Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sibu Soren in Jharkhand resigns

Politics of Sibu Soren (and his team members), the unfortunate Chief Minister of Unfortunate state Jharkhand has always been to remain in power somehow or the other. He has contributed nothing for tribals in fact. He has done nothing for the state whenever he was in power at state level or at central level .He and his gang men always made efforts to accumulate wealth by extorting money from businessmen, demanding money by vehicles owner passing on the road, or forcefully collecting money from people in service using musclemen of his party. Not only Sibu Soren , even other Chief Ministers and ministers who headed Jharkhand before him and other so called leaders of tribal people of Jharkhand have simply misused tribal sentiments for personal gains. Leaders of Jharkhand mostly indulged in caste politics and almost ignored welfare steps desired to be taken by them as promised by them during election rallies and in their election manifestos.

Otherwise a rich state like Jharkhand after its separation of undivided Bihar could have remained far better than divided Bihar. People in Jharkhand could never imagine that the state of Bihar will attain the prosperity in such a short span of time and leave Jharkhand far behind in the race of development, welfare of local poor residents and improvement of standard of living of people always categorized as the most backward in the country.

I say the people of Jharkhand are unfortunate that despite all mineral resources and lacs of talented people available in the state, people of Jharkhand state are constrained to go to other states for education and also for earning their livelihood. It is unfortunate that even in farming, the state is far behind than the neighboring state Bihar. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar in particular has turned the image of Bihar and he is proud to get second rank in the matter of development .Nitish Kumar has become an icon to reckon with at national level. On the contrary Jharkhand have been ruined by Chief Minster like Madhu Koda or Sibu Soren. But Personal property of all ministers have grown in hundreds of crores of rupees.

The main reason behind continued backwardness of the state and increasing poverty in the state is large scale corruption prevailing in the system. Unfortunately almost all leaders who ruled the state after its birth looted the state fund to the maximum extent possible. Administrative officers either supported ministers in perpetuating corruption or remained silent spectator in fear of repercussion in their career as also in their personal life. In a state where flattery and bribe are the main criteria for promotion in career in service or position up gradation in politics or for getting success in any business, one cannot even dream of actual development. More or less the same situation prevails all where in the country, but the position of Jharkhand state tops the list of states in this aspect. Central government is also silent spectator of all these mishappenings only to gain political advantage out of mess created by corrupt leaders of local parties and to keep Bhartiya Janta Party away from power. Ultimately people of the state have remained the sufferer and victim of misrule.
Danendra Jain
31st May 2010

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