Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chatishgarh Massacre

Central government cannot escape its responsibility to handle the problems related to naxalism and save he country from the danger posed by naxalite groups, by anti national forces acting from inside the country. They cannot put blame squarely on state governments saying that naxalism is law and order problem and hence a subject of state government. Only fool can accept the theory of law and order problem cited by Ministers in Central Government or leaders of Congress Party or any other person like Lalu Yadav even after experiencing large scale killing of CRPF and common men in last one month only , that too on one place only and that in Dantewara district in Chattisgarh state. This is happening despite the fact that Chief Minister of Chattishgarh is making all efforts to handle naxalism and extending all support to Central government wholeheartedly. In other states like Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand mass killing by naxalites has become common feature and hence accepted by common men as usual incident like road accidents. .

Naxalites have grown in number, in financial strength and accumulated huge arms and ammunitions and now they openly challenge and threat state governments, kill CRPF and police personnel in wholesale number, not to speak of thousands of innocents common men. When naxalites are not worried of central Para military forces, how untrained and unequipped police personnel under the control of state government can control and stop naxalism. It is pity that state government are not able to control even traffic jams or stop large scale money extortion carried out by local goonda elements in small or big towns. Digvijay Singh like mad politician can only blame Raman Singh CM of Chattishgarh to do dirty politics, such person should keep in memory naxal like incidents occurring frequently in Kashmir and also Mumbai terror attack of 1991 and incident of unforgettable 27 -11 and many more fatal attacks which occurred in the past when Congress Party was in rule. I do not want enumerate them to waste the time of readers.

I therefore appeal leaders of ruling party not to treat the problem of naxalism from the view of political advantage r disadvantage. Naxalism has penetrated in many states of the country and presently it poses a bigger threat than terrorism managed by foreign based camps. It is no more a hidden fact that Pakistan based terrorists are using India based naxalites to weaken India’s internal security and demoralize the security forces. It is open secret that even police forces are paying dadagiri tax to naxalites for survival in all naxal affected areas and they are even parting with their arms or even selling arms and ammunitions to naxal groups.
If Indian government even now do not understand the gravity and danger of Maoism or naxalism and delay in launching a sincere war against naxalim to finish it for ever and for rooting it out from every corner of the country, India will have to face the same problem as Sri Lanka faced the problem of LTTE . Ultimately Sri Lanka declared war against LTTE and finished it. India will have to do the same sooner or later, though they may do so after incurring huge loses of human beings and facing the worst position of demoralization, demotivtions and division in armed forces as also revolt from police forces. Common men have undoubtedly lost faith in UPA government and many state governments specially those in states like Jharkhand and West Bengal.

It is proper to mention here that late Indira Gandhi was courageous lady to finish Khalistan Movement though belatedly and it was her this act for the safety of people of India that she was assassinated. But she always considered nation and poor people above party she belonged to. Nation is always bigger than Individual. It will not be an exaggeration to say that present team of politicians could never win the battle of freedom because they are least bothered of common men or safety of the country. Lastly I do not hesitate in appealing all state governments and politicians in general to support present Home Minister Sri P Chidambaram wholeheartedly in fighting Naxalism even by using war weapons or using air strikes.

Danendra Jain
Ganaraj Choumuhani

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