Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ramdeo Baba and RSS and SIMI

Not only Ramdeo Baba but most of Indians including Congress men from the core of their heart condemn government or media or politicians who equate RSS with banned SIMI.As of now, none in the world can believe that RSS is doing the same as SIMI is doing. Only a few people who are politically motivated can point their accusing finger toward RSS. Everyone in India understands it very well that RSS is nationalist, disciplined and patriotic organization whereas activities of SIMI have proved it as anti national on many occasions. There may be few bad persons who crept into RSS and whose honesty and nationality appears to be doubtful. It is possible in an organization as big as RSS.As a matter of fact it is always the media and pseudo secular politicians who have willfully tarnished the image of entire RSS so that BJP's political power may be diluted. Actually we Indians in general do not have Indian feeling. Most of Indians think in the language of caste, community, region or religion. Even administration and government at state or union level act as per caste permutation and combination. Criminals are punished based on caste and community and not on the gravity of crime. All major decisions are taken and policies are framed based on caste and community, region and religion and seldom on unity and integrity of India, If a Muslim or SC or ST person commit crime, even police will not dare arrest him in fear of political repercussion or mass upserge.If a Muslim or SC or ST person is beaten media will make unprecedented hue and cry as if heaven have fallen on the ground. On the contrary continuous torture or killing of normal Hindu may be ignored by media in general .This is our India. And this is why social harmony in India has been disturbed in many parts of the country on many occasions.
In my opinion any individual who commit crime of any nature must be punished within 90 days of crime and there should not be any political intervention or media uproar on the issue of crime.

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