicians and officials, banks are forced to incur losses. Banks are then advised to reduce interest rate on deposits. It clearly means that people of India who keep their hard earned money in banks are not paid even reasonable amount of interest. People of India like pensioners, retired employees and small traders whose survival depend on interest income are penalised for none of their fault and for fault of rich borrowers who cause erosion in bank's profit.

Government give huge amount of loan to rich people at low interest rate by using money of smalll savers. When rich people default in repayment , poor savers are denied interest or paid less interest. As a matter of fact rich borrowers can manage to pay even higher rate of interest on loans they take from banks but it is not easy for retired persons to survive and manage their family livlihood when their interest income get eroded for none of their fault.

Similarly due to non-performing staff of BSNL, private companies in this sector flourish by leaps and bounds and BSNL continue to suffer loss and consumers associated with BSNL continue to live in pain. Consumers prefer getting line from private companies. I too can get telephoe connection from them . But I being a government employees want government sector to prosper .

I hope current government will do justice to common men and ensure good governance so that common men are not penalised due to fault of rich borrowers, or due to non performing employess of BSNL or Indian Airlines.or PSUs


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Good analysis sir

Dharamveer Bhatia said...

Good analysis sir