Saturday, March 18, 2017

God Bless Yogi

Yogi in UP and Trump in USA are similar in some respect. They are good from core of their heart but somewhat loose in words and I hope they will do best for their people though  they will be prime target of their opponents. Both of them have strong aspirations for nationalism and Swadeshi focus. They want to serve their people without careing of their opponents.

 Defeated politicians will try their best to create disturbances, disturb peace and disrupt execution of growth oriented and nationalism motivated policies of the government . Ti.e will tell how far they succeed in changing their image in smaller  section of society.

They can make a new history by following National agenda in true spirit like our PM Mr Modi.

Let us be positive and waIt for some time to see the outcome of Yogi as CM of a state which counts much in national politics.

After all majority of seats are in favour of BJP only due to support of voters.received in bulk with joint efforts of Modi, Amit Shah, Yogi and other BJP leaders and followers. Let us give respect to people's mandate and give best wishes for success of people of UP in particular  and the country in general.

Unprecedented victory of BJP in UP has at least proved that mischievous efforts of Modi haters failed to convince voters that demonetization step was wrong, that surgical strike was a drama and that BJP is a communal party.

Politicians and journalists  who abused and ridiculed  Modi and Amit Shah in particular and BJP - RSS in general will introspect and repent. They will learn from election outcome that people want performance and not like use of bad words for performers like Modi .

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