Sunday, October 24, 2010

Media has bigger role to play to safeguard federal structure in India

Results of recently concluded election in the state of Gujarat have proved that communal tag implanted on Mr. Narendra Modi by pseudo secular politicians of Non BJP parties and some section of media is ill conceived and ill motivated. It has exposed so called secular leaders of the country and belied their hope of winning the election by maligning Mr. Modi by communal tag. Development done by Mr. Modi has been given more weightage by voters inspite of all efforts made by media and some politicians to puncture the efforts of Mr. Modi to win the election on performance done by him and his team. Politicians who claim to be secular should take lessons from election results in the state of Gujarat. Voters in the state of Gujarat has proved that they are not swayed away by speeches of pseudo secular politicians of Non BJP parties like Congress Party or or BSP or SP or CPI or CPM or RJD .All efforts by so called secular politicians to malign the image of Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Natendra Modi have failed .
At least person like Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilash Paswan in Bihar and Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav in UP who claim to be savior of Muslims and Dalits and who have left no stone unturned to stop BJP coming to power on the trump card of secularism should realize their guilt of playing divisive game in the country. Mr. Nitish Kumar Chief Minister of Bihar and leader of JD(U) who is afraid of losing Muslim votes if Narendra Modi take part in election campaign in Bihar should also ponder over his decision once again and realize his mistake of stopping Modi campaigning in Bihar.
Mr. Narendra Modi in Gujarat has proved his caliber in the area of development and voters are so much impressed and pleased over his performance that they have ignored their identity of caste or community and thought it better to vote for BJP and vote for Mr. Modi. This is why even Muslim candidates more than a hundred in number have won local election held in Gujarat.
Everyone knows that Gujarat is now number one state in GDP growth parameter .It is surprising that Central government at Delhi is run by world fame and prominent economists like Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee and Mr. P .Chidambaram and still GDP rate of India is less than that of Gujarat. None of Congress ruled state has been able to compete with Gujarat. Rather the state of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab who used to be in top position on the issue of development has failed to beat Gujarat. Even the most backward state like Bihar has acquired Number two position in the list of states on the scale of development.
People in India in general abuse the ruling party in particular and congress Party in general because it is Congress Party which has ruled the country for longest period and it is due to their wrong policies and due to their vote bank politics administration, judiciary and government in general has rotten to worst extent .On the contrary people of state of Gujarat worship Mr. Modi because he acts and performs for the welfare of people of Gujarat in true spirit without any bias on caste and community. At least now politicians who claim to be secular in India and who have been manipulating and winning the elections through their dirty political tricks or their money power or through Muslim appeasement should now try to focus on development, administration and real image of the Nation.
Last but not the lease I take this opportunity to blame media men who use their talent , their manpower, their network and use their power of journalism to disturb social peace by focusing all their analysis on share of Muslim vote or Hindu vote in a particular constituency. They never talk in the term of Indian. They use to say Muslims are not treated adequately by rulers or a Muslim is killed or a dalit is beaten by a Hindu or forward caste person. It is media who use print or TV media to make public aware that any constituency is thickly populated by Muslims or Hindus or Sikhs or Christian. It is they who publish in newspaper or show on TV the analysis of voters based on their caste. It is they who say Muslims or any particular caste group have the power to tilt the result of any constituency. It is media who change the mindset of voters and divert their attention from development agenda to caste agenda or communal card.
Therefore it will not be an exaggeration to say that during last three decades in particular media has played a very vital role in dividing the society, in disturbing the unity and integrity of the country. It is they who have divided the political parties on the basis of secularism and communalism. It is media men who through their repeated focus make irrelevant point as more relevant. It is they who are to blame for Non development in our country.
Due to dirty role being played by most of media men in journalism India is first in corruption and weakest in law and order control. India is not able to control naxalims and terrorism. India is not in a position to stop anti national activities in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. And this is why CM of Kashmir dare say that Kashmir is not integral Part of India. If BJP fight for Kashmir and Kashmiri people BJP is accused of communalism by media. All good ideas, good plans and good works of any individual or any political party or any group should be appreciated and repeatedly shown on TV and published in print media. Media must discard negativity and stop highlighting the story of murder, accident, rape or analysis which can not only promote negativity, frustration, depression, sadness among views and readers but also in the long run can divide the society through slow poisoning by dirty journalism.
As such I request media men to think and dream in the term of Indian and Indian only.
Forget about caste, community or region and religion at least for five years, India will definitely develop and become number one in the world.

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