Friday, August 20, 2010

Member of Parliament will get higher pay and alloawances.

Pay and allowances of MP have gone up by at least three hundred percent. But are they ready to pay penalty for nor performance, for not attending the house, for not allowing the Parliament to function, for sleeping in Parliament, for not doing business during business hours but spoiling time in mutual mud slinging .Even a clerk in any office or any department of government do not function he or she is shown the exit door, his increment is stopped or he is even dismissed. Are MPs ready o faces his music? No, not at all because they are the Master, who can raise the pay at their own but not fix responsibility on them for non performance.

When a clerk in any department ask for 25% rise in salary, these MPs will first come forward to protest rise and talk about performance. When bank’s union asked for 25% to 30 % rise in their salary, FM, PM and all ministers of Indian government objected to it indirectly. Indian bank Association took 30 months to accept pay revision. But it took three days only on approving rise of salary of MP because they are n government.

Government of India is not ready to bear even the pension cost of bank employees even though banks altogether gives a dividend of a least Rs.10000 crores every year to government of India.

It is banks which gives profit every year and gives employment to eight lac youths. It is banks where corruption is he least compared to other government offices and PSUs. It is banks where bonus is not given or given to only sweepers, whereas there are many such departments which do not earn, or incur even loss but gives bonus to its employees.

Last but not the least; is central government ready to bear the burden of MLAs and MLC sod state assemblies?

On the eve of last election government of India implemented pay commission recommendation approved rise of 80 to 110% rise in pay of central government employees. But many state governments are not in a position to give the same pay package to state government employees. Is this not discrimination?

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