Monday, August 16, 2010

Parliament to consider salary hike of MP

Salary of MPs must be revised upwards and they should be made accountable and punishable for non performance as other salary class persons are. Otherwise they will continue to cheat voters as usually they do after their election, they will continue to eat major share of development fund through their flatterers and contractors who are allotted government work. Low salary is only an excuse for their non performance. They are in fact getting huge money in the form of allowances, fares, fees and other reimbursement.

Salary of teachers working in government run schools and colleges has been made very much attractive, still very few teachers teach properly and adequately in schools and colleges. Tuition is their life line.

Salary of clerks and officers working in government offices have gone up to a great extent in last few years, but people of India in general are not happy with working style of government Babus and very much agitated over large scale corruption prevailing in all offices. In facet none of files budges an inch without payment of extra money. Recent hue and cry by TV media over corruption in Commonwealth Games is not astonishing.

I therefore do not object even ten fold rise in salaries of MPs but I want that they should honestly think for welfare of India and Indian citizen keeping apart their party identity and use precious time of Parliament in debate and discussion and not indulge in mutual mud slinging or mutual blame game .They should show consensus on National issues as they show consensus on proposal related to their salary hike. They should also try to realize the pain of crores of Indians still earning less than Rs.20000/ in a year.

I also see no justification in stopping reasonable salary hike only because most of MPs are indulged in corrupt practices. Rather I am of strong opinion that harsh and quickest punitive action as per law must be taken against all those who are resorting to illegal means to earn money.

I would like to stress here to punish first those ministers and top officials who use phones and verbal instructions and without leaving any proof earn huge money. Such people put pressure on contractors, junior officers and executing agencies or give whimsical posting and promotions to their flatterers or even change law books to favour their yes-men. Unfortunately top officials who promote and irrigate unhealthy and corrupt culture always are acquitted from controlling authorities and even judicial system.

Bank management use court to continue their reign of Injustice

It is the most disheartening and sad story of Indian judicial system that courts are used in general and in practice not to get justice but to perpetuate reign of injustice. Courts seldom award punishment to guilty person in time but spend so much time in the process of judgment that the victim is either extinguished or the very purpose of filing a case is defeated or loses physical, mental and financial energy to such a pitiable extent that the case filed for justice is ultimately left unattended and become useless and endless. Even the veteran criminals get relief once the police files case in any court. It is very easy to prolong the judicial process as per whims and fancies of the criminal and at least till all witnesses or all plaintiffs are finished or become ineffective.

IBA and bank management along with Union Leaders of same feather have jointly decided this usual occurring judicial delay to perpetuate reign of injustice and to execute their wrongful and arbitrary agreement (9th Bipartite Settlement). They understand very well that Justice delayed is justice denied and hence they have decided to use this tool to cheat their own colleagues who supported and made them person of such high status. Stabbing in the back has become their diplomacy, exhibit their culture and reveal their intention.
This is not astonishing in India at least where Member of Parliament and member of state Assemblies behave more or less in the say way after they are elected by clean hearted and innocent voters of this country. It is in India that after 25 years of sad accident Curative petition in filed by CBI in Bhopal Gas leak related Anderson extradition case and CBI files another chargesheet after 25 years of Sikh Riot against Mr.. Sajjan Kumar. Lalu’s Chara Ghotala case has punished a few low level clerks but actual guilty reached the top level and he became Railway Minister of the country and his illiterate wife became Chief Minister of Bihar. There are in fact lacs of cases pending for disposal in various Indian courts for more than a decade, even more than two or three decades in many cases. This is India sir.

In our bank also, several union leaders and officers supporting bad acts of bosses will become what you or I cannot dream.

In banking industry also, several cases related to injustice in promotions, posting, termination, pension, salary fixation etc are languishing in courts for years together and by the time case will be decided the victim will be extinguished and the culprit will be leading post retirement life or died. There are many executives, AGM,DGM,GM,ED and CMD who are holding post even after accused of corruption and irregular lending or unethical loan waivers.Even in the current writ in Madras High court, same story is going to be repeated.

But in all circumstances we have not to discard or dilute our fight against injustice and I am particularly always in your support and in support of all who courageously move against ill motivated and unjustified action of bank management.

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