Friday, November 5, 2010

Great Bin Laden should replace Manmohan Singh

Bin laden and his team like LeT or Maoists or Naxals have created such a terror that expenditure on security in all vulnerable countries like India ,Britain and USA has gone up to a great extent. Thanks to Bin Laden and his Ravan Sena that in India at least police forces have started working.

Politicians in our country become active when they receive a email threatening security system in some place or the other. Whoever comes in the hit list of Bin Laden’s terror wings or that of naxalites working from India is provided full security by Indian police forces. Otherwise position of common citizen is pitiable in all sphere of life including safety and security.

Even cleanliness, discipline,education,maintainance of existing infra structure like roads, electricity, railways ,river all are at the mercy of God. Who is bothered of common people?

VIPS and VVIPs are real beneficiaries of democratic system. Only the threat of terror attack false or true alerts the entire system and it disturbs sleep of all. Threat of terror attack can only make the system really active and effective.

Again thanks to Bin Laden, Maoists, and naxalites who keep the system alert. Anyone can now justify the expenditure incurred by US and Indian government on his visit to India. If anyone especially politicians in India want security he or she also have to manage an email threat from terror group. This is India’s real story of Today.

Even media gets a good job in such position. Credit goes to Bin Laden and all terror groups who has made the otherwise dead system active at least to some extent , at least for a few days at few places for few individuals.

India can prosper and save a lot of money hitherto spent on security if Bin Laden and his team comes to power in place of Manmohan Singh.Similarly USA will not need to send so many aircraft, ships, and bullet proof cars and so many defense personnels to India to safeguard US president Mr. Obama on his visit to India

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