Thursday, November 18, 2010

PM's role on 2G spectrum

Mr. Manmohan Singh has proved to be a totally failure Prime Minister so far as administration and control on corruption is concerned. Inspite of several letters written to PM’s office on irregularities related to allocation of 2G spectrum during last two years and inspite of huge uproar in the media against Telecom Minister Mr. Raja, India’s most clean Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh thought it fit to remain silent spectator. There may be various reasons in his mind for keeping his eyes and ears closed on controversy related to Mr. Raja and the process of allocation of 2G spectrums. But the nation has incurred loss of thousands of crores of rupees due to his inaction or due to malicious intention of his team. Being the head of the government Mr. Manmohan Singh has to accept his moral responsibility and tender his resignation at least now when Supreme Court has asked him to explain reason for his silence on letters written by Mr. Subramaniam Swami. To commit crime or to promote crime or to support criminal in committing crime or to bear with happening of crime, or to remain silent or express helplessness on crime , all these tantamount to accepting crime as a system and hence need to be punished to the extent possible because Mr. Singh is the head of the country. If PM acts in such a helpless, condemnable and pathetic way, officers and ministers below him cannot be expected to be better.

His initiative for reformation, liberalization and globalization has also resulted in large scale dissatisfaction among 95% of Indian population whose stomach is empty, who are victim of the capitalistic system and who are getting justice from none of government offices. Mr. PM talk of GDP growth all the day ,all the month and all the year but the real beneficiary of so called GDP growth is hardly 5% elite population of the country.

It is rightly said by all that PM maintained silence of Complaint of Mr. Subramanium Swami for almost two years because he was not interested to take the risk of DMK pulling support from his Government. He and his government wanted to enjoy post and save the government and therefore he thought it wise and prudent to enjoy the share of commission Mr. Raja managed from telecom deal as alleged by Mr. Swami. He maintained silent on CWG scam and Adarsh Apartment scam in a similar way until media men created havoc in the country on stories of rampant corruption. He as such cannot be treated as clean.

As a matter of fact all the offices of state government or central government, banks or insurance companies are suffering from cancer of corruption. Common men can write his or her grievance from bottom level office to the level of the President of India but he cannot dream of any effective response from any office. At most his letter will be acknowledged by the addressee and referred to the concerned department or the office and ultimately the complaint will be lost in vacuum or lost in bundles of files stored in almirahs of the offices, dusted on the floor or simply destroyed by the addressee. Common men can file a case in any court of India upto the level to Supreme Court but he or she cannot expect any decision from any court in the country even after lapse of twenty or thirty years. And this is the fundamental reason why criminals are not afraid of police or the administrative machinery or the judicial system of the country.

When there is no fear element in the minds of evil doers, it is but natural that cancer of corruption will grow year after year. There are hardly a few militant and litigant persons like Subramanian Swamy who can fight against injustice tooth and nail and who can manage at least expeditious disposal of the case in the court. Otherwise lacs and crores of the cases are pending in various courts in the country for years together. Police stations either do not accept FIR or do not act upon them or act only when they are fed with huge money. This is pitiable story of our great India when cases like that of Mr. Raja erupt every now and then, people lodge protest, inquiry committee is set with or without adequate manpower and finally the result which precipitates after lapse of several years is big ZERO.

Who is bothered of helpless common men? Parliament and State Assemblies are meant for the welfare of politicians. Common men are told “ “Don’t worry”, “believe on God”, Will be looked into, matter is under investigation, allegation of corruption is subjudice etc. “Sab kuch Chalta hai ji”

After all, bribe money has the magical power to make an impossible task as possible. Bribe money and greed for power can force even honest person like Manmohan Singh to become dishonest, it can force efficient person to become inefficient, it can convert a hard core administrator to exhibit soft attitude towards bribe giver ,may be as an exception in his life style. On the contrary even possible task is made impossible if the dealing person is not offered bribe. This is Indian style of administration. As such silence of PM Mr. Manmohan Singh on 2g spectrum issue for such a long period is not astonishing to any Indian even if causes lacs of crores of rupees to the country. Ruling party know it very well that media person and member of Parliaments making noise against corrupt deal involved in 2G spectrum will forget everything as usual after a few days and a few months.

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