Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Importance of Om Citing in YOGA

  • Tweet sent to Mank Gupta News 24 channel , on 17th May 2016 7.25 p.m.

  • debate on your channel , whether Om citing is pro-Hindu, Your mind and your question appears to be prejudiced, ill-motivated

  • You could start debate how much 'Om' citing is beneficial for health of body, mind and soul, This could generate positivity

  • Subject of debate is faulty, then you call such persons  who instead of love  can create and widen rift bewteen two communities

  • BJP Samvid,Mr. Kasmi and Yoga Guru Pratishta  are repeatedly telling that Om citing is not neceassary for all , it is optional

  • Mr. Kasmi is explaining, Yoga Guru is explaining uses of Yoga, still you impose your mind that BJP is imposing 'Bhagwa' agenda

  • You Manak Gupta wilfully promote mind of Ansar Raja and that of Congress Party who are prejudiced just to maling BJP

  • Mr. Manak Gupta and TV channels like you create havoc of petty issues , World have accepted Yoga , but our own persons dispute

  • Matter is importance of YOGA or that of citing of 'Om'. But anchor like you BJP vs Congress by repeatedly stressing on it

  • There is no dispute from side of BJP , It is voluntary , optional . It is crytal clear from beginning, but you media men evils

  • Mr. Manak , I ask you to tell people of India what is your personal view on citing of 'Om' instead of making others as tool 

  • Media has great role to play in  unification of communities and making harmony in them instead of inciting rift,hate & violance

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