Friday, August 13, 2010

Manmohan Singh may be good economist

Honourable Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India is too simple to take any effective step as Late Indira Gandhhi or Late Jawaharlal Nehru took. Nehru ji involved himself in India’s fight against British rule and gave us freedom.Indira Gandhi nationalized banks to make it accessible in remote villages.Mr. Vajpayee in his short tenure of PM did a lot of thing. He launched the Himalayan task of building pacca road from Kashmir to Kanya kumari. Even Morarji Desai took a bold step of introducing total prohibition in India.

What has Mr. Manmohan Singh done during last six years for common men? He talks of GDP, he talks of relief to corporate, he talks of corruption, he talks of judicial, educational or labour reform but common men are still victim of mal administration, rampant corruption and extortion from politicians, criminals, naxals and all muscle power centers. He could not give desired toughness in administration to check rising prices, he failed to reduce corrupt practices or expedite judicial process or to make essential goods and services like medical care and education affordable for common men. He could not bring about improvement in standard and quality in work done in government offices and work done through contractors.

Our clean PM has confused Indians on all fronts. Kashmir is boiling and he is preaching sermons o Kashmiris to maintain peace. Naxals have grown dangerously stronger during his tenure of last six years and spread throughout the country but he and his men are talking of dialogue with naxals. Only silver lining in his government is that the Home Minister Mr. Chidambaram is doing his best for the country as per his best knowledge. Unfortunately he too is criticized by his own party men and Mr. Manmohan Singh is unable to control them. Obviously person like Manmohan Singh is too weak and too much clean hearted to control big country like India. He may be an economist but he is definitely not a good administrator and neither a good politician.

Nehru and Indira built castles of progress by establishing hundreds of Public Sector Undertakings and did a lot for welfare of poor. The main motto of Late Indira Gandhi behind nationalization of banks was to make banks accessible to poor.

Rajiv Gandhi tried to make PSU stronger and added new technology introduced Television and brought telecom revolution in India.

Now in the name of reformation, UPA government under the guidance of Sonia Gandhi and learned Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh is selling one after other PSUs partially or fully in the name of disinvestment.

Property of ancestors is sold by son and grandson to survive when the son and grandson are not able to earn at their own or not capable to manage the accumulated property of their forefathers. "Ghar bech kar or sona bech kar gujara karte hai bekar log."

Present government is lucky enough to get so much inherited property without making much effort. But how long this selling of old property in he name of disinvestment will be able to cope with growing demand of the growing family of growing India is a million dollar question and which needs to be answered by wise person. How long government will meet the annual spending through selling and disinvestment of PSUs.

I do not suggest curtailment of expenses or reduction in spending on development, but I firmly believe that government should establish hundreds of new PSUs to create more and more real employment opportunity and achieve real growth in GDP. Government should try to make the existing PSU more effective and profitable, rather selling it.

I am of firm view that the government cannot imagine of welfare of poor through only distribution of subsidy, old age pension, waiver of loan or carrying out controversial and corruption ridden NREGA.
Mr. Manmohan Singh has to first make his house clean and effective. Criminals have to be treated as criminals and real patriots, real performers and really talented persons have o be awarded.

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