Monday, May 8, 2017

Kejriwal And Politics in Delhi

Mr. Kapil Mishra ,ousted Minister of Aam Admi Party (AAP) Government in Delhi has done the something which Mr. Arvind kejriwal did and has been doing consistently for last five year for other politicians .
Kejriwal used to malign image of political leaders of Congress Party and other constituents of UPA which was ruling party from the year 2004 to 2014 during the movement launched against Corruption by India Against Corruption. He used to put wild charges against top leaders of Congress Party in Delhi and UPA at centre, charges may be provable or non-provable and run away.
Even after forming the government first time in Delhi , he never tried to punish leaders whom he alleged to be most corrupt leaders of the country and of Delhi state.
ON the contrary Mr. Kejriwal formed government taking support of the same party against which he and his colleagues under the banner of IAC had agitated for months and years. At that time it was said that since the Aam Admi Party had got no absolute majority and since the government was formed with the support of Congress Party (alleged by AAP as most corrupt party ), Kejriwal was not taking punitive action against any of leaders of Congress Party. Within six months , Kejriwal resigned from the post of CM on the plea of his failure to bring Jan Lokpal and forced another election in Delhi.
Fortunately or unfortunately, Mr. Kejriwal and his party again won the election in the year 2015 even under Modi wave in the country which made Mr. Narendra Modi as PM in the year 2014 . In the year 2015 , AAP formed government under the leadership of Mr Kejriwal with unprecedented majority (67 MLAs of AAP out of total 70 ). But still Mr. Kejriwal did not take any step to penalise persons to whom he and his colleagues had loudly and openly described as the most corrupt leader of the country.
After taking charge of Chief Minister second time in the year 2015 , Kejriwal completely forgot alleged corrupt leaders of UPA government. This time he started targeting Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India , Bhartiya Janta Party which led NDA government at centre and other leaders of NDA and last but not the least , the RSS . As a matter of fact , his this specific change in colour and change in attitude gave an indication that Mr. Kejriwal was least bothered of corruption but more focused on acquisition of greater power at centre.
Kejriwal cleverly shifted his focus from corruption to communalism . He expelled many of key and founder members of AAP just to have unbridled and unchallenged power in his own hand. He became more autocrat and surrounded by a few flatterer colleagues. He had promised to seek opinion of common men for all policies and actions but he ignored even his own ministers and MLAs for this purpose.
Mr. Kejriwal is in intelligent and educated person and knew very well that Delhi is an Union territory and the main power of governance vests with central government. Still he used to go against normal procedure of governance and put blame on LG Delhi for all his faults, wrong actions and non-performance. Mr. Kejriwal used many unparliamentary and uncivilised words for Mr. Modi which does not at all suit a person holding the prestigious and Constitutional post of Chief Minister of a state like Delhi which forms the centre of Indian politics. He crossed all past records of dirty politics and indulged in dirty politics based on caste, community, religion, Dalit-Non-dalit , Minority-Majority , regionalism and what not. Kejriwal entered into politics against the will of Anna Hazare to give country a clean politics, a culture entirely different from the prevailing culture in Indian politics.
Kejriwal did not hesitate even to criticise clothing and dresses used by Prime Minister, he did not spare even personal life of Modi, he used even wife of Modi to hit a political mileage. He doubted surgical strike conducted by Indian army and thus used Army also to gain advantage in his political career. He did not hesitate even using anti-national persons like Kanhiya Lal and Umar Khalid who shouted slogans against India . Kejriwal used all small incidents to malign Modi and BJP and RSS.
During his hate campaign against Mr. Narendra Modi , the Prime Minister of India , Mr. Kejriwal did not hesitate even questioning foreign visit of Mr. Modi and started abusing Modi on this score too. ON the one hand Mr.Modi was gaining in image all over the world and even developed countries like USA, UK, Japan, Russia, China started giving importance to leadership of Mr. Modi, a Chief Minister like Mr. Kejriwal left no stone unturned to tarnish image of India in world community by spreading his hate politics against Indian PM Mr. Modi.

Kejriwal CM of Delhi was to concentrate on growth of Delhi and welfare of people of Delhi. But unfortunately , Mr. Kejriwal and key members of AAP led government was devoting their precious time and money in other states like Punjab, Gujarat, Goa and Uttar Pradesh etc. During last two years of their government , many ministers and members of AAP were found guilty of various types and charge sheets against them are in process of scrutiny.
During movement against Corruption , Mr. Kejriwal used to put wild charges against the then ministers of UPA and Delhi Government and used to seek their resignation immediately and demand the government to send them to jail. Even during election campaign, Mr. Kejriwal used to threaten that as soon as he came to power, his government will send them all to jail . But nothing such happened even after coming to his power and even after lapse of two years in power.
It is therefor very correct to say that Mr. Kapil Mishra , ex-minister of AAP government has done the same as Mr. Kejriwal used to do for other and has been doing for his opponents since long. Kejriwal also used to project himself as victim and target his rivals on the basis of proven and un-proven charges, true or false allegations. Similarly Mr. Kapil Mishra after getting ousted from AAP government has portrayed himself as victim and has tried to target Mr. Kejriwal by saying that he tried to expose corrupt leaders of AAP but Kejriwal did not like it, rather alleged that Kejriwal himself is a bribe taker and protector of other corrupt leaders of AAP.
Now, question here arises is whether the allegation made by Mr. Kapil are true or false, are provable or not, are based on documents or not. In my view , a person holding such high post and claiming to be the most honest political leader of the country should not act which creates doubts on his honesty and integrity. he must take decisions in more and more transparent manner which he used to teach others. Kapil Mishra was a minister in his cabinet and he had got all right to question basis of transaction of money taking place in the residence of CM of his party. Kejriwal may be honest , but doubts raised by Mr. Kapil Mishra publicly are of serious nature cannot be ignored by any vigilant and honest government or any investigating agency or CBI or Anti-corruption bureau.

Mr. Kumar Viswas has said that he cannot doubt the integrity of Mr. Kejriwal . Mr. Yogendra Yadav says that he can believe Kejriwal as autocrat, arrogant , rigid, brainless, immature in politics, and so on but cannot believe that he has taken bribe. Another minister of AAP says that he cannot even dream of Kejriwal taking bribe. And so on. There is no merit on such uncalled for sympathy for Kejriwal because he is the head of the government of Delhi and he must be held primarily responsible and accountable if his most close associates called as cabinet ministers are of doubtful integrity , if serious charges of corruption are levelled by a minister against other minister of the same government. Kejriwal cannot be absolved from facing charges of corruption .
I would like to say here Mr. Manmohan Singh , preceding Prime Minister of India under UPA rule was also of sound image and his honesty and integrity was also beyond doubt . Still Kejriwal and his followers in the then movement used to charge UPA government of corruption and used to hold Mr. Manmohan Singh solely responsible for all scams and scandal which took place under the Prime Ministership of learned and Intelligent Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh. Kejriwal and his entire team used to sit on Dharna frequently at Jantar Mantar demanding end of UPA rule, jail to many ministers and finally resignation of the then PM Mr. Manmohan Singh and the then CM Ms Shiela Dikshit.
Now it is the time for Mr. Kejriwal to introspect and try to apply those lessons on himself which he used to teach others.
While talking about entry of criminals in politics , Mr. Kejriwal used to demand complete or partial bar on politicians facing criminal charges in court of law. Not it is open to all that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal himself, many of his ministers and members of AAP government are facing criminal charges against them in various courts.
Will Kejriwal now stick to this demand of total ban on entry of politicians facing charges of corruption or other serious charges. It is noteworthy that Kejriwal himself, his ministers and MLAs associated with AAP government are also facing serious charges like bribery, rape, money laundering , fake degree, drug addict etc.
It will not be an exaggeration to say here that Kejriwal has got no moral now to continue as CM of Delhi when his own minister has levelled serious charges of corruption against him and his colleagues.
In the past Mr. Kejriwal , a non-political person used to demand resignation and punishment of alleged corrupt politicians of various political parties . This time a minister of his own government was claimed that he has seen Mr. Kejriwal accepting Rs.2 crore from another Minister Mr. Jain. Several serious charges has been levelled against AAP government. Now if the same government remains in power, it is but natural that the process of investigation and inquiry may not be unbiased. Mr. Kejriwal used to shout loudly during his movement against corruption that as soon as a minister is charged, accused minister should resign from the post to ensure impartial enquiry. Now the same principal of justice should apply to Mr. Kejriwal too.
Here it is important to point out that Kejriwal suspended his Minister Mr. Amanutullah when he spoke against Mr. Kumar Viswas and on the following day he handed over key post of Assembly panel including that of the committee to investigate charges against Amanutullah to same Mr. Amanutullah. To make it more clear , a person is made judge to determine whether he has committed crime or not. It means that criminal is made police officer to investigate crime of the criminal.

It clearly means Mr. Kejriwal does not apply same standard of politics, justice and good governance on his government which he preaches for other government led by other parties.
Kejriwal may not be a person of doubtful honesty and integrity , but he is undoubtedly a failed politician of this decade and people of Delhi in particular and that of the country in general will not forget and forgive him for his dishonesty in politics.
I like to say that corruption does not mean only taking or giving bribe , it also ENCOMPASSES a lot of other activities which though directly do not include exchange of illegal money but which includes violation of normal ethics , favouritism, indirect interference in judicial matters, concealment of crime of one and false trapping of others ,illegal recruitment and promotions, unwarranted transfers, putting wrong allegation against others to malign his image and so on.
Kejriwal in particular and leaders of Aam Admi Party in general have to understand the bitter truth of their government, their attitude, their public behaviour, their failure in compliance of legal norms, failure to perform and so on.
Kejriwal and his party will have to stop putting blame on others for their failure and stop making lame excuses for their non-performance and for their misbehaviour. They lost one after other election but instead of realising their lapses, shortcomings and deficiencies n they always put blame of EVMs and started casting aspersions on PM Mr. Modi and Election Commissioner.
A bad carpenter quarrels with his tools. It is very old saying and it is fit to define character of Mr. Kejriwal.
AAP has to bring about radical changes in the party or face end of the party as Janta Party of the year 1977 collapsed after 30 months of power.

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