Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be positive, Have faith on God

Prime Minister of India Sri Manmohan Singh is honest, simple and with clean image but is not active and effective as people of India expect from him. It may be the issue of price rise, corruption or lack of basic amenities infra structure for common men or the threat of naxalism and terrorism to common men. He talks of only GDP growth which means Garibi Development Programme. Rich people are growing richer. He gives relief of Interest to Industrialists and real estate developers but do not think it wise to care for senior citizens whose survival depends on interest income. I like to pinpoint following national issues.

State level inertness or ineffective central government or anger of God has made te situation a point of concern for all ministers in Government.

Kashmir: Curfew continues for last fifteen days due to violent agitation and uncontrollable destruction of property carried out by Kashmiri militants instigated by Pakistani terrorist. Kasmir is boiling and people are facing war like situation but PM is talking of peace since he took the charge of PM

Kolkata West Bengal: Naxalites attacks trains and local inhabitants. Mamta organised rally at Lalgarh along wit naxals and she without any hesitation is putting pressure on central government to stop Green hunt operation launched by P Chidambram Home Minister merely to disturb West Bengal Government.

Chhatishgarh : Naxals attacks frequently on CRPF jawans and kills hundreds of them in Dantewara.

Ahmadabad in Gujrat and Badmer in Rajasthan: Nature is destroying property worth hundreds of crores of rupees and giving trouble to lacs of residents and bent upon destroying property worth crores of rupees in Ahmadabad and other towns by way of flood. But action for giving relief is very low from te side of government.

Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat: IAS officers are trapped by CBI and Anti Corruption Bureau who were found to possess property worth hundreds of crores of rupees and government is not in a position to punish even IAS officers and IPS officers. There are more than 150 officers and more than 100 bank executives and a good number of PSU heads cases of corruption pending for investigation and punishment with CBI either in want of enough manpower to pursue the case expeditiously or under pressure of VIPs of government.

Bihar: CM is accused of involved in misuse of development fund worth 11000 crores. Train dacoity and misbehave with passengers have become a common feature. Frequent train accident due to negligence is a matter of concern.

Jharkhand: Madhu Koda trapped in playing with government fund involving hundred of crores of rupees. Frequent bunds called by naxal organizations have fully disturbed and paralyzed normal life in the state of Jharkhand, Orrisa, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.

Karnataka: Reddy brothers are accused of indulged in illegal mining causing loss of hundreds of crores of rupees to government of Andhra Pradesh.

Kerala : Church and CPM are crying against each other.

Delhi: Suresh Kalmadi playing Corrupt Wealth Game allegedly causing loss of thousands of crores of rupees to government. National pride and national image is getting tarnished in International forum. India is likely to acquire number one position among list of most corrupt nations of the world. Magnitude of corruption is in no case less than annual March Mahaloot occurring in the country in every state.

Uttar Pradesh: Food grain worth crores of rupees damaged in want of proper storage facilities to store food grain items procured by farmers.

Madras Tamilnadu: Indian Bank Association in collusion with union leaders cheated PF optees of PSU banks by signing discriminatory and illegal 9th Bipartite Settlement with union leaders of bank. Madras High court stayed the recovery from PF optees but IBA is bent upon making recovery without giving offer for pension to eligible PF optees as per settlement.

Mumbai Maharashtra: Two big ships collided in Arabian Sea and there is fear of hundreds of oil tankers drawn into see and cause loss to environment, loss of sea birds and poisoning of water. No steps appear to have been taken to stop damage.

Leh : Cloud burst kills hundreds of person and destroys property worth crores of rupees.People need preferred care and rehabilitation.

National Issues causing concern in India: Common men in the entire country are facing pain of unbridled and unabated price rise in all essential commodities. And government of India is finding it difficult to control the same. Mutual blame game between state government and central government continues since long and people of India are silently bearing the brunt of price rise.

Corruption in centrally sponsored programme namely NREGA has beaten all past record of corruption.

Lacs of cases are pending in various courts in India in want of enough manpower, adequate infra structure and required number of judges. Judicial reform promised by various governments during last two decades is not moving in right direction of achieving the desired success

Education reforms promised and propagated by Kapil Sibal are yet to see rays of success and there is remote possibility of getting any considerable any reformation in education system. Tuition fee charges by schools, colleges, medical colleges and engineering institutes are still beyond the rich of common men.

Quantum of Non Performing Assets in banks is growing rapidly because there is no full proof method of recovering money from willful defaulters. Bank managements therefore hide NPAs to show higher profit. This has taken the shape of incurable cancer

Indian borders are still not having watertight security and due to this infiltration of terrorists in India from across the border continues unabated. Buses going outside India or vehicles plying in border areas are prone to security lapses due to negligent attitude of customer officials entrusted with the duty of checking the passengers..

Labour laws are yet to be reformed. Discrimination in various fields continues unabated.

Adulteration in food grain items is increasing rapidly, fake drugs and medicines are in circulation, fake notes are coming in market in large quantity, accidents are increasing, crime is increasing but police is still inactive and criminal friendly.

It is pity that above mentioned problems are not taken as a problem by government. MPs and MLAs are playing Kabaddi in Parliament and state Assemblies. Various parties are indulged in mutual blame game and they focus on strategy to win the election and not to give relief to common men.

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